Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As my mother always says, This Makes My Blood Boil!


Humane Society1

Yes, this happened here.  I am furious!  We are installing a surveillance camera system immediately!   We have an alarm system for intruders, fire, drop in temperature etc etc but now need more.

This happened during business hours while the majority of the staff was out walking the dogs.  The culprits walked in and helped themselves to one of our dogs and somehow managed to get out of the building unseen.  Our staff is devastated to say the least.  They love these dogs and do everything in their power to make a better life for them and give them a second chance at a forever loving home.

The good news is yesterday someone called the police and said that our dog had been dumped and was at their home!  The police picked him up and brought him back to BHS to everyone’s delight!!!! He is quite the celebrity and has been on the news numerous times!  He will be adopted soon I am sure!!!

One of the other dogs missing has been returned also.  He was found tied to a post where he would be seen and they had put a coat on him (thankfully) and left a note.  I don’t know what the note said as this is a police matter and they aren’t talking as it is an ongoing investigation.  One more dog to go and we are hoping and praying that she is returned also.

What makes people do something like this?  There are plenty of dogs out there that need homes, you don’t have to steal one. I don’t think they ever thought there would be the outcry and publicity that came out of this with the dogs pictures in the newspapers and on the television.  Our wonderful Executive Director Suzan jumped on this the second she found out about it and got the word out!!!!  You can bet your boots that this will never happen again, don’t mess with Suzan when it comes to our animals!!!

We are going to get another big snowstorm today.  Schools are cancelled much to the delight of all the children.  There is nothing like hearing the words ‘school is canceled’ to make a youngster don their snow clothes and head out for a day of sledding and building forts.  I remember those days, I would hold my breath waiting to see if our school was on the list that was closed for the day, now you know you all did too!  :o)

I was over at What’s New At My Place and Ma had this meme. I haven’t done one for a long time and this one was fun so I snagged it off her blog (I asked!).  Go on over and visit Ma, she has several wonderful blogs that are sooooooo uplifting and fun. Also do this meme if you want, it’s always fun learning new things about our bloggy friends.

two names you go by: Grammie and Aunt Weezie

two parts of your heritage: French and Micmac Indian

two things that scare you: heights and walking into church with my skirt tucked into my panty hose, been there, done that. sigh…..

two everyday essentials: my computer and sewing machine

two things you are wearing right now: jeans and a Paws On Parade shirt

two things you want in a relationship (other than love): humor and patience

two favorite hobbies: sewing and gardening

two things you have to do this week: finish putting away the remnants of Christmas and organize my computer desk (believe me it’s scary)

two stores you shop at: TJ Maxx and Chico’s

two favorite sports: football for watching, walking for doing

two shows you like to watch: I LUV the Hallmark Channel and HGTV (have to add a third, the new pet show with Marc Morrone which is on Hallmark Channel at noon)

two things you’d buy if money were no object: A huge RV so I could take my family on a trip around the US and Canada and a place where I could have a horse and pony rescue.

two wishes for 2011: A closer walk with God and lots of time with my kids, grandkids and hubby.

Oh my goodness, what a surprise to have a comment from Gooseberry Patch after I posted about my new cookbooks last week! This was not a paid review, it was just me sharing some of the things that I like so it was a complete surprise to hear from them!


Mikey said...

That is some craziness. Who does that? I'm glad 2 of the 3 dogs are back, but that's so strange. Why would anyone just take a dog out like that? Very strange!

Susan said...

Good for your people getting this theft into the news. It's getting awful out there. Enjoyed your meme. I hadn't seen that one before so I think I might do it!! Have a great day.

Needled Mom said...

That is really interesting. I wonder if it is because of the very high cost of adopting them from the shelters. I know that the cost is very steep here - like $150/cat. I know that our shelters are having a tough time adopting the pets out with the economy as it is. I am glad that you got two of the dogs back safely. I am sure the media made a difference.

Wow!! A comment by GP! That is impressive.

Your meme was fun. Yes, I remember your tale of the panty hose.

I also remember the wish for snow days. We did not enjoy them when we had to make up those days at the end of the school year though. There is no winning. Are you forecast to get as much as areas in New York and Boston. I am thinking positive thoughts for that snowmobile!!!!!! Hugs!

Hollie said...

That is awful about the stolen dogs! I sure hope & pray the other one is found!

How cool about Gooseberry Patch commenting on your blog! Woo-Hoo!

I loved reading your MeMe also! Very intersting! Thanks for sharing!

sue said...

And the "other" shelter is in my neck of the woods... "AWS Kennebunk".. I bet those gals there are beside themselves, especially with this weather-- we can only hope that the little dog is safe somewhere, as he has not been returned!!!!! we can pray for puppies too.. so please do.....

Val said...

There are some crazy people in this world. I just don't understand it at all! Congrats on the comment and keep us updated on the other dog!!! Sad.

Mrs Mom said...

MM- The title of your post scared the snot out of me!! First I'm glad that you and the family are all OK. And next I am so sorry that happened, but SO glad that 2 of the dogs have been returned. Fingers crossed for the 3rd. Glad your director is a bull dog herself! ;)

I hope you can get your snow mobiles out and play some now!! You must miss that an awful lot. (shhh-- I don'

Your meme was a blast!! If I have a chance, I might be able to do it too and maybe put a horsey twist on it for HorseFeathers.. hmmm....

Cold winds here today. Better than the snow that has been flying (but NOT sticking down here.) The entire northern portion of the state is a mess and more or less closed down from the ice and snow that is still there. Huh. Guess they might just have to learn how to deal with real winter! HA~

I really miss getting to sit down and email you more MM. Going to have to make some time in the week for that, so that you know what all is transpiring down here. All is well enough right now- but it's been bad bad bad week for Johnny Reb and Granny both. *sigh*

Big love to you MM, and to all the beautiful wonderful Grands and Hubs too!!!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Stealing dogs from a shelter, now I think I"ve heard everything. Glad they have two back. Let us know about the third, and how the "case" goes. Hope they catch em.

Looks like a fun meme. I love the Hallmark channel as well. Especially at Chirstmas with all those "sappy" stories.

I noticed the cookbook people posted a comment. That was pretty cool but you did give them a great plug even if it wasn't paid.

I think a horse rescue would be too heart breaking for me to cope. I like to help them but hands on, I don't know if I can. I sure appreciate those that can, however. Lots of dedication there, I would think.

Julie Harward said...

Ya, I don't know how Gooseberry keeps track of us but once in awhile I will get a comment from them too!
I am so sorry about the dog being taken but so glad you got it back...I sure hope the catch the creeps that would do something like that! ;D

PEA said...

In this crazy world that we live in, I always say that nothing surprises me anymore but this does...imagine someone stupid enough to steal dogs from an animal shelter! If they really wanted a dog, why not just go to the shelter and ask??? Geesh! Thank goodness your executive director jumped on it so fast and got the news out, it's probably the reason why two of the dogs have been found already! Hopefully they find the 3rd one soon!!!!

Still no new snow here, only the remnants of the one snowfall we had at the start of Dec. It's too darn cold to snow right now! lol We had a "high" of 10F today.

Loved reading your answers to the meme questions. Get that RV and come visit me!!! hehe Oh the trouble...I mean fun...we could get into:-) I need to organize my computer desk as well, I can't even see it anymore there's so much stuff on it.

Made donuts this morning, come on over to have some with a cup of tea:-) Love you. xoxoxo

Dawn said...

We've been in the deep freeze this week! Reminds me of your weather - and Kev's Mainer look - you'll have to come on over and see how he looks!

To take a dog and leave it abandoned again - pathetic!!

I'll have to do the meme - I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas lately and this will give me a god kick start!

Dawn said...

PS - my reaction to the words "snow day" totally depends upon how many kids I have to take care of that day, or whether I have to get out, or whether I'm working at the administration building switchboard and have to field calls from angry parents (some because there IS and snow day and others because there ISN'T - can't please anybody!) My reaction as a kid would have been to stay inside snuggled in an afghan and reading a good book!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I cannot imagine someone stealing dogs from an animal shelter. It doesn't make sense at all. I see you like the Idea of an RV too. It would be great to travel with the season. I'd like to go south right now. The only place that seems to be warm is Florida. I love my house and where I live but I have had way too much time spent indoors and I'm longing for some sun.

palmtreefanatic said...

sad about the dogs!!!!
Exciting to get a comment from GP!!!
Those look like fun cookbooks, I will have to check them out!

loved the meme:)

Sharon said...

That is so sad about the dog theft.
I don't know what this world is coming to. We had a rash of dog theft here last yr when someone was stealing dogs from parked cars.
They were only taking small breed dogs. That ended our taking our baby to town with us unless one stayed in the car.
I really enjoyed your meme. It sure does sound like a fun thing to do.
My grandkids were happy about a 2 day school closing it gave them a long weekend to play in the snow.
Have a great day.

Amy said...

Third one was returned!