Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pictures, pictures and more pictures……

During this time of my confinement, no I am not in jail, just the flu, I have been going through hundreds of pictures and memorabilia.  It’s been fun and has kept the Hubs busy going to Jo-Ann Fabric getting me more and more pages and covers for my photo books.
I came across this picture of Nick which btw I have been looking for for quite some time.  This is the picture they sent us when we expressed interest in adding him to our barn.  Isn’t that just the cutest picture of him?  He hasn’t done any jumping since being here but who knows what Miss T might do with him when she is ready and able. 

Nick jumping

Also found this picture taken many years ago.  I don’t know why I had the red theme going but it’s cute of the cat.  Her name was Sasha and we had her for 17 years.  She was such a nice cat and when Son came along she just loved him and would let him do anything with her.  One day he was pulling her around in a pillow case and she was purring up a storm just as happy as could be. She had the prettiest big blue eyes that were totally crossed.
Cross Family 001
Lots of memories.  Good memories.

I also have been going through my craft cabinet as I mentioned in my last post. I sure needed Tina’s help on this one!  She always does such good Tuesday Tackles, it inspires me.  I didn’t take a picture of the before and it’s just as well as you all would have sent my name in for the tv show Hoarders!  It is a nice old wooden cabinet that came out of an old house that belonged to a friend of mine.  It is just perfect for all my craft stuff.
A coat of paint or three and some new hardware and it was ready to go.
cabinet2 004
This is out on the sun porch and will have to be moved when we do a little renovating to the room, but will be put back.  We want to winterize the room as we use it so much and the floor is very cold out there in the wintertime even with the stove going all day.  The windows are very drafty also and need to be replaced.  We never dreamed we would use this room so much so are looking forward, not to the construction, but to the finished product.  We are going to put radiant heat in the floors and that will make Noodles and Munchie very happy!  They love this room too and spend lots of time out there watching the birds and squirrels and snoozing in the sun.
What is it about this time of year that makes us want to declutter?  Is it the promise of a fresh new spring?  I know I have been on a quest to clean things out that I don’t need, don’t use, can’t fit into, too big, worn out etc etc….
Over at my nieces blog Musings Of a Housewife she talked about this today and recommended The 30 Day Cut the Clutter Challenge.  I am going to try to do this challenge and whip this place into shape.  I have a good start as I have done the Hubs and my closets already and now the sunroom but there is plenty more to be done!
Thanks to my buddy Miss Pea over at Pea’s Corner I was able to on Ebay and find some more of the Switchables that go on the night light in the powder room.  There are TONS of them!  I picked up a few more which I will show you when they get here. Thanks Pea!!!
Here are a couple more pictures that I found. This is my Dad and look at the curly hair!  Guess that must be where I got mine! I don’t know how old he is in this shot, how old Dad?
This is Dad and his little sister Cathy.  Don’t they look like they came right out of Our Gang?  :o)

Dad and Cathy

This is Mom and Dad on their wedding day in Oklahoma.
This last one is my grandparents that lived right down the road from us growing up.  We loved to go down on the farm and see all the animals.  I especially loved haying season as I got to drive the truck through the fields as the men threw the bales on. It smelled so good and to this day I love the fragrance of fresh hay.
Of course there was loose hay too and did we ever love to jump in the hay!  It was a no-no and we knew it but sometimes we just couldn’t help ourselves! :o) 
Look how tall the hollyhocks are in Grammies garden.  She had a real green thumb and always had such pretty gardens.  When Grampie had to start using a cane in later years he would always poke us with it when we came in the kitchen door and of course we would run off giggling our heads off!  We loved watching him doing the milking and squirting the milk into the barn cats mouths.  He would let us try to do some milking but I never got very good at it.  He was very patient and so was Momma cow!
Grammie and Grampie Hatch
Like I said, good memories!


Ms Martyr said...

Wow, you sure have been busy. Your craft cabinet looks terrific. I have five (pressboard?) cabinets throughout the house that have never been painted. I use one for a pantry, one for appliances, a cookbook and plastic ware cabinet, one has canning jars, big pressure cooker and my large roasting pan and the fifth one has craft supplies.
Love your pictures. I've never been one for scrapbooking but would like to be able to put all mine on the computer.
Hope you're feeling better.

Julie Harward said...

I grew up on a farm too and we have so many of the same memories. Your horse is so beautiful. I loved the picture of you with the cat on your lap and the one of your dad..so handsome. I hope you get well soon but I sure did enjoy your day ;D

Musings of a Housewife said...

Loving the "old" pictures!

PEA said...

I love going through old pictures but then I get depressed because I wonder where all the years went! lol Love the pictures of your dad as a young lad, of your mom and dad on their wedding day and your grandparents...wonderful memories indeed!!

My goodness, that flu sure has got a good hold of you. Around here the ones who had it say that it lasts a month or so, it's that bad. I pray that you will soon be free of it.

I'm so glad that I was able to help you find those Switchables and I look forward to seeing which ones you ordered:-) Ebay is always the first place I look when I'm looking for something! lol

Good job on reorganizing your craft cabinet. I was trying to organize my craft supplies over the weekend but then started making more Artist Trading Cards and got everything messed up again! lol

We have another snowstorm heading our way, apparently arriving during the night. Aaarrggghhh! Don't think I want to look outside when I get up tomorrow morning. lol I usually bring mom shopping on Wednesdays but I called her to let her know we'll wait and see what the weather is like in the morning. Supposed to be quite nasty according to the weather channel.

Take care of yourself dear friend!! Love you to bits. xoxoxo

Rising Rainbow said...

For someone who is sick, you're sure getting a lot of work done. Sick around here and I crash. Not work from me. LOL

As for the hoarders show, I'm pretty sure I'm much worse than you. I have one whole room in my house full of my craft supplies. I haven't done crafts in years but can't bring myself to part with them. Keep thinking someday I might just want to........ LOL Of and that room is just the soft stuff. I could probably fill a room with my wook stuff, painting supplies and pattern books. YIKES!

The jumping pic is just too cute. Would be fun to see if Miss T decides she wants to do that.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

If you've got to be sick, it would be nice to do it your way. Glad you are getting so much done. Even when I'm feeling great I don't get done what you have! Hollyhocks are a favorite of mine although I've never had success at growing them. They are beautiful. I hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one and that you are feeling much better!

nancygrayce said...

For someone with the flu, you sure are active!

Everytime I see hoarders, I go throw something away! :)

I'm wayyyyy behind in blogging, but life has been very hectic these last few weeks!

Sharon said...

I am so behind in my blogging but due to the bad weather I have not been to work for 2 days.
I hope that you are feeling better.That crud does hang on for a long time, my sure has anyway.
I love looking at old photos.
Have a great day.

Dawn said...

I love the old pictures - I especially like the family shot. I always coordinated our outfits ever since we had one taken where we had a mixture of plaids, flowers, colors etc. It looked awful.

I'm trying to do the 40 bags in 40 days (Ash Wednesday till Easter), but as my latest post says, I am not getting very far yet! I wish I had several days to myself.

Hope you're doing better by now! And I hope you don't get dumped on again. Kev posted the most beautiful pictures of ice-laden trees against a beautiful blue sky.

hippo chick said...


I just love old pictures. I have all of my grandmother, mom's and mother-in-law's pictures. Have no idea what I'm going to do with them, but it will be something.

I don't have wi-fi at the condo this year so I'm not real up to date with blogging. Hope you are feeling better. I think spring can't be too far away for you. We have mid 70's now. We are really loving it.

~hippo hugs~

palmtreefanatic said...

nice memories indeed!

Needled Mom said...

That is such a great picture of Nick. I am so glad that you found it along with all of those other wonderful, old pictures.

I am thinking the portrait of the three of you must have been for Christmas. Very nice photo!!! I also love the ones of your mom and dad. Those are real treasures.

Your craft cabinet looks great. Isn't it nice to be so organized? Seems like every time I get organized I can't find anything anymore. Sigh!!!

The week has been a little more quiet around here and I am loving it. I actually got a few things done. ;)

How are you guys doing with all of the rains? I heard that parts of Maine were affected by it. Thank heavens it isn't as bad as things are in Japan. Isn't that tragic?

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, my friend. xoxox