Monday, August 16, 2010

Flowers in the Garden

As fall is fast approaching I felt I should get outside and take some pictures of my flowers.  Lots have gone by already but there are still tons of them to look at and enjoy.  Here are some cone flowers that have overtaken my veggie garden spot.  They self seed and I have been moving them to other places, given them away, anything but pull them out and throw them on the compost pile.  I don't have the heart to do that.......yet.

Can you see the bee on this one?  They are loaded with bees all the time.

This butterfly is enjoying himself on one of my hydrangea bushes, there is also a bee to the right.

Don't you love the darker pink that is near the center?

Several different colors of cleome, they look so pretty with the rail fence as the backdrop.

Yellow cone flowers.

Had to sneak a picture of my barn in too.   :o)

LOVE Brown Eyed Susan's!

White flox, it smells sooooooooo good!

More flox.

More hydrangea

Can't remember what these are called.

There are more but Mr. D is here and is anxious to get doing something exciting.  We are taking him and Miss T on a little trip this coming weekend to New Hampshire so should have some good pictures from that.  It's funny how we as bloggers think of everything in terms of pictures for our blogs.........  :o)


Needled Mom said...

The flowers are just gorgeous. I love the coneflowers. Perhaps you can save me some seeds if you get to thinking of the compost pile.

Your cleome and phlox are always sooooo beautiful and your pictures are fabulous. They really show them off.

You'll have to check out my most recent blog and see the final quilt from the jelly roll that you gave me. I just love it and hope to have it done by fall. The colors are so perfect for our place.

Have a wonderful weekend with the kids and I can't wait to read and see the fun times you had.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Hollie said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I love the cone flowers & the Brown Eyed Susan's! Have a great trip! I can't wait to hear about it!

Sharon said...

Your flowers are just gorgeous and I wish I had the barn.
I really do hate to see the end of my flowers as they were so beautiful to look at.
I hope that you have fun with the grands.

Julie Harward said...

Such beauty...I am so going to miss summer! :D

Dawn said...

You're so right about the picture thing - I'm always getting a picture that prompts a post.

I posted pictures of our patio with the new flower garden around it - I didn't do close-ups, but you can get the idea.

I love the coneflowers - and all of your pix are wonderful.

Hope you have a good trip to NH this week-end!

palmtreefanatic said...

what gorgeous flowers! you got fantastic pics of them all too!
I am really not ready for fall yet, I know I worked too much to enjoy the hot summer but really I hate what comes after that!
loved the butterfly toooo!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your flowers are beautiful. A lot of ours are fading right now, but the brown eyed Susan's are still flourishing. Due to some gifts from the birds we had some cone flowers appear in our beds this year. It's always a delight to see what blooms next. I'll be looking forward to the pictures. It's true...I've never taken so many pictures as I have since I started blogging either.

Margaret Cloud said...

You certainly do have a lot of beautiful flowers. I had no success this year with flowers. Have a fun time on your trip.