Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lake House Reveal

It's finally finished! Yippee!  This weekend Son, DIL, the two grands plus her sister and family will be christening the new digs at the lake!  It will sleep 10 now so with 8 they should have plenty of room.  It's amazing how the builders took something that was in total ruin and tore out the bad and completely put it all back together even better then it was before.

I now have a kitchen that I never dreamed I would have at the lake.  I have been stocking the cabinets with staples and making list after list of what we need as I think of it.  I have made many trips down there putting more miles on my old Tahoe then I have in years.  Lots and lots of decisions had to be made which would have been entirely overwhelming if I hadn't been guided along by the project manager in segments.  I have made so many trips to the furniture store that they say "here comes trouble!" when I walk in.  We have a wonderful relationship, I like their furniture and they like my insurance money!

Our old cottage was dark and cramped and when you got a crowd in there we were all walking all over each other.  We didn't mind it then but now with a more open floor plan I see what we were missing.  It's still small but feels much larger.  We took out one small bedroom to add onto the kitchen to make that much larger then it was before.  To make up for that bedroom we changed the daylight basement into a master suite of sorts with a queen size bed and bunks plus the sofa is a sleeper.  It now serves as a family room/bedroom with a tv and sofa and chairs.

This is the living room on the main floor.

The living room is amazing.  It now is all glass on the front with two sets of sliders with a perfect view of the lake.  Before the kitchen was on the front with just one set of small sliders.  It is light and airy with ceiling fans to keep things cool if it is an extra hot day.  I never thought I would have a plaid sofa.  I thought that was total geekdom but I LUV my plaid sofa, chair and love seat, it just looks so cottagey!  Spellcheck is telling me that that is not a word but it is my word and my blog and it fits.  :o)   

I forgot to get a picture looking out over the water so will put that in next time, we are 14 feet from the water!

I love my kitchen so I had to put in another picture!  :o)   In the old place there was just a tiny kitchen with hardly any work space so this is a dream!

Downstairs used to be a dark and dingy room with the furnace, oil tank, partially finished but we just used it mostly to store the kayaks, now it is a lovely master bedroom/bunk room/family area and a bigger and better bathroom/laundry room.

What a view laying in bed looking out over the water!

The laundry room and bathroom were two separate rooms before so they took out the wall and made one larger room for us.

The grands like the jungle theme and have named all the monkeys already.

We now have a fireplace in the living room.  Yes, I know it's fake but it does have heat and it does have fake fire that looks really natural especially in the evening. The tv is over the fireplace on the wall.  Watching the fire and listening to the loons call back and forth is just amazing even if it is fake fire!  (I'm allergic to real wood smoke so can't have a real fire.) At home we switched the fireplaces over to propane years ago and it is the best thing since sliced bread!  No muss no fuss and no smoke.  :o)

We still have one small bedroom on the main floor and a half bath.  I was able to find a 'woodsy' themed bedspread set much like what I had before the flood.  It's a great place to take a snooze after you've been out in the sun and want a rest.  I find the Hubs in there quite often taking in Zzzzzzz's but that's what camp is all about, rest and relaxation.

I put another tv in the downstairs too so that if the grands want to be playing games or watching a movie they can curl up down there if they want.

I found this of the living room in another file but you can see that there was too much light outside so I will have to wait until I can take a picture at night.  At least it gives you an idea of the view.

Look at these candle sticks, aren't they real looking?  I mean like a real tree not a real candle!  :o)


Here it is a few hours later and I still haven't posted this.  Miss T came over and we went trail riding while Son, Grampie and Mr. D went out in the woods to get one of the Rhino's that had run out of gas.  


Mrs Mom said...

OH MM!! The camp looks AMAZING!!! What talented builders you guys had, and of course, being YOU, I just *knew* that the inside would be just perfect. Perfect!!

Adopt us? ;)

So beautiful- I can see how much fun will be had there in the years to come!!! AND why Hubbs snoozes there too ;)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow it looks amazing! Enjoy your beautiful surroundings.

Julie Harward said...'s just great to see a tragidy turn into a blessing! Have a fun weekend there and many others this summer! Come say hi :D

Terri said...

Oh how beautiful!!!!! Am so happy for you!!!!!! Now when do u start taking reservations? Maggie and I are sick of this Tx. heat. Any time after the 10th would be good. Wonder how long to drag a trailer from Texas to Maine?
I know you will enjoy your new 'home'. Wish I could have seen the 'before pics'.

Needled Mom said...

It does look amazing now. I know that you will really enjoy all of your time spent there now. I could wake up every morning to that view from my bed. I know it has been a real chore to finish it all so you could use it this summer, but it is gorgeous!!!

I just got back from the hospital. We had a new little granddaughter born this afternoon. She is adorable at 8#5oz of pure baby cuddles.

When do you head up to the lake house for any extended period of time? Enjoy!!!!! Hugs!

Linds said...

Beautiful! You have worked so hard to get it right and wow, has it paid off! Such a great place to build more memories! Love the kitchen and the plaid sofas. Perfect.

Patti said...

It's beautiful!! You and your family are gonna enjoy so many wonderful times there and make tons of memories!! Enjoy!!!

Sharon said...

That is just beautiful and it looks like a wonderful place to spend lots of hours.
I would love to have a get away place like that.
Have a great weekend in your home away from home.
God bless

Dawn said...

Amazing!!! It's far better equipped than my house! Especially the kitchen. Absolutely amazing. What an example of good coming from bad. And it is so much like the grace of God - taking a mess and making something beautiful out of it. You will enjoy every minute!

Dawn said...

Will you be there the last week of July, when we're going to be out there? Curious - how far is it from your house to the lake?

Callie said...

Oh Yay! It's beautiful! Well done! So glad it's finished!

Marlene Depler said...

How lovely! It looks so comfortable and inviting. Nice to complete a big project and enjoy the fruit of your labor!

Ms Martyr said...

What a lovely getaway and I'm sure you and your family will have many wonderful memories there. Have a great 4th.

palmtreefanatic said...

oh wow!!!!! I absolutely love it love it all!!! That jungle theme curtain and bath is amazing! everything looks so warm and inviting! you all did amazing work! of course I LOVE all the palm trees too!!!You look GREAT too!!!!!!
hope you will enjoy it all!!!!

as to answer your questions....when I was young, I was only in dance - Tap, acrobats and ballet, no sports at all!

Yes the pirates dinner show was in florida, it was neat we went through a Time share to get 3 free tickets otherwise too expensive to do! Not interested in getting a time share but free tickets are nice;)

Theres a new gator attraction I was interested in, perhaps next time, and we never done sea world which looks fun, and Wonder works which we MUST do next time! hopefully we can do it before 5 yrs!
Have a lovely 4th!

Dawn said...

I'm desperately trying to find tickets to get out there in 3 weeks - unbelievable prices!! I'm getting worried.

Dawn said...

It's looking less and less likely! I am really getting frustrated and sad.

BTW, the weight loss is showing on your pictures!

Kerri said...

It's gorgeous! I know it's taken a lot of time and effort but it's certainly paid off. Something beautiful has come from such a nightmarish mess. Amazing!
I know you'll enjoy many wonderful family times there.
Happy Fourth!

Chrissa said...

It looks amazing! Doesn't even look like the same place. Enjoy it. At least the weather is better this year so maybe you can spend more time down there. LOVE the kitchen! ;)

Paula said...

I LOVE IT! Everything about it! What a blessing for you! Enjoy!

Hollie said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!! I might just make that my new home! I'm so happy for you!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow aren't you so happy this all turned out so nice and spacious too. Your going to love it there and just think of all the memories your going to be making at your new cabin.
Enjoy it honey

Musings of a Housewife said...

SQUEE!!!! I love it. I can't wait to see it.

PEA said...

I have only one thing to say...when can I move in??? Oh, wow, it's absolutely delightful and what a great job the workers did!! I LOVE the plaid couch and chair, they look perfect there and I also love all the other furniture you decided on. You realize that you'll now have someone at camp all the time! lol Such a nice big kitchen as well for a camp. Seeeeee, even the furniture store workers know you are trouble when they see you!! hehe I guess the flooding was a blessing in disguise, look at your camp now:-) Love you my friend. xoxox