Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spay Day


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It’s been four days since our low income spay and neuter day at Bangor Humane Society and I can almost feel my feet! Ten hours standing doesn’t bode well for these old bones but it sure was worth it.  We did 123 cats that will not be out populating the world with unwanted kittens that are just scrumptiously cute but if they don’t have a warm loving home it’s a horrific life for them.

It was an amazing day with so many people gifting their time for this fabulous project which is the brainchild of our Executive Director Suzan Bell.  Suzan has the gift of organization and when she decides to do a project you can bet your boots it will get done.

Last year we did about 90 cats if my memory serves me right, (which is always iffy), so it was nice to have upped that number and I hope it continues to grow each time we do this.  We had more vets this year that not only worked very hard operating on the cats but they brought in extra surgery tables, supplies and instruments which of course all had to be reloaded and taken back to their offices after putting in a full day at BHS.  We have two operating rooms which can accommodate one vet each and the rest were in the big room that we cleared out for the day.

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Everyone had their job to do.  I was handed the cats after their surgery was done, my co worker and I cut their toe nails and then wrapped them in a towel to be held by one of our many cat cuddlers until they woke up from the anesthesia, the cats not the cuddlers.  :o)   Each kitty was loved on and monitored until it was time for the owner to come pick them up.

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It was a great day, I look forward to it each year.  Special thanks to Dr. Mark Hanks, Dr. Dave Cloutier, Dr. Maryla Cutcliffe, Dr. Julie Keene and Dr. David Monnier.  Without them giving of their time on their day off none of this would have happened!

Just a few statistics for those of you that like numbers, unlike me who never even balances my checkbook, these numbers will floor you!!!  A female cat can start having kittens at four months old.  If not spayed in her lifetime she can have up to three litters of kittens each year with the average of four kittens each time.  In a seven year period she can be responsible for over 400,000 kittens!!!  She has four then those four can have four then those four more can have four and so on and so on. Unbelievable isn’t it?  Sad but true.

Speaking of vets, it was time for Noodles and Munchkin to go in for their yearly shots and check ups.  I dread this every year.  They do not travel well.  You might remember my flight home from Florida with Noodles and he had an accident in his carrier and I had to give him a bath in the airplane bathroom………..Anyhow, just going the three mile drive to the vet office is traumatic for him and he has passed that on to Munchkin.

When I was leaving the spay and neuter clinic I said to Dr. Monnier that if he heard yowling and howling plus smelled a horrible smell on Wednesday morning that would be me with my two cats coming in for their shots.  Maybe this is TMI but does anyone else have this problem with their cats going in the car? Good grief, it’s not like I am asking them to go to the moon.

Our drive over was as expected, howling and all windows open so that I could breathe.  I thought if I put them in a big crate together it would help but let’s just say that was a disappointment………they both needed a bath by the time they arrived…….

I walked in red faced and one of the nice techs said “follow me out back” (they probably didn’t want to drive out the rest of their clients) so I did and she graciously said she would take care of things and I could go sit back in the waiting room until our number was called. I gladly agreed.

When it was time to be seen they both smelled like a rose, the cat crate was all washed out and their blanket had been thrown in the wash.  Now is that good service or what?  I’m glad they only have to go once a year!!!!!

Doesn’t he look like a little angel?

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Steve Finnell said...

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Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful service you guys provide!!!! There is a cat in our daughters neighborhood who is pregnant and is looking for a snuggly place to deliver. I told her she should try to keep it at her place until she delivers and then it would be friendly enough to get it fixed. It is so sad when they just keep having litters like that. I had no idea the number was so high!!!

So....your bad kitties have not made the journeys and easier? You poor thing!!

I hope this weekend will let you put your feet up and enjoy some relaxation. xox

PEA said...

As Mary says, this is such a wonderful service that you guys provide. I know how fast the number of stray kitties can go up...learned that the hard way with the stray we had that ended up being many strays! lol Thank goodness we were able to get every one of them to the shelter and hopefully they all found loving homes. I need E to move out so that I can adopt a bunch of kitties! lol

I can well imagine how tired you were at the end of the day but it must be such a great feeling knowing you're helping make a difference. It's heartwarming to see so many dedicated people giving of their time.

That's too funny about your cats not liking traveling one bit and actually pooping with fear. Well I know it's not funny for you but you know what I meant! lol Mom's cat travels well but then he's only been to the vet and back, hasn't been on a long trip yet.

We're having such a beautiful week weather wise and the snow is really starting to melt now! Woohoo, Spring has actually made it here.

Love you to bits. xoxoxo

Hollie said...

Wow! What a wonderful event! That's great that so many donate their time & efforts!

Bless your heart on the kitty vet incidents.

Mrs Mom said...

YAY!!!! Spay Day!! I totally LOVE how you all cuddle the kitties as they are coming out of anesthesia. What a fantastic group of people!!

And your vets office rocks ;)

Big loves to you and the crew MM!!

Ms Martyr said...

I wish every animal had a loving home where it would be properly taken care of. I've heard of some groups that trap and spay/neuter feral cats. That's a good thing too.
Tell Noodles and Munchkin that they're lucky they didn't have to fly from California to Alaska in a crate in the cargo section the way my two did over thirty years ago. Neither one had an accident even though they were held over in Seattle and missed their initial connecting flight.

Ora said...

Hi...just read your blog...what a wonderful service you offer...I think the reason most folks don't spay and neuter is they cannot afford excuse..but makes sense...anyway...mine are ok...both puppies and the "Pickle" LOL...wonderful blog and pics too...and we have the same camera...thanks to Santy Claus!!! hugs from Ora in KY

Rising Rainbow said...

I was amazed at how many got spayed last year and now your numbers are up. Good for you.

My cats are ok in the car. Squeaker would actually take joy rides if we'd let her while her sister, Jasmine, just tolerates it. I have no clue how Squeaker got that way except for maybe Dave leaving the window open and she learned the seats were a nice place to take a warm nap.

Rachel said...

What a wonderful service you all provide!!! Last month I took two of mine to be spayed. All the rest are already done, and these had just gotten old enough. I took them to a nearby town where it is cheaper than it is here. I certainly see the need for those spay-neuter clinics! They kept my two overnight, which I also liked.

All of my cats travel well, I'm happy to say! They may meow some and claw at the carrier door some, but nothing major like using the bathroom!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Can't believe your Dad also brought a pony into the house!! Ahh...those were the days!!! :)