Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Horse? What new horse?



Skimmer 2011---2 059

Okay, I know I am a worry wart.  I think that comes under a grandmother’s job description doesn’t it?  D gets so caught up in the excitement of the catch I’m always afraid he might tumble into the lake headfirst.  He didn’t really like me hanging onto his PFD (personal flotation device) I think we used to just call them life jackets, but he was a good sport about it.  :o)

It was just glorious weather on the Saturday before the 4th as you can see by the beautiful blue sky and puffy clouds.  It was actually the best day of the holiday weekend so I was glad we chose that day for the family get together just in case the 4th tanked.

Skimmer 2011---2 060

The Hubs spent his time going from the front of the boat where T was to the back where D was helping bait hooks and taking off some of the more feisty sunfish.

Skimmer 2011---2 034 My nephew and his soon to be wife were out in the canoe.  They are getting married in October.


Skimmer 2011---2 038 

Funsize and my sister Jill.


Skimmer 2011---2 036

Son bringing in a new thing to haul behind the boat and thrash the daylights out of anyone willing to go for a ride.  I did that last year…….my bladder just can’t take it………ahem…….


Skimmer 2011---2 035


My BIL who always mans the grill.  Thank you Ray!!!!


Skimmer 2011---2 042

The Hubs driving the boat.  I like to just sit or stand and enjoy seeing all the cottages along the shoreline, the loons and the young people having fun at the beach.  I don’t care a bit about driving.


Skimmer 2011---2 040

I love this one with Grampie and D fishing together.


Skimmer 2011---2 050

It’s a whopper!  Well sort of…….


Skimmer 2011---2 062

Just look at those beautiful clouds!


Skimmer 2011---2 082

Time for a nap!


Skimmer 2011---2 074

A little target practicing under Dad’s watchful eyes.  Not bullets, just tiny paintballs, not even the regular size, these splatter very easily.  Hmmmmm……I wonder if they were shooting at the garage?


Skimmer 2011---2 073

Who is that masked kid?!


Skimmer 2011---2 064

Another sleepy kiddo at the end of the day.  What a great day!

We have a new family member.  He’s here on a two week trial but I think we know what the answer is going to be.  :o)   He is sweet and gentle and BIG!

Skimmer 2011 014

Skimmer 2011 013

His new barn name is Scooter in remembrance of my friend Barn Goddess and her horse Scooter.  It’s funny, she has been on my mind lately, before we even knew this horse was in the works, so it just seems appropriate that this will be his name!  We have two weeks to try him and make sure he is a good fit for our family.  So far so good!!!!

Skimmer 2011---2 107

T  giving him a bath.  He got kind of sleepy as you can see.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed that everything keeps going as positive as it has so far.   :o)


Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful post, filled with great family times!!!! The day looked absolutely perfect and the sky was glorious!!! I would just want to sit and look at the clouds all day. lol

I just love the pic of R & D sitting there fishing. Soooo cute.

Scooter will make a lovely addition to the family. He looks like a big ol' sweetie too. I can see that T isn't at all excited about him. ;~))

It sounds like your summer has been fun and busy so far. I hope you get many more days at the cabin - especially if they are as beautiful as the last one. xoxox

Sharon said...

What a beautiful day for sure.
I also would love to just sit and enjoy the scenery.
Why do you put those masks on a horse? Our neighbor has done that to his 8 horses.
Have a great day.

dickiebo said...

'His new barn name is Scooter ...'
Gosh. I stopped dead when I read that. Ramblin' (BarnGoddess!) was a dear pal who will always be missed.

Ms Martyr said...

Wonderful photos. Looks like you had a perfect day. Scooter seems to be a nice addition to your herd. Hope he works out.

FunSize said...

It's nice to have a gentle giant around the barn again, makes me think of Big Buddy - messy stall and all! <3

Mrs Mom said...

Wow! Busy busy!! Love all the family time, and that you can post so many beautiful pix of it!!

And ooooooEEE! That is one handsome hunky horse MM!!! Heres hoping we can hear lots of Scooter stories for a very long time!


Julie Harward said...

If every kid had a grandma, they wouldn't need a life jacket! LOL Love it! Looks like such a fun day out on the boat. Love that big hammock! And the big horse..just gorgeous! :D

Hollie said...

I surely enjoyed sharing in your family time!! I loved the picture of Grampie & D also! Just precious!

Welcome home Scooter!

PEA said...

This post brought back so many wonderful memories of being on the boat with my dad and fishing with him:-) I had 4 brothers but none of them were ever really interested in going fishing with dad, except me! Many a sunfish he had to unhook for me...and weeds! lol It does look like you all had a perfect day to celebrate. Tell D to push over, I wanna get on that hammock as well, it looks so comfy! hehe

I have my fingers crossed that Scooter stays with you:-) He looks happy to be there and very much relaxed while T is washing him!!

We've been having absolutely gorgeous days here these last couple of weeks and the only time it's rained is during the night...the days are sunny and warm:-) June & I are going to the Elvis Festival next week for 5 days so hopefully the weather will continue to be like this.

Love you to bits! xoxoxoxo

Dawn said...

Okay, what's the deal? I've been checking every day for a new post, and now I see I've missed two days!

Oh, I went back to October in my mind, wishing we could have gone out on the lake. But what a wonderful memory you gave us!

I'm so glad the weather was so great and that you all had such a great time at the lake. What a glorious spot you have there.

Hope to see you next week!

nancygrayce said...

Just curious and since I'm not a horse person....why the hood? By the way, he's a beautiful horse.

hippo chick said...

Why am I not surprised about the new horse? The pictures are wonderful. I love, love the lake and enjoy being out on a boat. We leave next week for a week with our friends in the Adirondacks.

I've been in some kind of funk since April, but am back in blog land. I have really missed you. It is so good to be in touch with your family again.

~hippo hugs~