Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where is everybody?


School House

You can always tell when spring arrives as the comments and readers drop off immediately.  I think we are all outside trying to enjoy the spring sunshine but that has eluded us here in the northeast so far.  It has been raining buckets and is scheduled to rain all week with just some chances of the sun peaking out for a few minutes here and there.  No big flooding problems, just some minor roads with spots washed out and a few basements with some water in them.  Up here on the hill we don’t have those problems for which I am grateful.

We didn’t bring the boys home due to all the rain.  At the stable they can at least be out in the inside arena for some exercise but here they would have to stay in their stalls until things dried up a bit.  They don’t mind the rain in the warm weather but when it’s only 38* in the mornings that is just too cold for them to be out in it.  Plus with still having a pretty heavy coat from the winter it would not be good for them to get that wet as it would take forever to dry out.  So we are hoping for this coming weekend.

We had our fundraiser for the Hemophilia Foundation on Saturday night.  We have friends whose grandson has a very serious case of hemophilia and his parents have started the Foundation of Maine to help raise money for research.  It was a family night with lots of kiddoes having a blast with glow sticks, clowns making balloon animals and hats, games, dancing, all kinds of yummy food, a silent auction and a twist contest for all ages.

I remember the twist, it was all the rage when I was a youngster. Who would think that 50 years later it would make me so lame and sore that I needed to go to my chiropractor?!! Sigh…….

Here is ‘Scooter’ with his pet skunk.

Hemophilia Dance 008

My niece Ashley and our friends grandson.

 Hemophilia Dance 068

Cousin K with his glow light glasses and balloon hat.

Hemophilia Dance 086

I think we were doing The YMCA in this shot.

Hemophilia Dance 039

Me and my niece Ana who just graduated from University of Maine last week.

Hemophilia Dance 057

Here is our friends grandson with all the cash raised on the Twist dance.  He is such a sweetie!  With research hopefully a cure will be found soon!

Hemophilia Dance 084

The reason for the school bus graphic at the beginning is because my grand kids are here with us this week as Son and DIL are at a conference out of town.  Our house is much busier with them here as you can well imagine!  Thankfully DIL wrote out a very good schedule for all of their activities and who eats hot lunch on what day and who wants cold lunch.   They have lots of activities such as chorus, baseball, a play on Wed. night, guitar etc etc  The Hubs and I have been busy! :O)  They are due to get home soon so I guess I should get a snack ready. I have been bringing their cat over to spend some time with them each day and she is ready to move in but I’m sure she would move out just as quickly when her two kids go home!  :o) 


Sharon said...

It does sound like a very busy time.
I love the time I get to spend with the grands however.
I am glad to hear that you had a fun time at your fundraiser, and I hope that lots was raised for him.
We are having much colder days with lots of wind to dry things out.
It don't take much to dry out this sandy soil.
I have also noticed the readers and comments are getting a lot lower, but I understand that after being in the house so long it is wonderful to finally get out and do something.
Have a great day.

Julie Harward said...

The fundraiser look fun..is that a real skunk? We are not out enjoying a warm Spring yet..in fact this morning we woke up to snow! Plus, there is a mean wind that just won't let up...so I have been sewing and going through closets! ;D

Needled Mom said...

It may also be problems with blogger. I have heard so many people talking about it this last week and I know that my comments did not show up. Such is life.

The fundraiser looks like it was a blast. That little guys is such a cutie. I am sure the monies raised will go to a great cause.

Gosh, we have been having the rains too and the colder temps. We never have rain this late in the year and it rained all night last night with more due tonight and another storm over the weekend. Very strange. At least it isn't 35* here. They did get snow in the Sierra though - at 3000 feet. They will be able to ski year round this year at this rate!!!

It sounds like your lives are pretty busy being parents again! I know that you are enjoying having the kids around and life is certainly not dull with them there.

We had to put our cat down today so it has been a lousy day around here.

Jeanne said...

What a warm, fun and wonderful blog you have here. Thanks for sharing your idea's, family and beautiful photo's. I actually have friends that live in Maine, but I've never been there...one day I hope! And by the way - I grew up with horses and love them too - they are so beautiful and spiritual....thats agaion for sharing.

sue said...

I'm still reading, but it is usually on the fly and no time to comment... still trying to get things done between raindrops!!!!

Hollie said...

I know it has been a busy week with the kiddos there. I know you have enjoyed every moment of it though.

We have had some cooler temps here also.

hippo chick said...

What a fun post. Sounds like you all had a good time at the fundraiser.

I've been a bad blogging friend since we returned home. I'm hoping to do better in the days ahead.

We're off tomorrow to visit Jim's brother and wife in PA. Then I hope to blog again. I don't seem to have any good ideas, so my blogs might be a little boring.

Hoping to get to my garden next week. Like you, we have had rain, rain, rain. It is depressing. Glad we have Jesus to make our hearts bright.

~hippo hugs~

FunSize said...

The Hemophilia dance was an absolute blast, not to mention a great workout! All this rain has been a drag - not only has it postponed bringing the boys home, it's also taking away from gardening and grilling time!

PEA said...

Hmmmm, no picture of you doing the twist??? hehe That fundraiser looks and sounds like it was a lot of fun and it's such a great way to raise money for a wonderful cause. There's a lady who lives up the street here who has hemophilia as do her two daughters. One of the daughters used to be in Shawn's class and the teacher made sure to educate the students on hemophilia. Shawn would come home and relate to me everything he had learned about it so I was getting educated about it as well:-)

Awwww what a shame you haven't been able to bring the boys home yet. I can understand, though, with all that rain, it's not a good idea. Hopefully Mother Nature will allow things to dry out now!! We'd been having beautiful sunny days but today it's pouring rain. Not complaining, though, since we really need it. Always seems to be feast or famine where rain is concerned!

I've always noticed how much the comments drop off in the Spring and Summer months. I'm guilty of spending less time on the computer as well, I'd rather be outside! lol

I have no doubts the grands are enjoying their week with you and being spoiled rotten:-) With their busy schedule, though, it's no wonder you and your hubby feel exhausted...now you know why we have our kids when we're much younger! lol

Leaving for Niagara Falls tomorrow for the long weekend and soooo looking forward to it! Love you dear friend. xoxoxo

Dawn said...

We haven't had but a few nice days either - rain rain rain. The runoff from the mountains could be seriously bad for us down here this year, if it ever warms up.

Tomorrow is the last day of school - today their backs were bent over with their seriously full backpacks after cleaning out their desks. They looked like little pack animals.

Oh, my doing the twist - Don't think I could do it - couldn't when I was young!

I just read your previous post too - 40 years already! We have 39 in December. You beat us!

Kev is home now and they'll be packing and having a garage sale. They'll come back there, starting the 31st. We'll be coming out June 21 for the golf tournament, and will come back home on the 27th, just in time to head down to the southern mountains for our family reunion. Fun times ahead.

Rachel said...

You have been busy! I'm glad the fundraiser went well, and it sounds like it was heaps of fun! I recall the twist but I expect it'd leave me twisted these days!! Haha!

Catching up on your past posts. I didn't realize raccoons would get into the hay like that, but I know they will get into about anything it seems. We live on the hill overlooking the lake and there are lots of them that live along the cliffs here and they come around for handouts. They'll eat any cat food left out or dog food, or any food for that matter! I save any scraps for them. They will just come and take it from your hand. The baby ones are so adorable!

It has been chilly here for the past few days and rainy, more like a drizzle all day long and off and on. A good time to stay in with a good book! Tomorrow is supposed to go back up warm with sunshine. I'll try to get my too tall yard mowed if it does!

Have a great weekend!

Rising Rainbow said...

I don't know where everyone else went but for me the weather has been better so I have been able to work more horses. Not that I spent anymore time with the horses than usual. It's just that when I'm done I'm so exhausted wrestling with those gorilla colts that I must take a nap. Then I'm toast for the rest of the evening. LOL

I did catch up on your posts I'd missed. Those raccoons really did outstay their welcome. They are cute but definitely destructive.

Sounds like you have quite the routine mapped out for you this week. You'll be needed a break by the time they go home. It's too bad the horses couldn't have been home for the kids visit. This year's weather has messed with lots of people's plans.

BTW, I love that recipe. BC is my fav for lots of things and that custard is high on my list, although I haven't made it in years. I can taste it just thinking about it.

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! how fun!!!
love the fundraiser!!!

I think everyones lives are so busy lately!

Ready for summer and warmth here...so much rain! this weather sux!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It has been a tough Spring for us too with all the rain. It's been a slow go and today and tomorrow we'll finally get some sun they say but then all next week we see rain in the forecast again. Glad you had the grands to brighten your days there. I know caring for my youngest grandson brightens mine up.