Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kitten Heaven!


No, no one died, I was the one in kitten heaven on Saturday at the Humane Society.  We have a wonderful vet, Dr. Hank’s, that gives us numerous free days of surgery along with raising a ton of money for our Paws On Parade which will be in October.  For every thousand dollars he and his team raises he gives us one day in the clinic!  Last October they raised $10,000 so we got TEN free days of surgery! I am humbled by this man’s generosity and love for animals.

Spay Day 2011-A 010

We had about 25 cats and kittens that were due to be spayed or neutered and we got through them all along with something very unexpected which I will tell you about later.

My job was to take the kittens after their surgery and cuddle them, watching their vitals signs and waiting for them to wake up.  Dream job or what?!!

Spay Day 2011-A 019

As you can see sometimes I had my hands full!!! There are three in this shot!

Spay Day 2011-A 028

Lauren, our sweet vet tech, showed me how to listen to their hearts as sometimes I couldn’t feel the breathing and it scared the wits out of me! This little guy took a long time to wake up and I was getting very worried about her but she was fine!

Spay Day 2011-A 023

It was loud!

Spay Day 2011-A 022

Dr. Hanks loving on this little one.  We had six totally black kittens.

Spay Day 2011-A 024

Lauren had her hands full, these three were coming in for their pre-surgery check ups.

Spay Day 2011-A 016

We had some unusual pets come in called dagoos, I think I spelled that right.  They had been adopted by a nice couple but before they could be released they needed to be spayed and neutered.  It is policy not to let anything out our doors without that being done.

Spay Day 2011-A 039

They look sort of like a cross between a chinchilla and a gerbil.

Getting her anesthesia.

Spay Day 2011-A 030

Hope you’re not queasy.  :o)

Spay Day 2011-A 042

Hummmmm………what’s this lump???????

Spay Day 2011-A 046

Guess what?!  This spay turned into a delivery!!!  Here they are getting some oxygen, two little bundles of fur, well not much fur yet!  They were so cute in a rodently kind of way!!!

Spay Day 2011-A 061

The proud Mama!  There was no way of knowing that she was expecting.  Babies and Mom and doing fine and have gone to their new home.  :o)

Spay Day 2011-A 062

I’ve just about finished my Love Bears wall hanging although it came out bigger then I expected.  I may put it in the church nursery instead of giving it to the people I was planning on and make them something smaller.  I just need to put on the eyes and the backing and will be all done.  I’ve been working on it for several weeks.

Spay Day 2011-A 009

Miss T has been playing with my Go cutting system and having such fun.  She’s been cutting out different things from the multitude of scraps that I have and putting them together and stitching around them.  I think we might tackle a small quilt one of these days.

Spay Day 2011-A 001

Spay Day 2011-A 003

Guess that’s it for today.  It’s raining here again but after watching the news about the folks in Missouri I have NOTHING to complain about!!!  My heart goes out to those that lost everything, some including their lives.  It is just unimaginable what this storm did to that little community. Let’s all keep them in our prayers!


Linds said...

I can see just how much you are loving your kitten cuddling! What a great vet you have to donate so much of his time.
The bear quilt is gorgeous! I love the colours - so striking. And as for the flowers your granddaughter made with your cutting system - wow. Beautiful! There is definitely a quilt in the making there! I have seen other bloggers talkign about the Go system. It looks amazing!

Mrs Mom said...

Go Miss T!!! It is so neat to see her picking up such a wonderful talent from you, MM. I am in awe of what you create. (I've tried--- I sew my fingers to what I'm working on. Guess my skill is in the appreciation department there..lol)

That is a cool vet you have there, donating so much of his time to help the shelter! Love love LOVE the way that you guys cuddle the kittens as they wake up. What a difference that makes to them!!

Things are crazy here- as per usual. I'll try and post some today in the Journal to keep y'all up to speed! ;)

We love you guys! xoxo

Dawn said...

What a great vet - and what an awesome delivery story! What a shock!

Love the bear wall hanging - just adorable. And Miss T will be quilting before we know it!! I wish I had the patience to work on sewing with Hayley especially. I wish I had one on one time with them.

Julie Harward said...

I love the quilt work..so pretty! And how interesting about the kitties..and what a great vet, now thats doing it right! :D

Hollie said...

What a wonderful vet! What a surprise also with the new additions!

Love the quilt & your's & Miss T's creations! Beautiful!

Rising Rainbow said...

I think it's great you guys don't let anything out the door that hasn't been spayed or neutered. Here, they make you pay more money and give you a certificate to get it done for free but I can't help but wonder how many don't follow through.

The kitties are very cute and so are the specialized rodents. LOL Who does those weird breedings??

palmtreefanatic said...

woweee! what an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing:)

Needled Mom said...

What a fun job you had with all of those kittens. That is an amazing donation of time for that doctor and all of you.

Loved seeing the little babies that were delivered.

I love your Love Bear quilt! It would make a fabulous addition to the nursery. Are you going to put T's blocks together into a quilt of something for her? I think she did a great job on the flowers and I'll bet she loved it too.

I'm looking forward to getting back to some sewing after being away. First I need to do the laundy! Yikes.

Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. xox

PEA said...

It's so heartwarming to know there are vets like that around, who truly do love the animals and give so much of their time to them. I would love the job you had, cuddling the kitties while they were waking up:-) I can well imagine what a surprise it was when one of the surgeries turned out to be a delivery! lol Dagoos...don't think I've ever heard of these animals.

Your Love Bears wall hanging is so gorgeous. I see that Miss T is following in your footsteps:-) I just love what she made with your Go system and no doubt she will enjoy making her first quilt with you!!

It's overcast here today and 36F...what's up with that?? I don't mind the rain and clouds but that's chilly for this time of year. Thank goodness it's supposed to warm up to the 70's by the weekend again.

Love you to bits xoxoxo

Sharon said...

What a great person you have for a vet.
It looks like you had fun and a handful all in one day.
Love the quilt it is so beautiful and what a great talent.
Have a nice day.

Dawn said...

Yay!! My comments are working again!

Carroll Farm said...

What a generous vet. It is nice that people like that are still around. What lucky kitties, to have that service and some one great to wake up with.

Beautiful quilt!

Dawn said...

You must be very busy! Or are you having your turn at problems with Blogger?