Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Horse Stuff

Nick's smile

What a big yawn Nick!  I guess the trip home wore him out.  It’s only about three miles……  He and Kipper came home on Saturday and I will go get Lil’ Bud today.  Seems so good to have them home and to be able to look out my kitchen window and see them grazing in the pasture or hanging out in the barn under the fans with their eyes half closed.  They have had lots of attention!

Miss T has spend most of her free time in the barn with them, braiding their manes, brushing, washing, laying on them and daydreaming, riding, leading them around the yard and neighborhood, loving on them and bringing them carrots.  I think by the looks Nick needs his teeth brushed!

We went to the vet last week as Nick and Kipper were showing signs of a little lameness which is a first with Kip since we have owned him.  After X-rays and blood work it seems he has some kind of condition from a tick or some other bug.  It tested out not to be Lyme disease, some kind of a different strain so he is on 20 pills a day for 10 days to clear that up.  I put them in my food processor and grind them up then put them in applesauce in a big ole’ syringe (without the needle!) and pop it into his mouth.  He doesn’t seem to mind.  He is still on half a gram of bute twice a day to keep the soreness at bay.

Nick had X-rays and blood work and his test came back negative for Lyme.  He is on injections of Adequan once every four days for three more  doses for joint support. He is so good, I don’t even have to tie him, he stands right there and lets me stick him with that darned awful big needle!  I hate doing it but if it helps his hocks them it will be worth it.  He may have to have an injection in his hocks as well but we’ll see how he does.

We’ve been going to Mr. D’s baseball games.  It is a hoot watching the little ones learning how to play.  D really enjoys it and we enjoy going.

Dylan baseball 2011 009

Miss T had her Chorus program the week we had the kids while Son and DIL were in Florida.  I didn’t have a very good view even though I was in the second row but enjoyed it very much.  They both had a patriotic program this week that was fabulous, we loved every minute of it!  Also had the Awana closing program a while back so we have been busy going to things! :o)

Awana Closing Program.




Taylors Chorus 022

We had a fabulous Memorial Weekend.  The weather was gorgeous!!!!  We went to the coast Sunday after church and ate at our favorite restaurant.  I had lobster stew and seafood newburg, my two favorites there.  Also the bread pudding is to die for………. I did bring most of that home…….but now it’s gone……

On Monday the guys went fishing and Miss T and I did horse stuff plus some sewing.  She is making her mom a wall hanging for her birthday which is in July.  We got a good start on it using my Go to cut out the die cuts that she wanted.  I got started on another wall hanging and made a booboo so had to start all over again.  Sigh………. Note to self: don’t try to do two things at once.

wallhanging 002

I have most of the pieces re-cut out and think it’s going to be lots of fun! Will post it when it is finished.

wallhanging 001

Time to get the horse trailer hooked up and head up and get Lil’ Bud so that all my boys are home together.  Will try to get around visiting, the days have just flown by and I have not spent much time at my computer.  I must admit that being outside in the warm sunshine calls my name.  The lilacs are in full bloom and the scent is just heavenly as well as the lily of the valley, with an aroma that is just D-licious with a capital D!!!!!


Hollie said...

Glad the fellows are home! I'm hoping they do just fine with their meds. Cute projest with Miss T. Love the photo of Mr. D!

Tonya said...

We just had our awanas closing too. The little ones are so funny.

Bread pudding may be my favorite ever.

Have a great day. It is 94 here hard to do much outside for very long.

Needled Mom said...

What a great first picture!!!! I am so glad to read that the boys are finally home and enjoying the pasture once again. I do hope that the lameness eases for both of them. I guess that is where we get the name "horse pills"!!

D is getting so tall. He looks like a long drip of water in his baseball uniform.

T's little quilt is going to be adorable. I am sure that her mom will treasure that forever.

I can imagine how wonderful the Newburg must be with all of the fresh seafood. YUM!!! You'll have to take us there when we come visit someday. Oh....and I love bread pudding too! ;~))

Our weather has been quite cool with lows overnight in the 40s. I am looking forward to some warm summer days.

Must run as I am off to the dermatologist. Hugs to you both!

Sharon said...

I am glad that you will have all of the boys back home. I sure hope that they get well soon.
We had really bad storms here for Memorial Day. Some damage and flooding not to far from us.
I can't wait to see your project when you get it done.
Have a great day.

Julie Harward said...

Please send a bit of your warm weather here..we had snow again a couple of days ago and cold awful winds today! Love the pic of the horse..such funny things they can do with those cute noses! :D

Rising Rainbow said...

Glad to see you have the boys home. I didn't know there was another disease from ticks besides Lyme. Intestesting. Hope he heals up quickly.

I noticed you'd been missing. Glad you had a good time. The weather is still very cool here although it didn't rain too much over the weekend. It's pouring again now.

Dawn said...

We're at the same place in life - going to lots of things involving the grands. That's what I posted about this week. Glad the boys are home - that is a riotous picture of Nick!

Well, I am way behind on my annual physical - am avoiding it because I don't want to weigh. I haven't gone back to where I was, but I'm definitely not as slender as I was when we had that picture taken together! It's so hard!! I had slipped back into eating sugar, which is my drug of choice, it seems. I have been off again now for about 5 days. I just have to.

Kev and Angie are on their last leg of the journey out there. She has THREE interviews on Monday at the hospital in Lewiston (sp?) So exciting!

We'll be out in July - hope I get to see you! Another golf tourney for TC.

PEA said...

I just know how thrilled you are to have the boys home again:-) I had never seen a horse yawn scared me! lol I do hope the meds help both Nick and Kip. I think it's so heartwarming how much Miss T loves the horses and I've no doubt they adore her too:-)

Mr. D looks so cute in his baseball uniform and like you, I love watching young kids learning how to play sports. When my nephew Zach was D's age, he played baseball as well and I always enjoyed going to watch him play whenever I was visiting them:-)

I think it's wonderful how much both kids are so involved with various activities. Too many kids these days sit in front of the computer all day long and don't do anything else.

Two days ago it was up in the 90's with the humidex and yesterday it was in the 50' about one extreme to the other! lol Today it's sunny and 64 so it's not too bad except I would prefer it in the 70's at least! lol

Hope your day is going well my friend. Love you to bits. xoxoxoxo

palmtreefanatic said...

glad the boys are home!!!
Nick is a hoot;) Love that pic!!!

D is really growing up! we did the whole softball thing last year, it was fun indeed but opted to skip the running around this year! Jelena is in 4-H that will be enough for now!

I am trying to add you on Facebook! Do you get on much?

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I love watching little league baseball, they are so cute and funny at that age!

Carroll Farm said...

YOur grandkids are going to have so many fun memories with you. They are lucky to have wonderful grandparents, that get to be grandparents (Not actually raising them, but enjoying them).

Martin Claybold said...

Its surely a horsey grin!!! Great!

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Alice Grace said...

Oh my, what a yawn! I knowyou are glad to have the boys back home! How sweet that Miss T is enjoying making the quilt! I know you enjoy D and Miss T when they are there!

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