Friday, March 25, 2011

Hail?! Where did that come from?!

It’s Friday night already.  While eating dinner we noticed that it had started to snow again and was coming down really fast.  At closer inspection we saw that it was hail, not snow!  It wasn’t the big golf ball size hail just small dots that immediately melted in my hand.  Don’t know where that came from but now it’s gone and all is quiet outside.
Caught this picture of Mom deer with last years baby.  Awwwwwwwwww!!!!  Bet there will be some sibling rivalry when the new fawn comes along in a few weeks!
Dylan wrestling 018
Dylan wrestling 019
See this cute little baby nose with snow on it from finding bird seed.  I love my deer as you all well know but I did get a glimpse of them out front one night this week trimming my cedar shrubs!
deer 053
They don’t always get along and share like in this picture.  Sometimes the older, bigger ones will drive off the younger, smaller ones with a crack across their back with a front leg!
deer 058
A lot of you asked me what I got for a camera.  It is a Nikon Cool Pix L120 and I got it at Wally World.  The thing I like about it is the 21X telephoto and the fact that you can take pictures through windows.  My other camera would take very blurry pictures if I took them through the window.  It also has video but I haven’t used that as yet.  I wanted something dependable for our upcoming family trip to NYC.  You can google it under Nikon Cool Pix L120 and it will bring it right up.

Ccool Pix L120

I’m not much of a city girl.  I don’t like traffic.  I don’t like humongous crowds of people.  So why NY you may be thinking. Well the Hubs has wanted to go back there after a business trip a few years ago which included lots of sight seeing, so for Christmas I got him tickets to a couple of Broadway Shows.
The Lion King

The kids are going with us so one of the shows we will see is The Lion King which I hear is fantastic.  Hubs saw it when he was there last time and said that the grands will love it.  We are also going to see The Jersey Boys which is the story of The Four Seasons.  I LOVED The Four Seasons when I was growing up and still do.  Big Girls Don’t Cry, Walk Like A Man, Sherry Baby, Oh What A Night etc etc  I have been playing the cd’s in my car for a week getting myself all geared up for the show! A number of you have seen it and said it is the next best thing to the real thing.  Pam I think you said you have seen it a couple of times. :o)

Snowbird and Snowbird Jr. are packing in anticipation of coming back to Tundra Country in a couple of weeks.  I think it will be quite a shock to their systems if we still have snow! (snicker snort!) I have long johns and snowmobile suits ready for them to wear until it warms up!  :o)  I doubt that their cat Buffy will poke her nose out the door until June! BTW, they just celebrated their 67th anniversary!
Have a great weekend every one!! 


palmtreefanatic said...

wow! 67 yrs! Congrats to them! That is fabulous!!!

What an exciting trip you have planned and to see those shows sounds amazing!!!

What a nice camera!!! It does take fabulous photos and captures the perfect moments!
Love all th Deer pics!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! Sorry about the HAIL:( Spring and summer MUST be coming.....I PRAY!:)

Rising Rainbow said...

We had hail here today too! Don't know what's coming next.

The pics of the deer are very sweet, snow on the nose, no less. LOL

Sounds like NY will be quite a trip. Too many people for me but the theater sounds great. Hope you have a wonderful time.

Needled Mom said...

Happy anniversary to your mom and dad. They are great role models.

The pictures are all wonderful. That new camera is really working well for you and will come in so handy in NYC. I wish you had been able to join us when we were there.

You will love Jersey Boys. It is so fabulous and of course Lion King will be a hit with everyone.

How come that momma deer doesn't look pregnant? I was huge when I was almost ready to deliver. That is such a tender picture of the mom and little one.

Enjoy your weekend. xoxox

Val said...

Happy Anniversary to your Mom & Dad! That is amazing. Your deer pictures are amazing. Sweet hunter went turkey hunting this morning and said he had 4 deer all around him. I asked him why he didn't take pics? He forgot the camera....that I always remind him to take. LoL

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our snow is gone for now but it is still wintertime cold here. I love the pictures of the deer at your place. I don't like the city either but here is where I stay. Thankfully I have my camper in the woods which is way out in the country. It gives me a whole lot of pleasure April thru October every year. Your trip sounds wonderful I know you'll enjoy those shows. Have a great time!

Hollie said...

Congrats indeed to the snowbirds! I can't wait until their arrival.

I always love seeing the wildlife around your place!!!

That is a nice camera, & it takes awesome pictures!!!

Dawn said...

My folks will have 66 in August - isn't it wonderful?

When do you go to NYC? I've never been, and have to admit it intimidates me. But the Jersey Boys show sounds wonderful - love those old songs!

You asked how old our church is - the building was supposed to be finished in time for our wedding, but there was a strike on the company that made the arches, so they were laying in the snow, inside the 4 foot high walls on our wedding day - I have a picture of that - maybe I should blog about it someday. Anyway, the building is a bit younger than our marriage - it will be 39 years in April. Our church as an organization is about 85 years old.

So - Angie had a great time, really liked Mike. Her flight was cancelled Sunday night, so they got a voucher for a hotel overnight, but nothing for food. She left at 5 this morning, but was late getting out of DC, so it was a long day.