Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Christmas Quilt

Finally a day to sit down in front of this computer.  It seems like the days just fly by and I don’t think that is going to stop any time soon.  I can’t imagine ever being bored, that word just isn’t in my vocabulary.
I finally finished my Christmas quilt.  Yay!  It’s off to the quilters today! Working with one inch squares was a bit daunting at times and they aren’t all perfect but I don’t think quilts are made to be perfect, they are made to be used and enjoyed.  I remember one quilt I made for T when she was just a toddler and it had a GAZILLION pieces and I mean a gazillion and the first night she slept with it on her bed she threw up ALL OVER IT!
This quilt was fun though, I like appliqué so putting on all the trees and satin stitching around them had me right in appliqué heaven.  I have been sewing more lately as I have moved one of my sewing machine upstairs from the basement so that I can enjoy the sunshine, birds, squirrels etc while I sew.  Much nicer.

The backing.

I love Moda fabric.

Now on to the next project which is a wall hanging for friends that are adopting a child.  He will arrive in about nine months and they are just so excited and happy!!

We had our Awana closing program at church Sunday night. They are off for the summer months and will continue in the fall.  My younger sister Jill received flowers for being the one person in the 29 years we have had Awana that has worked in it for 28 years! (The first year she and her husband were still living in Miami.) I was blubbering so didn’t get a picture……..  I blubbered a lot that night.  They put together a slide show with pictures from the 28 years and there are numerous people that are no longer with us as they passed away, some young, some old.  There were lots of fun pictures too, I don’t remember being so young……..
Here is Funsize at about ten years old!  Cute or what?!
We used to have dress up nights and my sister would make costumes for me and the Hubs.
r and l
I could see without trifocals back then, amazing!
The Hubs and I worked in the program for 22 years and Son and DIL have picked up where we left off.  It thrills our hearts to say the least.  :o)
Now I am off to the stable to see the boys. The stalls are ready here with lots of nice sweet smelling shavings in each stall. We need to get the water turned back on and the feeders washed. The fences have all been repaired from the ravages of our hard winter and the gates that were hit by the snowplow have been repaired.  I need to pick up some grain and we have plenty of hay in to last through the summer and fall.  We are still battling the raccoons that are living in the hay loft.  We thought they had left when the yard man was cleaning up there but noticed today that the door has been opened about six inches so we know they are back.   They are baaaaaacck!  What movie is that from?
Now to get around and visit, I have lots of catching up to do! :o)


Needled Mom said...

Your quilt looks fabulous. I love the trees and I know what a wonderful job you do on the applique. The fabrics are terrific and the quilt will bring many years of warmth and memories.

Aww.....I love the costumes! That had to be an emotional event recalling all of the "olden" memories. Yes, Funsize is adorable. Gotta love the hat!!! I would have been blubbering too.

I know how excited you must be about getting the boys back home. Summer is just around the corner with lots of riding ahead for you.

So sorry to read the raccoons are back. They can be so pesky. We battle them all the time here too and it is amazing how persistent they can be.

Have fun catching up on blogs!! xox

Sharon said...

You did a wonderful job on that quilt.
I love the costume and Funsize is so cute.
Have fun catching up.
Sorry to hear about those raccoons. We have a lot of them around here too.

Julie Harward said...

I love your quilt, I love working on them too and there is nothing that feels so good on a bed as a homemade quilt! Sounds like life around there is so busy..I can smell the fresh chips in the stalls..good luck with the silly raccoons, I don't blame them for liking your place though! ;D

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! love the quilts!

Those costumes are spectacular! wow!!!

So great to have the boys back home again! Summer really is coming right??? been so cold here... I hate 50-60 degrees! oh and the rain we've had!!! ugh!!!

ready for 80's and sun:)

hopefully the racoons stay away what problems they can be!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your quit is fantastic. What a great job you did. I know it had to have been a labor of love. I'm back at my little vacation spot in the woods for a couple of days. It has been one of nicest days for us in a long while.

Hollie said...

Love, love, love the quilt!! Those costumes are so cute!

Rising Rainbow said...

Your quilt looks great. I wish I had the patience but then I need the time too. LOL

I've never had raccoons move into my barn, TG. I'm sure they'd still be there, if they had. They can be tough to get rid of. They definitely have ideas about how their lives should go but they are cute little buggers, just very destructive.

Alice Grace said...

Oh, what a gorgeous quilt! I know you had fun making that! I love seeing your header picture of the boys. The costumes are so cute, also.
Hope you are doing well. We have survived the horrible tornado here that just about wiped out our little town, as it came all the way from Mississippi thru Tuscaloosa, thru here in Ga. and on thru Tennessee and Virginia (and who knows where else!)

Take care, dear friend.

Rachel said...

I love the quilt! I am a big fan of quilts!

What wonderful memories of AWANA. We have AWANA at our church too.
I would have been blubbering too!

Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter!