Thursday, November 4, 2010

A new learning curve.

I am trying to master several new learning curves at one time.  One to go private and the other is a new way to do my posts.  My buddy Needled Mom sent me the link that she is now using as Blogger was acting up so I decided to give it a try.  I’m still trying things and will probably lose the whole thing before I’m done but here we go.

I am going private because my Kids do not want me to post pictures of my grandchildren any more.  They are concerned about weird*oes and heard about someone being sta*lked after being seen on a blog and mur*dered.  This did not happen around here but it scared them and I have to respect their wishes.  With that said, I started my blog to make a journal for my grandchildren to read when they are older and see some of the fun things that we have done over the years.  This has been a huge part of my blog so I hate to give up after 549 posts that I have printed off for them so I will go to plan B and go private.  Until then I won’t put any pictures in of their faces that can be recognizable.

Speaking of fun things, we carved pumpkins for Halloween last week.  They were quite big so it was a challenge to get the little plastic carving tools to work.  I finally got some of it started with a big knife and they finished with the tools to escape injury.

Carving pumpkins Halloween 2010 056 

Carving pumpkins Halloween 2010 025

Carving pumpkins Halloween 2010 030


Carving pumpkins Halloween 2010 018

 Carving pumpkins Halloween 2010 026

The finished project!

Carving pumpkins Halloween 2010 040

Sunday morning we got up to our first snow fall!  It didn’t stay on long but it was so pretty coming down in big fluffy flakes.

Carving pumpkins Halloween 2010 046

Carving pumpkins Halloween 2010 045

My footprints in the first snow of the season.

Carving pumpkins Halloween 2010 047

It was the day we had to move the boys to the stable so I bundled up and we loaded them in the trailer.  We took Lil’ Bud and Nick first leaving Kippy with a flake of hay to munch on so that he wouldn’t screech all the time we were gone.  It’s only 5 or 6 minutes up the road so Miss T and the Hubs unloaded them and we came back and got the Kip.  Kippy was very disgruntled to have been left alone so when we loaded him he was a little wound up and almost went right under the bar and out the escape door!!!  Thankfully Miss T was there and hung onto him and made him stand still until she got him hooked.

They are all settled in now and happy as a clam in pastures much larger then mine.  The one boarder that was there alone for the summer is glad for the company too.  I will get some pictures, it’s a nice place for them, only second to home!! heehee!

Good grief, where is the time going?  The Snow Birds are back in Florida along with Miss Buffy their cat.  They had a great nonstop flight on Alle*giant Air which makes it much nicer for them then making changes in Boston or Philly.  It was 86* when they arrived so Dad is in hog heaven!  I miss my walking buddy so will now walk around the neighborhood instead of the woods as it is hunting season.  Mom is settling in, getting unpacked and her home in order.  It seems quiet here and no one to go do errands with me or out to lunch but Mom and I will make up for it when they get back home in April.

My FIL got through his hip surgery fine and is doing so well that he might come home next week!  At 94 he is amazing!   He is in Boston and his youngest daughter is only five minutes away.

Well hopefully this will transfer over onto my blog or I will be in big trouble and probably take a rolling pin to my computer.  Time will tell………..

Thank you to all of you who e-mailed and want to stay with me private!  I still don’t know why I need the e-mail address and not the blog address but will find out soon.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!  xoxo


Mrs Mom said...

You made it!! We can see you! ;)

Glad that the folks made it to FL and also thrilled to hear that FIL surgery went so well!

Snow... *sigh* The Locust Brothers would have so much fun with that. (I wouldn't, but the things we'll do for our kids huh? LOL)

Big hugs all around up there!

Sharon said...

I truly understand and I know I worry about putting grands pic on my blog. It is to bad that the world has to be this way.
Glad to hear that the snowbirds are getting settled in. I wish I could be a snow bird. I hate snow!! I am getting to old to scoop.
Prayers for your fil.
Have a blessed day

Hollie said...

I understand completely! Oh my...the first snow! Wow! We are expecting our first freeze this weekend!

Hollie said...

Glad the snowbirds arrived safely! I know you will miss them until their return! HUGS!!

Needled Mom said...

How did Writer work for you? It is a learning thing, but I think you will be happy with the results.

Those are somke mighty big pumpkins, but looks like all had fun carving them.

I am glad to read that you have everyone settled into their winter residences. 86*...fabulous for them. We hit 99* yesterday - a record and I was in hog heaven too.

So glad to read that W is doing so well. He is an amazing man!

I must say that I am glad that that white stuff did not end up in my yard! E is in MN and said he is freezing!!!!

Have a good weekend, my friend. Hugs.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Love the pictures of the kids carving pumpkins!

Linds said...

My kids are the same and I can't put Missy's face anywhere on my blog either, apart from the first photo. But she is their child, and it is their decision. Sigh. So you are not alone, my friend!
Great pics of the pumpkin carving, and oooh! Snow! None here yet, but it has been very windy and chilly too.
I am glad the snowbirds arrived safely in the sun. April will be here before you know it, and you and your Mum can resume the shoping trips!

Callie said...

Love the pumpkins! And holy moly, snow already! We had hail today ourselves! And totally understand the private issue, too many creeps out there!

Renie Burghardt said...

I saw your privacy post and was going to email you. But I rarely get on blogger anymore. So, since I see this post, does that mean I will be seeing them all, when I come by? Dumb question, I know. I was always concerned about showing pics of my house and stuff, so never did, except for the yard and deer, etc. I also keep it private as to where I live exactly. Since I usually fly solo, I feel more comfortable this way. Never know who is creeping aroundf out there!

Love the pumpkin carving pictures. Snow already? Ugh!!! Not here, thank goodness.

If I need to do anything, do invite me, okay? I always enjoy reading your posts.

Big Hugs,


Anita said...

My mother and my husband have expressed concern about pictures of kids on blogs and facebook, too.

I have a hard time explaining to them that "everyone's" picture is somewhere nowadays. There is no more privacy. Cell phones and i-Pod sized video cameras have made sure of that.

I can understand the fear years ago before all the latest technology, but now there is no more fascination about being able to see a child's picture on a computer because there are millions to be seen.

But, I respect individual decisions.

I thought about you today because I had a horseback riding lesson today. After two years, I'm beginning to feel very relaxed and I'm glad that I've stuck with it.

Rising Rainbow said...

That pumkin carving looks like great fun. The snow, however, makes me cringe. I am not looking forward to winter. Guess that's because I school my horses outside and will miss being able to work them.

Margaret Cloud said...

That is a good idea to go private, you never know now days, the internet is easy prey. Loved your pumpkins, they look good and my how big.

Anonymous said...

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