Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photo Friday

horses outside 008
Have you ever tried to get some pictures of your horses when you have a pocket full of carrots?  Let me tell ya, it ain’t easy! Talk about getting right in your face but I can relate, if someone was trying to take my picture and they had donuts in their pocket I would be the same way.  :o)
Get away from my mom she has carrots only for moi!!!
horses outside 011

Let’s kick this one out!
horses outside 022
Guess Nick won that one.  Bad boy, picking on the old man!

horses outside 012
I hate how scruffy they look in the wintertime but it goes with the territory here in North country.

Sweet little Kipper, looks like he was put in the dryer without a fabric sheet!  His hair sticks right out straight and is THICK!
horses outside 014
horses outside 023

This is Jon, he is 26 years old.  He belongs to one of my friends in the neighborhood and is a peach.  I wonder what he is looking at.  He too is sporting the fuzzy look with the chin hairs.
horses outside 019
Lil’ Bud followed me back into the barn hoping for more treats.  :o)

horses outside 028
This is Sophia.  She is the greeter at my chiropractor’s office.  She loves everyone especially if you will throw some of her toys for her.  She seems to know when patients are having a hard day as she will snuggle right up in their laps.  I do think animals can sense these things.
horses outside 034
She has this stuffed snake that she will bring to you to play tug of war.  She is having another growth spurt and is all legs.
horses outside 039

This is what the shrubs looked like at the chiropractors office. So pretty!!
horses outside 033
horses outside 032

Miss T was taking a bath and Noodles likes to be in there with her.  He decided the toy basket was a good place to be.

horses outside 041
I think he got splashed a bit but he doesn’t care.  Good kitty!
horses outside 042
horses outside 045

An update on the dognapping incidents.  As you know we got our dog back at the humane society and one of the other shelters did as well but one dog still is missing unfortunately.  I hope we get some good news over the weekend that she has been recovered. Sunday Update!!! Just received word from my friend Amy at Bangor Humane Society and Wicked Good The Book and Sue from Sweetwater Farm where the third dog was taken and she is BACK!!!  Thanks be to those that made this possible, I hope for details later that I can share with you!!  Thanks Amy and Sue!!!!
We are headed to Foxboro on Sunday afternoon to go to the Patriot’s game…….well….some of us.  Miss T and I decided we want to go to the huge Natick Mall instead and do some exploring.  Mr. D is a diehard football fan so he will go to the game with Grampie, Daddy and Uncle but we will pick up some surprises for him as well.  If we get tired of being mall rats we will go back to the hotel and swim until it’s time to fly home.
We’re off to Florida in a few weeks on a business trip and I am so looking forward to it as it’s when Needled Mom and I get to spend some time together!  YAY!  It’s when the North meets the West in the South!  See you soon NM!!!


Dawn said...

Fun pictures - Hayley fell in love with Sophie right away. That's neat that the chiropractor has a therapy dog!

Have fun at the mall. Although I'm not a shopper, it sounds like a lot more fun than a frigid football game! Or any football game for that matter.

Wish we could see you in two weeks when we head that way. And I REALLY wish I could be with you and NM!

Dawn said...

Yep - blogging buddies are THE BEST!

I didn't know we made the Family Circle - I'll have to buy one today. Hmmm. Hope it doesn't make too many people pick up and move here!

Sorry about the ringing in your ears - has to be very annoying. I hope you can get relief soon.

We warmed up from our freezer status yesterday - got to 51. What a crazy place.

nancygrayce said...

The horses are beautiful even though I'm afraid of them. :( I tried to ride once and the horse ran with me and I said if I ever got off that was it for me! she's one cute dog. I think that's a great idea to have in the doctor's office, although once my mama's doctor had one that hated men and everytime a male patient came in the dog barked and bared his teeth!

Have so much fun in Florida. Wish I was meeting up with you and NM!

Susan said...

Must say, "No, I've never tried to take a picture with carrots in my pocket!" Made me smile thinking about it though!!!!

sue said...

GOOD NEWS!!! The last of the stolen dogs has been returned to "our" shelter today!!! so... everyone is back, safe and sound........

Carroll Farm said...

Crazy, dog nappers and then they just leave them! Sounds like you are having a great time. The snow pictures are lovely, I love the snow, but like to come back to my part of the south - it is just way to cold for me.

palmtreefanatic said...

aww love the photos!

Needled Mom said...

I can't believe what a heavy coat the horses get for the winter. I am sure it is needed to help them keep war. The pictures of the guys are just great.

I do hope that you and T got some good retail therapy in while the guys watched football. Buying new clothes for FL????

We've had grands all weekend so am just not getting some blog reading done. It has been so glorious here and I have most of the roses finished, but it certainly took up the majority of my week.

Looking forward to seeing you really soon now. Hugs!!!

zztop357 said...

I do wish that people would pick up the starving and homeless dogs and cats off the streets.Why steal one and get caught?Me and the neighbors have been feeding a Mother Pit bull and her puppy all summer.We're doing the best we can but the dogs were freezing in our cold weather. Now they have disappeared!?! I hope they have given them away for the dogs sake.
I hope you have fun shopping and buy lots of goodies!I'm so ready for warmer weather. Prayers for a safe trip;-)

Sharon said...

Great photos. I would not have my picture taken either if someone had food in the pocket.
I hope that you have a safe and fun trip to FL.I would love to be going so I could get out of this frigid weather.
I hope that you had a great time at the mall and hotel while the poor guys had to watch a bad game.
Have a great day.

Rising Rainbow said...

Noodles is so cute. He can come live here anytime. LOL

Glad to hear the other dog was recovered. Such good news. Hopefully all three of these dogs will find forever homes.

I don't really like shopping much but I'd go to the mall with you before I'd do football. LOL

PEA said...

You just HAD to send some of that snow here didn't you!!! We've gotten a ton of snow since last night and I can no longer say that we don't have much snow! lol Even our power was out from a few hours much for my plans of spending the day visiting my blogging buddies!!!!

I just loved seeing the horse pictures, they're all so gorgeous. Never thought I'd ever call a horse gorgeous but there, I said it:-) Never really thought much about horses before but since I've met you on here, I've fallen in love with them and get all excited when I see some around here! lol

Awwww Sophia is so precious, what a little cutie. I would want to go to the office just to see her! lol I believe like you do that animals can sense when something is wrong with a person. When mom had that flu and she would cough, Tiger would go running to her and put his front paws on her leg and just watch her. As if he was making sure she was ok:-)

Isn't it funny how cats can choose the darnest places to lay on...Noodles is so cute curled up in the basket:-)

I sooooo wish I was going to meet up with you and NM, I love you both so much:-) xoxoxo

PEA said...

Oops, forgot to say such great news about the third dog being found...yeahhhhhhh!! xoxo

Alice Grace said...

Oh I always love seeing pictures of your horses! Great looking! I am proud the dogs were recovered.
Looks like life is good there for you. I know you and Miss T will have a great time at the mall, after all, isn't that what malls are for, us ladies and granddaughters!

Dawn said...

Me again - we went to an oral surgeon yesterday for a panoramic x-ray for H. His office was amazing - full of horse motif, and lots of medical antique stuff. H said, "I am guessing he likes horses!" It was fun to watch her explore this beautiful office - he must make big bucks in his practice to be able to decorate his office like he did.