Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime!

Oh my, has it been a week since I last posted anything?  I honestly don't know where the time goes in the summer.  It seems like each and every minute there is something to do or somewhere to go.  We spent this weekend at the lake again and it was just glorious there! Well, a minor situation occurred but it didn't really bother us too much.  More about that later. Rant coming on.  Prepare yourselves.

The Hubs and I left home and took a bunch of stuff to the lake including more plants for my garden that goes along the edge of the driveway by the retaining wall.  I am hoping that they really grow some nice long roots before cold weather as this is a bit late to be putting them in.  I tried very hard to get 'deer resistant' plants as they ate 17 of my hostas one year!  Now that is what I call biting the hand that feeds you..........

Anyhow, I digress.......  We decided to take a side trip to the Jordon Pond House before the grands arrived at the lake for the weekend with us.  As I have written about before, the Pond House is famous for their popovers and strawberry jam, both things that rate high on my list of favorite things.    We had yummy salads with greens, pecans, cranberries, feta cheese and a zesty citrus dressing along with the popovers.  The salad was a meal in itself and the popovers were as good as a dessert!  I bought a couple packages of their mix to have at the lake and made them today and they were so good, not as good as the Pond House but good!  The directions said to make the batter the night before which I did but I didn't have a popover pan so had to make them in a cupcake pan.  I WILL buy the real pan for next time as they weren't as tall as they should have been but there was not a crumb left so no one was complaining!

We drove down through Bar Harbor on our way home and it was packed with tourists.  We have many cruise ships that come there and the store keepers love that!  I was looking for the store that sells Fresh Produce Sportswear but couldn't remember exactly where it was so we kept going.  Should have things on sale now with summer going by so quickly.  

Met up with the kids and Miss T and D came back to the lake with us.  Of course the first thing they wanted to do was to go fishing so out we went.  The kids were pulling them in hand over fist but no big bass this time.

We came in and had dinner and then played Pictionary until dark.  We had picked up some sparklers for the kids while in Bar Harbor and they were itching to use them.  They were so pretty, we lit them out on the end of the dock, wish I could've gotten a picture but I didn't think it would come out.  After that we all went to bed but not for long as there were some loud booms that sounded just like gunfire!!!  Actually it was some people renting a cottage two down from us and they had come to party!  They forget about the many people that live there in the summer and have to get up and go to work.  They set off firecrackers at 9 PM, 2 AM and 4 AM!!!!  YIKES!  I felt badly for my BIL and SIL who are right beside them.  She said it woke them up every time. I hope this doesn't go on all week, maybe they used up all of their fireworks that first night. Guess I'd better stop ranting about it but you must admit it's pretty inconsiderate.

The next day the kids had friends come down plus cousin K.  It's always fun to have a houseful although they didn't spend much time inside.  Once again they wanted to go fishing so The Hubs and Son took them out while I made some chocolate cookies to be ready for them when they came in.  Next they wanted to go tubing.  I passed on that one this time, the ole' bladder just can't take the bumps........ahem.......  (note to self, get some Depends before going on that tube again,,,,,)

Again the kids wanted to go to the rock slide so we loaded everyone in and off we went.  It's about three miles down a bumpy dirt road but worth the trip as it is something so different.  I guess I have posted about it before but it just intrigues me to see the formation of the biggest rock and the way the water has come down over it for so many years that it is smooth.

We are back home again.  I would like to have stayed a few more nights at the lake.  As I said before summer is fast fleeting.  FYI it was 38* in northern Maine one morning last week!!!!!

The boys are fine, Dad and Funsize take care of them for me while I am gone.  Oh, here's a nice picture of Funsize in the boat today.  She had to leave early as she was playing the piano in the evening service at our church tonight.

Well I guess I should fold the load of towels that I brought home from the lake today to wash.  I have a washer and dryer there but never leave the dryer going when we aren't there so brought them home as the kiddos used them right to the end.  I didn't even get in the water this weekend but sure had fun with everything else that we did.  There's nothing like family time is there?  Just before we left my niece and her son Nick drove in and they live two hours away!  They had been up this way visiting my parents so took a chance that we were still at the lake!  We got in a quick visit and they got to see the new digs.  Love those kind of surprises!!!


Julie Harward said...

What a fun time you all have been to see the kids so happy! Lots of yummy food and the water/rock slide...I would love to do that one! Summer is a passin here...we have had so much rain! :D

Dawn said...

What a fun time. I hear you on the bumpy ride!

Popovers - I used to make them in Nebraska, but never could get them to work here in the higher altitude.

I heard geese going overhead the other day - seems awfully early, but it seems to happen every year. School starts in two weeks - hard to believe!!

Susan said...

What a fun weekend for you and your family.

Needled Mom said...

It looks like and sounds like you made some more wonderful memories. Smiles show everywhere!!!

Those popovers sound delicious. No wonder there wasn't a crumb left.

I hope your plants take hold before winter arrives, but it may be a mild winter for you with this crazy weather.

Enjoy the rest of the short summer. xox

hippo chick said...

Great post about the lake. I love it. You are so right, summer is flying by and there is so much to do.

August looks like a marathon month for me. I can't believe how busy it will be...all fun things, but busy, busy.

Before we know it, it will be September 1, and we will be leaving for our Pacific Northwest trip. I am wondering how I'll have time to make all the arrangements necedssary and pack. Oh well, I'm sure it will all work out.

~hippo hugs~

Hollie said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I sure enjoyed seeing all the pictures!! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!

Sharon said...

That sure does look like you all had a great time at the lake.
Your popovers sound so yummy.
Love the photos of the kiddos in the raft.
I can not believe how fast this summer is going either.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love the lake but never hardly get there. We have a small lake where we camp and lots of good fishing there, but mostly we use the pool and swim. The days there are dwindling too. The end of October our campground closes. I know there are precious few summer days left. The fall days are nice but not as much fun. I do agree that times with family are the best.

Dawn said...

Kev's here visiting everyone, but has a sinus infection and feels lousy. Since he's not covered at this time, he is toughing it out. Please pray for relief for him so that he can enjoy his few days left. He'll be sharing in our evening service on Sunday!

nancygrayce said...

OH, all of that sounds fun and yummy! I love the tube! I've never seen one like that.....

My hostas are doing well considering how HOT it is here.

I know how much fun it is with the grands! I wish ours were nearer.

Valerie said...

Oh this sounds like so much fun! Those precious family times are so special.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Your grands are so lucky to have you in their life and are going to have so many precious memories!

Alice Grace said...

Oh I so enjoyed your trip to the lake with the grandkids! It looked like such a fun trip! I loved the water-rock slide! Looks like such fun! I love popovers, I may go online and see if they sell the mix online, just so I can try something from there!
Summer here is still going on. I had thought I never wanted cold weather again after the past winter, but now, hmmmm...maybe a little cool weather would be more comfortable than 104 degrees in the daytime.
It is so good to get back into the blogging world as I have been away for awhile.

Dawn said...

Kev is better, at least than he was. I think a week with nothing on the agenda was just what the "doctor" ordered. Can't wait to hear his testimony tomorrow night.

I think you might get a kick out of my latest post, if you have a few minutes.

Dawn said...

Oh, brother, what a ditz I am~ Thanks for coming over again!