Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Football Follies


We are back in the land of snow again.  With about 12 inches and now more coming today it’s beginning to look a lot like snowmobiling weather.

Son, T and I went out on Saturday for a short ride to check out some of the trails.  It was bitterly cold but with heated handgrips and seats we were nice and toasty.  The woods were beautiful, it always thrills me to see the beauty of the snow clinging to the tree branches and is always warmer there being out of the wind.

snowmobiling 2011 010

Miss T and Daddy.

snowmobiling 2011 002

Me and Miss T.

snowmobiling 2011 005

snowmobiling 2011 008

The sun trying to come through the clouds.

snowmobiling 2011 006

It was a great time and I am ready to go out again soon.

Sunday after church we flew down to Foxboro to go to the football game.  I must have had a premonition as I opted to go shopping along with Miss T.  Mr. D being the die hard football fan decided to go to the game with the men.

We headed to the Natick Mall which is a huge two story mall that covers acres and acres. Needless to say we didn’t cover it all but sought out the places that we wanted to go to and did our best to keep the economy of Massachusetts stable.  :o)  Just kidding, but we did find a few things that we needed.

There was a high end wing at this mall that was amazing, by amazing I mean the prices of things!  Miss T asked me why would anyone spend $1000 on a purse and I didn’t have an answer for her, WHY would anyone spend that much for a purse? We were in that section all of 5 minutes and headed back to Build A Bear as T. had a gift card for there that she got for Christmas.

Filling the chosen bear with stuffing.

snowmobiling 2011 015

Putting the heart in the bear.

snowmobiling 2011 019

The finished product.

snowmobiling 2011 025

Well….not actually finished….there are more clothes to pick from here then in a clothing store! Two outfits later and we were ready to go.

snowmobiling 2011 027

We headed back to the hotel for some dinner and a swim.  The game wasn’t looking very promising at that point so I was glad I wasn’t there. (fair weather friend) 

At the appointed time we had to walk from the hotel to the Pro Shop where the Hubs, D and Son were going to meet us to go to the rental car.  We left early as we could see people were streaming out of the game in hordes to beat the rush to the parking lot. (more fair weather friends)

We had to get across the walkway to the Pro Shop and the throngs of people coming out were not happy campers to say the least and would have trampled us in a heartbeat but we made it through.

Once in the parking lot it was bedlam.  There were dozens and dozens of police trying to keep the crowd at bay in the mean time throwing the handcuffs on the more belligerent ones.  The language made me sick and I wanted to plug my granddaughters ears so that she wouldn’t hear the foul talk coming out of some of the more intoxicated fans.  Good grief, it’s only a football game, you’d think they had lost their ticket to the 3 million dollar sweepstakes by all the whining and gnashing of teeth!

I was glad when we got to the car and left the mayhem behind. It took us longer to get out of the parking lot then the 35 minute flight home.  I’ve been to lots of football games and have never seen such ridiculous actions before.  It must have been because they were so close to being in the Super Bowl that made so many people overreact. Not an excuse.  End of rant.  Amen.

Now to totally get off the subject of football I wanted to show you a couple of pictures that the Hubs took a few years ago while out checking a job site.  I have been weeding out and came across a box of photos and found these.  I had them enlarged and framed to hang in the lake house but they were lost in the flood.

What an amazing shot!  He said they just stood there and hardly blinked an eye.


A bit later they came across this bull feeding in a swampy area, another great shot!


Lastly I found this picture of me and my siblings at least 20 years ago.  Yes, I am a middle child, I’m sure you could tell…..


The End.


Julie Harward said...

You have a lot of snow! None here yet! Looks like a fun day with you and your grand daughter, I love those bears and their cloths! I hate football..for all those kinds of reasons, enough said! Great moose shots, they are such a gorgeous animal..they can be mean too! ;D

Ms Martyr said...

I have to admit that I thought about you while my husband watched the game. Your family is the only one I "know" who were at the game.
You have an award waiting for you on my blog. Hope that's okay.

PEA said...

So you're to blame for all the snow, you wanted to go snowmobiling! lol Those with snowmachines around here are pretty happy now too:-) I love how the woods look too when there's a fresh snowfall.

I have a hard time believing as well that some people would spend $1000 for a purse. I pay $30 and cringe! lol We have those Build A Bear shops here too and one day I went in to look...fell in love with all the clothes:-) Not fair, though, that stuffed animals get nicer clothes than I have! hehe Love the bear Miss T chose.

I always get a kick out of sports fans. When their team is doing well, they are so supportive but as soon as their team does bad, they absolutely turn on them!! What doesn't help are those who get drunk at the games. Such a shame that the kids had to see that boorish behaviour.

Great shots of the moose. They're such huge animals, aren't they! My dad was a moose hunter so I was raised eating moose meat. Now I won't even touch it! lol

Such a lovely picture of you and your siblings:-) I am a middle child too!

Well it's 10:30 p.m. and I can barely keep my eyes open so I think I'm going to have myself an early night. Love you dear friend. xoxox

Dawn said...

Wow, I'm glad you weren't at that game. It's pathetic how seriously people take these things! Sorry about the bad language and disorderly conduct.

The moose pictures are amazing - can you get them done again for the cabin? They're perfect for your motif.

I hadn't heard about the new snow.

I forgot to tell you today that Kev is going to be in Brewer at Merden's (?) on Saturday. Maybe you'll be close by there?

Fun chatting with you today on e-mail. Check out my old story over at Grandma Dawn's place!

Dawn said...

PS - love her Build-a-Bear choice - really cute. That place is fun, but way too many choices!

Val said...

And I thought we had a bunch of snow....you really do! I love that Build a Bear. It is so sweet. Sounds like you had a great time except for the game.

sue said...

Now that you are done digging outyou can read the blog comments!!! Hubby and I made a comment about the "after the football game".. I can just imagine what it was like... and I would like to check out that mall.. would be a great place for service puppy training... happy winter, we're getting "hit" again on Friday.. or so they say...

Linds said...

You haven't changed a bit!!! The English kind of football (your soccer) is not a place you would want to take kids at times. Even the players seem to have forgotten the meaning of the word respect. It is diabolical. Now rugby - well what a difference, and the players all refer to the referee as Sir. Great for families too.
But I think you and your ganddaughter made a good choice to go shopping instead!
The snowmobiling looks such fun. Do you have to wear leathers?

FunSize said...

Ugh, that was a disappointing game, but I was sure to keep my language "G" rated. There's always next year!
I looked at that picture of you and your siblings at the end of you posting and I thought to myself "I know that stairwell and there's no way that picture is 20 years old!" After I did the math though, I realized you were right... time flies when you're having fun! By the way folks, the handsome man in that picture is my daddy xoxo.

Needled Mom said...

That should give you enough of that white stuff to get out and really give those snowmobiles a run for their money. I like the idea of the heated handgrips and it does look like everyone is bundled up well.

It sounds like you had fun shopping with T and a much better time than the guys did. Was the $1000 bag made out of gold???

I am glad that you survived the crowd coming the other way, but it is a shame when the language has to fly like that.

I love the pictures of the moose. Are you going to blow them up again for the cabin?

It looks like you are having too much fun cleaning there. Isn't it fun to look at some of those older pictures? Middle child???? Who would have guessed that?

Enjoy your snow, but it it cleared out of there so you can make your trip to OR!!!! xox

hippo chick said...

A fun post. Love the moose pictures. That's something I would really like to see, a moose in the wild.

~hippo hugs~

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I would have opted for shopping too. How lovely it looks around your place. We haven't got that amount of snow but surely do have enough of it and will get more...I hope your Thursday is a great one!

Rising Rainbow said...

Seems to me that fans everywhere seem to have forgotten this is just sport and their life doesn't depend on it. Sorry you got stuck in such a mess.

The bear is very cute but my thought about the clothes is not only there are more of them there than a clothing store but they cost like regular clothing too. Yikes!

The pics of the moose are awesome. I can see why you had them enlarged and framed. Are you going to replace the ones you lost?

Sharon said...

I thought about you being at the game while I watched it.
It is to bad that fans have to act that way win or lose.
I'm glad that you had a great time with gd. Love that bear she done. We have them shops here and I took my gd to have one made for her birthday several years ago.
Great photos of the Moose and our your siblings.
I would never pay that much for a purse either. It would be my luck that if I did I'd lay it down somewhere and lose it and everything.
I love the snowmobiling photos as it brings back memories of younger days. We did not have heated grips and seats.

palmtreefanatic said...

the photo of your family is great!!!
love the snowmobiling pics!!!
I remember when i took the kids to Build a bear several yrs ago! so fun!!! great memories! Glad you had fun shopping!!!;)