Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back to winter!

deer 033

Oh me, oh my, we are in the midst of winter again!  Last night when we went to bed it was just starting to spit a little snow and this morning it was a winter wonderland again!

deer 036

I had just hired my yard man to come put my snowmobile away for the summer and he arrived today after plowing all night.

deer 035

I know this won’t last so I had him put away but it was so tempting to go take one last run through the carriage trails!

deer 039

Snowbird and Snowbird Jr. are due home in a couple of weeks so I am sad that they missed this one.  Mom loves to go out in the snow even just for a few minutes but this will be gone by then.

deer 042

Noodles is wondering, what happened?!  This stuff wasn’t here yesterday!!

I finally broke down and bought a new camera after having all the troubles with my old one in Florida.  I love it, it will telephoto up to 21 X !  I took these photos from the second story window. I would say this is a face only a mother would love!!!

deer 045

This turkey was here alone and was not happy when the deer showed up.  There was some pecking order posturing but they finally decided to get along. 

deer 048

These pictures were taken through the glass which amazes me as my other camera would not have come out any where near as good.

deer 049

The deer population is way down in Maine due to the harsh winters we have had the last few years.  I’m glad my deer look so healthy and happy!  This is one of last years babies.

deer in the back yard eating grain 070

I helped my sister work on another baby quilt on Saturday.  It is a panel and she put some borders on it and is going to stitch in the ditch around the pictures. This one is for a little boy that one of her coworkers just had.  Panels are great for a quick project.

deer 002

This picture is to make my friend Dawn feel better!  She posted a picture of a cupboard that she was cleaning out and said she felt embarrassed so I told her I would make her feel better.

deer 012

I probably clean this cupboard more times then any of my others as it just seems to fill up with shopping bags, grocery bags, tools and all kinds of stuff.  In my quest for purging I thought this was a good place to continue the process!!!  Now doesn’t that look better?

deer 014

I also tackled a closet in the foyer that has shelves.  Now does anyone need this many greeting cards?????  I took five boxes over to Snowbird Jr’s apartment and still have enough to last me another ten years at least!  Why do we get so much stuff?  I think I may donate some more of them to one of the ladies groups at church as they like to send cards.

deer 031

I’m doing quite well with my decluttering.  I put a contractor sized trash bag full of stuff in the trash yesterday.  Does anyone else save boxes?  Something will come in the mail and I will think, oh that’s a good box I bet I will use that……. NOT! 

Guess that’s it for today.  Miss T is here with her friend Katie and they need some dinner.  I’m thinking some take out……….


Donna said...

Yes, I do save boxes, and end up tossing them six months later. I never seem to learn. That snow doesn't even look pretty to me now, I've seen so much of it. I don't think I'd get along very well in Maine!

Julie Harward said...

Wow..what a lot of snow for this time of year! We had a blizzard here yesterday but it was gone as quick as it came. Looks like you are busy..love the pictures! ;D

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

It's been so long since I have been over! Glad to see you doing well! Love the quilt, the clutter cleaning and I'm bummed to see you have snow again. Spring is oh so close. xxoo

Dawn said...

Okay, I do feel better!! Thanks! I haven't accomplished anything hugely noticeable in the last few days, but I have about 14 more areas to hit before Easter. It helps to have uninterrupted days, which I rarely have.

Yuck on the snow - I am so sorry to hear that the weather is going to be cruddy the whole time Angie is out there - hopefully the forecast is wrong! She leaves about midnight tomorrow night.

Wow, your new camera does good work - what kind did you get?

Did you get my FB invite?

Needled Mom said...

Was that our storm that we had over the weekend. It was BRUTAL!!!! It looks much prettier in your neck of the woods.

Love your decluttering!!! I have a few of those places that I should tackle too.

What kind of camera did you get? The pictures are gorgeous!!! Yes, that is definitely a face that only a mother could love - or a hunter!!!

Glad to see that you are feeling better and getting into the sewing and having fun with your sister.

Take care and hugs to both of you!

Rising Rainbow said...

The new camera looks like it's working great. I think it's interesting the turkey is comfortable enough with the deer to posture for food, almost like domestic barnyard animals instead of wild ones in that regard.

Rachel said...

I came here from Pea's Corner. Your header is so absolutely beautiful! Maine is one place I'd love to visit someday..in the summer though! The snow is lovely on the trees. Your horses are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love horses! Always have! I love seeing the turkey and the deer eating the goodies!!

Rachel said...

Oh, I forgot to say that you did great on the cupboard cleaning. I have been trying to declutter things around here. It is an ongoing process it seems!

Love the quilt too!

Dawn said...

Congratulations on winning Pea's drawing! If it couldn't be me, I'm glad it was you!

Kathleen said...

It is snowing here today and looks so pretty but I am so ready for spring. I love you sunset picture. Just gorgeous!

Ms Martyr said...

We used to have a full sized pool table in our basement and I had every square inch underneath it filled with boxes I was saving. Now I just try to save boxes close to Christmas time when I know I'll be shipping gifts. I do have a supply of USPS boxes for when I sell stuff on ebay but they're flattened so don't take up as much room.
Great photos! I too am curious about what kind of camera you used.

hippo chick said...

Not having wi-fi in the condo this year, keeps me way behind with my blogging buddies. I love the pictures of the deer and turkey. What kind of camera did you purchase? The pictures are great.

I am addicted to saving boxes and shopping bags. My husband thinks I'm nuts and sometimes guilts me into getting rid of some, but it is really hard for me.

Weather here is the desert is a little below normal for this time of year, but we're still in the mid sixties most days. We had 70's the week we were in California at Disneyland.

Good to have a chance to catch up a little.

~hippo hugs~