Friday, January 21, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Another snow day! Yippee!  We even made the national news this morning on The Early Show, they were talking about the storm and that it was going to go all the way to Bangor Maine. Actually it’s going further then that, the whole state is going to get clobbered and on into Canada.  (Hi Pea! I wanted to share some of this snow with you!) We could get up to 14 inches of the white stuff so schools are canceled again today.  The poor kids will be going to school into July if this keeps up.

I have a new washing machine.  It plays music.  Now what’s up with that? My old machine breathed it’s last breath last week, I’m sure its premature demise was brought on by the heavy king size bedspread that I was always washing due to the fact that it is white and Noodles likes to sleep on it…….

Sooooo…yesterday they delivered my new machine with a bigger tub to accommodate heavy loads I discovered it plays music when you turn it on or off.  I prefer to pick my own music but rather then wash our clothes on a rock in the brook I will put up with it.  It’s only for a few seconds anyhow but why do they think we all want that added feature?  There is too much noise in the world as it is.  I think I will check the directions book and see if it can be turned off.  (Slow blog day when I have to write about a washing machine.)


We are getting clobbered with snow!  We have about 20 inches and it’s still coming down.  It has been wild with white outs all afternoon.  I didn’t leave the house all day other then to go out and shovel my path to the birdfeeder on the back deck. The turkeys weren’t around or the deer, they tend to yard up during a storm but they will be out tomorrow.

My kids, g-kids and Cousin K just came and got my snowmobile as they needed an extra and are out for a ride. It will be beautiful out there tonight with all the new snow. I have invited them back for spaghetti after their ride.  I’d like to make a cake that I saw on the Food Channel yesterday but everyone seems to be watching their weight lately so I guess I shouldn’t tempt anyone.

I finally found a bedspread and curtains for Mr. D’s room here at the house.  I have been looking for some time and found this pattern in a catalog so with his approval I sent for it.

bedspread 001

bedspread 003

bedspread 002

bedspread 007

bedspread 006

The curtains.

bedspread 004

The sheets.

bedspread 005

He has always been intrigued by pirates so I guess this fits the bill.

We are supposed to have some of the coldest temperatures that we have had in 2-3 years next week.  30* below in some areas! Ouch!  It’s the kind of weather that when you breathe in through your nose your nostrils stick together! Now just picture that!!!  :o)


Needled Mom said...

Okay....I have goosebumps just reading about those temperatures!!! You really got your wish, didn't you? I'll bet it is gorgeous. That snowmobile is going to get a workout.

I always hated when we had to make up those snowdays. Boo!!!

LOVE the pirate theme. That spread is soooo cute. How come you didn't make him one?

Music coming from your washer? That is an interesting concept. What kind did you get?

Stay warm next week. I do hope that it stays up there and does not spread to FL before we head off. Hugs, my friend.

Donna said...

Whoa, 30 below? How many inches of snow? Suddenly I feel like a wimp for complaining about 8 inches of snow and zero temps. The bedspread looks like something you would have made.

Anita said...

My new washer and dryer make music, too, when turned on and when the cycle is finished. I think it benefits people who actually take out the clothes AS SOON AS the load is finished. Me - I hear it, and still keep doing whatever I'm doing. I may as well turn the music option off. LOL

One thing about slows life down. EnJoy and stay warm!

sue said...

I am NOT happy about the coming temps.. I am quite sure that the horses are just going to have to come in and sit by the woodstove with us.. my hubby thinks that extra hay will be enough.. but I don't know... more snow next week, guess it's winter!!!!

Mrs Mom said...

Wow that temp reminder is going to give me flash backs. And nightmares! I'll be thinking of you this coming week MM, and hoping all is well up there in the wild north Tundra Country. (Cause it sure IS TUNDRA COUNTRY right now!!!)

LOVE Mr. D's new look for his room!!! That spread is fantastic!!

A musical washer would drive me insane. With as much laundry as we do each day, hearing that extra noise would set me teeth on edge. Hope you can find the volume control! ;)

Be safe up there. I'll try to send some sunshine your way (with NO stomach bugs attached to it!)


Hollie said...

Brrrrrrrrrrr...I can definitely see why you'd need a snowmobile! WOW! I love the quilt for your grandson's bed! It is so cute! Stay warm!

PEA said...

Noooooo it's ok, you don't have to share that snow!!!!! lol That storm hasn't arrived here yet so hopefully we'll end up NOT getting it. It's -17F as I type this and feels even colder with the, I'm staying inside, I'm just not crazy enough to go out there if I absolutely don't have to!

A washing machine that plays music? Are you serious??? Wow, I didn't even know they made them like that. lol Like you, I don't think it would be a feature I'd want anyway.

Love the pirate themed bedspread, sheets and curtains that you got for D. I don't doubt it that he loves it:-) As long as he doesn't dream about having to walk the plank! lol

Stay warm and promise not to try to send me any more snow ok??? Love you to bits. xoxoxo

Dawn said...

The new bedroom stuff is so cute! I'll bet he loves it.

I well remember those kinds of nose sticking days in Int'l Falls, Minnesota. And walking to school - really and truly.

Kev's place only got about 6 inches. They didn't make it to Brewer today!

Susan said...

Adorable bedspread!!! I cannot imagine that kind of COLD. I get upset if we get much below freezing!!! I guess it's all what you are use to.

palmtreefanatic said...

love the pirate theme!!! that spread is amazing!
stay warm...have fun snowmobiling;)