Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Falling off a horse (twice!)

Please hang in there with me as I fiddle around with putting YouTube on my posts.

As I said I am trying to figure out how to put a YouTube on my posts.  This is just one I picked to try, I don't know the gal but I feel sorry for her.  What a naughty pony!  Is he just being bad or does he have an ill fitting saddle or what?  What do you think?

DIL and I had a great time in Portland yesterday.  We dropped T and D off at school and headed out.  It was snowing a bit but wasn't supposed to amount to anything so we kept going.  Portland is two hours away and we had to stop once to get window washer fluid and put that in.  The cars and trucks were kicking wet snow onto our windshield making it very difficult to see so we used a lot of it.  Went through the whole thing and ran out on the way home!  I had some bottled water and splashed that on the windshield and ran the wipers. Much better.

We went to several stores that were on our list, had lunch at Olive Garden, checked out the gift shop at the new Cracker Barrel and headed home.  I found some summer things for my trip next week so am all set for that.  We were cruising right along and all of a sudden it seemed like everyone was slowing way down so we thought there must have been an accident but kept creeping along.  There were SIX accidents!  The wet snow from the morning had melted during the day then changed to black ice and 95 was like an ice skating rink!

It took us about an extra hour to get home but we did safe and sound.  People never cease to amaze me when they continue to drive like the road is completely bare and safe.  I'm sure some of the ones that zoomed by us were the ones that were off the road waiting for a tow truck.  It didn't look like any serious accidents or collisions just cars that slid right off the road down the embankment.  Part of 95 was closed for a time until they got it sanded and salted but we managed to get home before that happened and the Hubs and Son came up through a couple hours after we did and everything was fine.  Lots to be thankful for!

Okay, I am going to try this YouTube thing again.  I hope I don't lose everything that I have written so far. 

 This video makes me cry every time I watch it.  I have it on my desk top so when I feel the urge to blubber and sniffle I watch it.  I love happy endings and this story certainly has one.  I'm sure you all have heard about Christian the lion that two men adopted back in 1969 but if you haven't these two videos will fill you in.  I saw them on a recent documentary and of course they now are senior citizens with less hair and a bigger waistline but the story remains the same and is a joy to hear.  Enjoy and be sure to sniffle a bit for the full effect!  :o)


Needled Mom said...

I'm glad that you guys had a productive day shopping and made it home safely. Wow! Bet you kissed the ground when you pulled in the driveway.

Great video! I loved the lion one. Good job of adding them to your blog.

One more week!!!! I can't wait!!

Mrs Mom said...

MM, you just provided a perfect reminder of why I'm not all that keen on moving north again. The bad road conditions + worse driving by other people = stress that we don't need ;)

I am REALLY REALLY Glad you two made it home safe after your wonderful day!!!

Christian the Lion always makes me cry too ;) Thanks for sharing those!!
xoxo from the Southland

Julie Harward said...

I wish we had an Olive Garden and a Cracker Barrel near us, closest ones are 2 hours away, guess thats what we get for living in the country! Sound like you had a full day! Love the videos too ;D

Hollie said...

Glad you guys made it back safely!

I have seen that video! It just amazes me every time I see it! Thanks for sharing it!

FunSize said...

I don't know about you, but if I were on that naughty pony I would've had someone bring me a crop! Strange how he always picked that one corner to act out...

That Christian the Lion video always makes me cry too!

Ms Martyr said...

I know you live in Maine but my initial reaction was, "It's snowing in Portland?" (Oregon) Obviously I've spent my life living on the west coast.
It rained here in Anchorage last night and I heard the roads were bad. Fortunately I only had to travel a few blocks to get home from babysitting.
That woman on the bucking horse sure must be an experienced rider to stay on the way she does. I would have been off, and stayed off, at the first little buck. I'm thinking he was a green horse, unused to being ridden.
Christian the lion is such a heartwarming story. Even so, I am against people owning wild animals.

Train Wreck said...

Looks like there was the same area where that horse had his problem? Crazy Kudos for the rider, how the heck she stayed on with an English saddle? That horse needs some long warm up time! lol How are you doin?? Miss you

hippo chick said...

I finally took the time this afternoon to catch up with all by blogging buddies.

Glad you had a safe trip to Portland and back. I just love the Cracker Barrel gift shops. I rarely buy anything, but love to browse. We're going to meet some people at one in Binghamton tomorrow night. Looking forward to browsing.

Did you have the salad, soup and breadsticks at Olive Garden? Jim and I often go to OG on Tuesdays when we go to the movies. It's a great lunch.

I hope to catch up with my own blog tomorrow. I swear, I don't know where the days go.

It's been fun catching up.

~hippo hugs~

Alice Grace said...

Good job on adding the YouTube videos! I heard about the roads up there especially on 95! Glad you got home safely.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Traveling this time of year is tricky here too. We never know for sure how the day will be. It can snow here and not there and sometimes both. Glad you did make it home safely and your family did too. I love Cracker Barrel's gift shop.

PEA said...

Well look at that, you now know how to put videos on your blog:-) Good for you!! My goodness, the horse in that first video sure didn't look very happy. As you say, almost as if something wasn't right with his saddle or something like that.

I'd seen the Christian the Lion videos and I cry every time I watch it!! It's such a feel good video and makes you realize just how special a bond can be between human and animal.

Sounds like you had a great shopping trip and I'm glad that you got back home safely. I just hate black ice, went into a tailspin on it once and am just lucky that there were no other cars around and that a snowbank stopped me!!

It's been snowing for the last two days here and right now the temperature is least we're out of the minuses but not by much! lol Stay warm my friend, love you. xoxoxo

Rising Rainbow said...

Naughty horse, that's for sure. Makes me glad that horse isn't mine. LOL If the horse mirrors the rider as some people say, makes you wonder what the whole story is there, doesn't it.

Glad you got home safely from your trip. Black ice is such scary stuff without all those drivers who act like it's not there.

palmtreefanatic said...

cute videos...nice job figuring out how to add them! it is fun when it works isn't it?;)
glad you made it home safe and enjoyed the shopping!

palmtreefanatic said...
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palmtreefanatic said...
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