Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Personal Negative


Have your heard the term ‘personal negative’ before?  I had not until one day last week I was chatting with my two grand kids about a sad situation in their neighborhood where the mom does not pay much attention to the children.  In the course of the conversation one of them commented on how one child had gotten several personal ‘negatives’ at school recently.

I had no idea what that meant but figured it must be for some sort of misbehavior and that is exactly what it means.  Now I haven’t had children in grammar school for many years but when did misbehavior become a ‘personal negative’?  Why not call it what it is, that is is improper behavior.  To me telling a child that they have numerous personal negatives gives a very NEGATIVE label to that child.

Now I agree totally with rules and regulations, actually I don’t think there is enough structure in the schools, they get away with disrespecting the teachers, wear T-shirts that have things on them that shouldn’t be just to name a few but let’s not stunt their creativity (I am being a tad sarcastic here).  :o)

Anywho,  I feel badly for this child that is getting so many personal negatives.  I know the teachers have their hands full and having a child that is disruptive can be a strain on anyone. I just think there has to be a better term to use when disciplining them.  I’m sure it’s not the teachers that came up with that term, probably someone with more head sense then horse sense.

Speaking of horse sense, the boys are coming home next week. :o)  Kipper is a little off on one of his hind legs and Nick seems to have a sore back again so they are both going to the vet when he gets back from picking up his daughter at college.  Miss T has been begging for them to come home before she and D spend the week with us while Son and DIL go to a convention.

Nick was being ridden regularly without any problems most of the winter so I can’t imagine what is going on.  The vet wants to check his hock again, I am just holding my breath that he doesn’t have to have another surgery. Little Kip has never been off and I am wondering about the deep mud that is in part of the pasture due to all the rain we have been having.  They don’t stay away from it and run and jump and play and I think that maybe could have pulled something from the suction of the mud.  I keep my pastures closed here that have mud in them until it dries up so hopefully that will help.

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  The skies were blue and the temperatures mild so we had fun outside playing kickball with everyone from the youngest to the grandparents.  (I’m still lame!)  It was so cute seeing the little ones run the bases whether they had been tagged out or not.  The smiles on their faces as they touched home base were so cute!

We had a BBQ at Son and DIL’s and everyone brought something to add plus there was a pretty cake for dessert.  Unbeknownst to us they had had the grandchildren’s pictures taken together (there are five counting DIL’s sisters children) and they are just beautiful!  Mimi and I were snuffling….again…..that’s what grandmother’s do I guess.  :o)


Mother's Day 009


Needled Mom said...

That is a very interesting term to use on a child. I agree that they should call it what it is and deal with it appropriately early on. Poor kid! It sounds like he is acting out for attention.

I do hope that the boys will not have any health issues for you. It would be a shame to not be able to ride them when T is there. You need a healthy year with them.

Your photos are wonderful. That is always the best gift. I always tell my kids that the ONLY gift I want are updated photos. I think I have finally convinced them. :~))

Linds said...

What lovely photos of the grandchildren!
You know, I have never heard of "personal negatives" either but nothing surprises me any more. I could write a book on what I think about all the extreme measures taken to ensure that little darlings never know right from wrong, boundaries, rules, etc etc, in the interest of preserving their little egos. Hah. So much care is taken not to label kids as "disruptive", "naughty", "rude". And yet every kid will know that personal negatives mean the same thing.
I do hope the vet gives the boys a clean bill of health. It will seem is if summer is almost here when your boys get home!!

FunSize said...

I can't wait until the boys come home and I hope Nick doesn't need any more surgeries!!! Since Lil Bud wasn't mentioned I can assume no news is good news, right?

Hollie said...

I don't like that term either!! We didn't use that term in out schools when Colt was there, but who knows now?

Glad the boys will be coming home soon. I sure hope & pray they will be just fine!

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day at your house!

Hollie said...


I love the photos of the grandchildren!

Sharon said...

Glad to hear that the boys will be coming hope. Prayers that they are fine and no surgery needed.
I have never heard that term used, but I don't think it should be. Call it just what it is. I agree it sounds like maybe that child is calling out for attention.
Love the photos of the grands, they are so cute.
Have a nice day.

Dawn said...

Good grief! I wrote a huge long comment and Blogger ate it. GRRR!!

Okay - what did I say??

I have been sick for most of a week now, so am very far behind in reading and commenting - I also have run out of anything interesting to say - thus, my Wordless Wednesday published tonight, on Tuesday!

Personal negatives - what next?? Sounds like a committee decision to me. My pettest peeve is year-end field days that don't have competition any more, just fun and games. Heaven forbid that some child might have his/her feelings hurt because he/she didn't win every competition. Pathetic.

We had a beautiful week-end, too - and two more wonderful days. But tonight a wind is blowing in something yucky for tomorrow. Kev said it was cold there today.

Speaking of Kev, he'll be here a week from tomorrow to get ready for the big move. Angie says she's leaving the packing to him because she's done the last 5 by herself! I kinda think it'll be hard for him, since packing is not his strong suit.

Dwight will be coming out there for the TC golf tourney the week-end of July 22 - the week-end before our big family reunion here in the mountains above Colorado Springs. Busy couple of weeks! I'd love to come too, if we can find good tickets. We'll see. I wish they could come back here for the reunion.

The pictures are wonderful!

PEA said...

Personal negative...well that's a new one to me too! It's just gotten ridiculous all these change of words just because you must not use "prejudice" words. Hmmm...to me, the word "negative" is pretty prejudice!!

I can well imagine how excited you all are to have the boys home. Fingers crossed that there will be no surgery needed, just lots of TLC:-)

I love those photos you received, the grands are so well posed. I had hoped to receive a picture of Lily in my Mother's Day card from Shawn & Wendy but no such luck. We haven't seen her since we were last there a week before Christmas and I'm sure she must have changed a lot since then.

I just finished cleaning out my old fridge and stove...do you know how hard it is to scrub when your nose is running like a tap? lol This head cold is going to do me in soon!! The "new" stove & fridge I bought at the auction will be delivered after dinner so I'm quite excited:-)

We've gotten nothing but sunshine and mild temps this week so I'm hoping it lasts for a long while!! The first of my daffodils have now opened and the tulips are not far behind. Much love to you my friend. xoxoxo