Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stetson reigns!

  Joe's Ginger Snap

I may have posted this picture sometime within the close to 500 posts that I have written but decided it would be good to put it in again.  Not just so you could see that I was at one time slim and trim and young but because of the hat I am wearing.  It’s a Stetson and I still have it to this day.  In fact I have all of our Stetson hats from our showing years and they are in just as good shape as they were when we purchased them. 

Jonathan at quarter horse show

We loved the years that we were on the show circuit.  Son was just a kid riding in lead line and then walk/trot, the Hubs did the in hand classes and I rode in amateur classes, western and English.  I was in a trail class in the first picture, one of my favorite classes to compete in.  I was riding Joe’s Ginger Snap or Ginger as we called her and she was a lovely mare, they don’t come any better.
The reason for this walk down memory lane was brought on by an e-mail I received recently asking if I would be interested in doing a post on Stetson products.  That was a no brainer as I am so familiar with their products and love them.  The quality is excellent whether it be cowboy boots, cowboy hats,  jeans, shirts, anything you need for the show ring, for pleasure riding, or to look spiffy with a western flair.
The Hubs loves their shirts and there WILL be one under the tree for him at Christmas.  I have already picked it out but can’t put the picture in as he sometimes reads my posts. Let me just say though that the color will match his eyes……….whew……… is it warm in here?
If you want to drool, and I know a lot of you wear  cowboy boots go take a looksy at their assortment.  I love wearing boots with jeans even when I am not riding so I have picked out about 13 pair, hey, Christmas is coming, ya never know!!!

Disclosure:  Stetson paid me a small fee for writing this post but the opinions (and you know I always have one) are mine alone.  :o)


Needled Mom said...

Good post. It is always nice to write a positive review about a product line that you are familiar with and are pleased to own. It doesn't get better than that!

Gee....I wonder what color that shirt for R is!!!!!!

Sharon said...

I used to wear boots in my younger days and they were stetson too.
My dil wears their jeans, that is all she will wear. I agree they are a very good product.
I loved the photos also.
I also reading about your trip with your sisters. It sure does look like you all had fun.
Have a great Wednesday

Mrs Mom said...

Oh WOW MM- Ginger was a real beauty!! What a nice looking mare. I loved seeing the younger you mounted up there, working together with her on that trail course!!

Stetson makes some darn fine hats and apparel. My favorite hat from years of showing was crunched and trashed in our move here to GA. I felt like a part of me had been beat up, losing that hat! (It was bad enough to have just lost the horse I rode while wearing that hat, then to see the hat go too... well.. I think post partum baby blues were in there some too. What a mess!)

Christmas at your house is going to be fun!!!!

Julie Harward said...

I have always loved Stetson hats too..they are the very best! I wear boots and jeans all the time too and have since I was a kid. You were a cute kid by the way. ;D

Dawn said...

Lovely pix of you! Not being a western kind of girl, though I live in the west, I have never shopped Stetson. But I'm really glad you got money to talk about something you are so passionate about!

Hollie said...

Wow, A wonderful post & very interesting. I bet it was getting hot in there talking about Stetson shirts the color of hubby's eyes! I'm turning the fan on for ya! LOL

PEA said...

Last year I was eyeing a stetson in one of the shops in Toronto and was so tempted to buy it but it's not something you really see anyone wearing around here so I'd stick out like a sore thumb! lol I do love wearing boots, though, with a nice heel, with my jeans. Steve told me he used to only wear cowboy boots but after his foot operation a few years ago he can't put them on anymore, darn it. I so loved seeing those pictures of you and your son...I was going to say "old" pictures but I don't want to be rude! LOL Nothing wrong with writing a positive review if it's a product you know and love:-) Love you. xoxoxo

Ms Martyr said...

I love a little Western bling and still wear my cowboy boots with jeans. My barn is English only but I recently saw a video of Western dressage and I'm going to ask my instructor if she would consider it. I'll get me a silver saddle yet!

Dawn said...

I will have the Flat Princess soon - Kelli is supposed to have it in the mail. I am anxious to meet her. I saw you question over at Linds' place.

Come on over for a visit to some interesting art in my town!

dickiebo said...

Love the pics. Any chance of my showing the first one on please?

Rising Rainbow said...

Both of my western show hats are Stetsons. They are my favs!

Margaret Cloud said...

Pretty good looking and nice hat, I have always liked Stetson hats. I like to see people in western clothes.

Anonymous said...

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