Saturday, November 6, 2010

Let’s see if this works this time……….

Here I go again. I encountered an 'error' and lost my whole post. The WHOLE thing! It was amazing too, I'm sure you all are wailing and gnashing your teeth because I lost it! snicker snort! As I said before I am still on a learning curve and it seems I still have a way to go. And as it is eight hours later from when I wrote it I can't remember anything that was in it. Sigh....
I have been participating in a project for my sweet little niece in Pennsylvania not unlike Flat Princess. It's Flat Stanley and he was here for a visit with me this week. I needed to go check the lake house so he tagged along with me. It was gorgeous at the lake, the water was as smooth as a mirror and all was quiet except for the crunching leaves under my feet. Carolines paper doll 006
Carolines paper doll 003
Carolines paper doll 010
Carolines paper doll 011
I wish I’d had my sewing machine with me and set it up right where I could look out and see the water but I had an appointment and had to continue on.
The boys are at the stable but I took some pictures of them before they left for the winter.  I think Nick was posing for me.

Halloween party @ Jonathan's 2010 052
Chubby little Kip was waiting to see if there was something in it for him to walk over to the fence like a carrot or apple.  He is getting really fuzzy!

Halloween party @ Jonathan's 2010 048
Little Bud came wandering over.  He is such a good ole boy.  He is in his 20’s, we bought him for Funsize about 15 or 16 years ago.  He is just one of those really honest horses that happily do what you want and never try to pull anything foolish.  I wish I could clone him only maybe 20 years younger.
Halloween party @ Jonathan's 2010 050
They are all settled in at the stable and the one other boarder that is there is very happy for the company.  The owner used to have up to 20 boarders but is now near 70 years old so has cut way down since she broke her back about two years ago from a fall from a ladder.
Son and Mr. D are in Cleveland with the Patriot’s this weekend.  They flew out with them yesterday and will be home sometime Sunday night or Monday.  This is the first time Mr. D has gone on an away game with his Dad and he is having a blast.  When you fly with the team you have to wear a suit and tie so Son and DIL went to the mall and bought him one plus a Pat’s tie. Sorry I can’t put in any pictures until I figure out the Private thing.  Grrrrrrrrr…………


Mrs Mom said...

The horses look great!! I just want to sink my hands into that winter fuzz... *sigh*

Smooch them from me when you see them MM.

Needled Mom said...

Such beautiful pictures of the boys!! It is such a peaceful setting for them.

Talk about peaceful...the lake house view is every bit as much. I can see why you would want to set up the machine and spend some time there. Maybe we need a sewing retreat!!!!

Oh GRRRRR about loosing the post. That is so frustrating. Was it with the new Writer or Blogger?

Hope the kids have a great time at the game. I know D will enjoy himself.

Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo

Julie Harward said...

I loved all the pictures..beautiful Fall and horses..a good life!

Dawn said...

Oh, that makes me so homesick for your beautiful place! And I was only there for 3 days!

Isn't it awful when you lost your whole post - it was always brilliant and now you can't remember what you said. Frustration!

I love the hair bows Midd T has on in the previous post. So cute.

Have a great Sunday.

hippo chick said...

Hi MM, I'm back. I have been such a slug since I returned from my vacation. I am determined to do better. I don't know what got into me. I'm really embarrassed and quite ashamed of myself.

I loved the pics of the boys. I know how much you miss them when they have to leave for the winter.

I've been missing all my blog buddies. I promise to do better now that I've started back again.

Takce care.

hippo hugs

nancygrayce said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the horses, even though I'm a bit afraid of them. How old do they generally live?

If you go private, I hope you'll invite me to stay with you.

I have lost posts before and it's so frustrating! Sometimes I just hit the wrong key and just like that they're gone and I never know what I did!

Love flat Stanley!

Hollie said...

The lake house is absolutely the best place! The lake is beautiful! Glad the horses are settling in just fine!

FunSize said...

I made that picture of Nick my desktop background at work - such a handsome boy!

palmtreefanatic said...

the horses are gorgeous!!!
beautiful there!!!

Margaret Cloud said...

Your horses are gorgeous, so pretty. I have been having computer troubles again also. Thank you for coming by. Have a nice week.

Sharon said...

Sorry to hear about you losing your whole post.
I have never tried putting a video on.
I am going to try it soon.
I loved the photos of the boys.
Hope that your gs had a great trip.
I heard the out come of the game was not good.

Dawn said...

I am so far behind, but at least not here - you must have had a busy week too.

Anonymous said...

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