Thursday, August 12, 2010

I smell like a horse.......

It's cool and sunny here today, a nice relief from the hot and humid weather that we have had all summer.  It was 57* when Dad and I went on our walk this morning.  Had to walk right along to keep warm.  I like it though, I have so much more energy when it's cool.

My gardens are doing well, at least my flower gardens.  My veggie garden is pathetic but we are getting a few things out of it for dinner each evening.

Lisa, Miss T's riding instructor was here yesterday and they had a nice ride.  Miss T is loving riding Lil' Bud and he is getting some good exercise.

Don't know why but Blogger won't let me make these pictures smaller...........

Lisa is riding Nick and he is coming along really well.  He is getting back into shape after all of his surgery last winter and being on so much stall rest.  His back seems fine, no more soreness and his spine has healed.  He gets running out in the pasture and just flies!  It is so pretty to watch, it must be the part Thoroughbred in him.  He leaves poor little chubby Kipper and old Lil' Bud in the dust!

I rode yesterday too and took Kip along with me and Bud to give him some exercise too.  He can trot as fast as Bud canters, no wonder ponies are uncomfortable to ride! :o)  We were going along and I noticed a hole in the ground, not good when you have horses that could step in them and break a leg.  It was filled with wasps, I think they must have taken up residence in an abandoned groundhog home.  I marked it with a big stick and will have to get the Hubs to kill the wasps and fill in the hole.  Don't like to kill anything but can't take a chance of one of my horses stepping in it.

Did about three hours of mowing yesterday too.  My sister was here and thought my mowing outfit was something else....... Don't you love the cap and the earmuffs?  If I don't wear a cap the metal part of the earmuffs that goes over my head gets really hot in the sun and burns my head. I think it looks like Princess Lea's hair in Star Wars!

She caught me mowing too.  I love to mow but it makes my ears ring even though I have ear plugs in under the ear muffs!

Well Miss T and I just got back from a long trail ride and it was beautiful out there.  We checked out how the new carriage road is coming and it's going to be great, all shady and nice!  We watched the contractor bring his HUGE dump truck up and deposit a big load of earth which will be replaced with gravel.  It's going to add another couple of miles to our rides which will be nice.

All of the horses were ridden today, Miss T rode Kip and Nick and I rode Bud.  I love it when all of my horses get worked and stay nice and fit.  Now we are back at the house and have had lunch and I am finishing this up and she is having some ice cream.  It's Weight Watchers ice cream and is soooooo good.  You'd never know the difference if no one told you.

Hope you all have a good weekend.  We are headed to the lake as it's supposed to be really nice this weekend, not too hot but hot enough to be in swimming and such.  It sure is the count down on summer so we are making the most of every day.  Take care!!


Hollie said...

You go girl! Love the mowing outfit! Sounds like a wonderful evening of riding! I'm so jealous of your cooler temps. I want some too:-( So ready for Fall!!! It's 94.2 here at the moment! Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be working all weekend, but I'll check back Monday to see if you posted anything about your weekend at the lake! Stay cool!

Mrs Mom said...

OOOOO Bud is looking GOOOOD!!! (HA~ All your critters look excellent!)

Love the mowing outfit too ;)

Have a blast at the lake!!!


Needled Mom said...

LOVE the stylish outfit there!!!! I am going to have to see if I can find myself one to match.

The pictures are all great. Everything looks so peaceful with the horses running about. I am glad that you guys missed that hole. You certainly do not need any more problems!!!

59*???? We were at 48* this morning. This is getting absolutely absurd!!!!! I noticed that many of the trees have already started to change colors. I think they have given up on a summer as well. We may get a little rise in the temps next week (or so they say). Isn't it time for OR with sun and sand yet?????

I saw that you were interested in entertaining the Flat Princess. Follow her to her next site and put your name in. The kids would love it.

Have a great weekend at the lake, my dear friend. xoxox

Dawn said...

Love the mowing outfit! Sounds like you've had a great week with the horses.

When does school start? Our girls start next Wednesday. I have to say I'm ready! And so are they.

The time at the cabin sounds delightful - -

Susan said...

Wish we had your cool temps. We are suffering with day after day of 100+ (and heat index up to 112) I am eager for fall.

Sharon said...

That looks like how I go out when I mow. I know what you mean about your ears ringing.
I sure like the photos of the grand on her horse.
I read about the tractor getting stuck and I sure have been there done that too.Hubs tells me now to leave that area for him.
Wish we had some cooler temps.
have a great weekend.

Linds said...

I htink the mowing outfit is great. Isn't it fun to be an age where we can wear any combination without worrying??!!
I love reading about your horses and the riding, and I often think I really should try it sometime. It is on the list! Have a great time at the lake and enjoy the swimming. It is really chilly here, and I have a suspicion summer is history, and I am not ready for that yet.

PEA said...

Such style you have, you should model for the lawn mower companies! hehe Hello my dear friend, I'm finally finding the time to do a few visits. I've just come in from harvesting more peas and string beans, as well as cucumbers to make more dill pickles tomorrow. It seems never ending once it starts!!

You always make me wish I knew how to ride a horse, I can just imagine how wonderful it must feel to go for long ride on them. Just love seeing pictures of them! It's also great to hear that Nick has recovered so well.

It's been very hot and humid over here and all I can say is thank goodness for the air conditioner!! When I came in from the garden, I stood in front of it for a few minutes! lol We have only had 2 days when it's rained in the last month and a half so everything is very dry. We have to keep watering the garden by hand and that's a lot of work!!!

Thank you so much for all your words of caring and comfort that you left me in the last couple of weeks. It's no wonder I just love you to bits, you're always there for me. xoxoxox