Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Behold He Is Risen!

I have been slow getting another post out since our trip to New York.  Seems it takes me longer and longer to catch up with things when I get home and throw a holiday in the mix and I am learning what ‘the hurrier I go, the behinder I get’ means!

We had a wonderful Easter with family and extended family here at our house.  Our Easter service was lovely but I must confess I did not get up in time to go to the sunrise service and breakfast. The choir sang the Hallelujah Chorus and it gave me goose bumps, they did such a wonderful job.  The pastor gave a wonderful message, I feel so badly for him as his wife is dealing with bre*ast cancer.  I know it is only by the grace of God that he can even concentrate on the things he must attend to at church.

The day before Easter Mom and I filled the plastic Easter eggs with goodies over in her house.  It was fun and I had to try out some of the candy to make sure it was okay…….

Easter 2011 001 

Easter 2011 007

We also made pies…yum…pumpkin, my favorite!

Easter 2011 021

Who is that lady in the rollers with the spatula over her head?

Easter 2011 022

We did something different this year for Easter lunch.   Usually when I have a crowd in I get out the good dishes and use pretty table clothes and all but this year we decided to go casual.  We served the food buffet style on the counter and used PAPER PLATES! SHOCKING!  This was a first but it sure saved on the clean up and we got more time to visit and do things outside.

We had our egg hunt and the kids loved that.  Notice we do have a bit of green grass!!! YAY!

Easter 2011 044

Easter 2011 042

Easter 2011 045

They looked so nice dressed up for church.  Cousin K was helping the ushers so had his badge on.  :o)

Easter 2011 025

Easter 2011 031

The kids wanted to drive the Rhino so some of us went outside and drove around the trails for a bit and D likes to play ball so we did that too.  It was just a good old fashion family day.  What a blessing!!

I received a beautiful birthday surprise from my friend Mary aka Needled Mom.  She does the most beautiful sewing that I have ever seen and is always trying something new and fun.  This is a puzzle piece and she did all of it including the lovely detailing!

puzzle piece 001

Look at the intricate flowers, sooooooo pretty!

puzzle piece 002

A dragonfly!

puzzle piece 003

Thank you so much Mary, you know that I am in awe of your work and appreciate it so much when you send these wonderful things!!!  xoxox

It is raining here but at least it’s not like other parts of the country are having.  When I hear on the news about a certain part of the country having tornadoes or floods or wildfires etc I always think of my blogging friends that live in that particular area.  This morning I heard something about Missouri so now I need to go check in with Donna to make sure she and Cliff are okay.


Dawn said...

I'm first! What a nice Easter day you had - it was cold and cloudy and rainy here - again. But our lawn is lush and green!! The sun shone long enough for the girls to hunt some eggs, but it was cold! We had a wonderful breakfast at church, then choir convened to get ready for our second round of the musical - it was such great music and was so much fun to realize that our old brains can memorize!

We did worse than you - we went out to Culver's! Nobody wanted to do a big thing this year, so we each did our own thing. Weird, but a nice change. I think we were all exhausted from so much learning!

What a beautiful gift from NM!

Needled Mom said...

Happy Easter season to you, my friend! It looks and sounds like it was a great Easter celebration for all of you. The kids are all growing up so quickly and looked so nice all dressed up. Little T is quite the young lady now.

Your mom looks like she is having as much fun filling the eggs as you are. Good thing you tried that candy to make sure it was okay!! ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed your puzzle piece. I enjoyed making it for you.

The storms across the country have been just terrible this year. Now the flooding will create even more problems.

Hope you have a good week and find yourself catching up a bit. xox

Sharon said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun family time.
I agree that you must test the candy to make sure it is good.
I also think about my dear friends that I have met here when I hear about those nasty storms.
We are having a rainy season right now.The temps don't seem to want to warm up at all.
Have a great week.
Your gift from NM is so cute.She is a real treasure for sure.

Julie Harward said...

Sounds like a good Easter for you and yours. And with as many as we have..paper plates is just keeping it real! The only time I use my china for all of us is on Thanksgiving! ;D

Hollie said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Easter!

Linds said...

Paper plates are the answer when we want more time to play! Your Easter sounds lovely! And it is lovely to see you and your Mum having fun preparing for the hunt too - testing the candy was an excellent idea!
Our heatwave seems to have vanished for now. I do hope there is no rain for the Royal Wedding though. At the moment there is a 10% chance of rain. Mind you, the garden could do with a little rain here. I am not used to watering twice a day so early in the year! That puzzle piece from Needled Mom is a work of art - she is SO talented!

PEA said...

Well of course you had to taste test the candy first, I do that all the time as well! hehe I so loved the pictures of you and your mom, she looks like she's so much fun to be with:-) I remember my mom often being in curlers like that but lately she doesn't need to put any in, she lets her hair dry naturally and it curls on its own.

I'm so glad you all had such a lovely day and isn't it amazing how much it cuts down on the clean up time when using paper plates? More and more often if I have a gang over, it's buffet style and paper plates:-)

The kids look adorable in their Easter finery. They also look like they were having fun on their egg hunt:-) Heyyyy, no fair that your grass is green already, over here it's still yellow and mostly flat! lol Need to go out there and rake but it's pouring rain today and supposed to keep on raining all week. At least it's not snow!!

Ooooh, what a beautiful gift Mary gave you! I'd seen her puzzle pieces on her blog and thought how amazing they were and I agree with you, her work leaves me in awe as well. I'm just so thrilled to have you both as cherished friends:-)

I need to go wash the dinner dishes now...I've never owned a dishwasher, can you believe it? I don't mind, though, I love watching the birds while I wash the dishes:-) Love you to bits. xoxox

Rising Rainbow said...

I can just see you tasting that candy to be sure it was ok. *giggle*

I love to hear about your family holidays. I so wish my family was that kind of close.

palmtreefanatic said...

How fun! nothing wrong with paper products:) I am all for easy clean up:) I am sure no one minded a bit! Never heard of pumpkin pie for Easter:) sounds good to me though!!! I usually get stuck making the same thing which is Oreo cookie dessert!!!! Beginning to be a staple for me I guess!:)

the kids all look so nice dressed up!

Wow! The puzzle piece Needled Mom made for you is amazing! she is so awesome how sweet!!! That looks like ALOT of work!!!

your mom looks sooo good(love the pic of her in rollers and spatula i adorable)... and oh how she is having a ball with you filling those eggs! much cleaner then coloring them and tastier too;) When I filled my eggs I was like one for the egg, one for me, I am a sucker for those little peanut butter cups etc! UGH and now I am paying DEARLY as I am practically starving myself to get myself back on track again!!! SIGH.... endless battle but I WILL get there by the Grace of God! Summer is coming soon I hope and I can do more walking which I NEED to do!

We have had lots of storms here! tons of rain an flooding too! crazy weather! We have still been luckier then most though! We also have green grass:)

Well my friend Have a blessed day! I suppose I wrote a book:) hehehe

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always use paper plates and plastic silverware and cups when I have a family get together anymore. More and more though my sons and daughter have taken over having the holidays at their homes for me. They use paper plates too. A belated Happy Easter to You. I hope your Friday is a great one!