Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It's 40* this morning!  Some different from the 92* we had a while back.  That's Maine for you, if you don't like the weather just wait a bit and you'll have something different.  Dad and I will have to bundle up to go for our walk and hopefully Noodles won't go with us.  He whines and cries the whole way, gets behind then comes running past us and sometimes wants to be carried.  We try to sneak off without him leaving him in with Mom but sometimes he is already out.  Last night we took Kipper with us and evidently he didn't like that as he turned around and went back to the house.  Yea!  Guess Kipper will be going with us more often!

I was going to do part two of Memorial Weekend but now I can't remember what we did when.  I do know that Dad marched in the parade again this year with the other veterans.  FIL was unable to do so as he needs a hip replacement.  He and Son are on their way to Boston this morning for an appointment with the doctors to see about a time for the surgery.  At 93 he is very busy, still works at the office every day and lives alone next door to us.  He and Dad are both WW2 vets and have always enjoyed marching in the parades together.  Dad was in Europe and FIL was in the South Pacific.  We owe so much to those who did and continue to serve our country to preserve our freedoms.  I get pretty tired of hearing people complain about things here when we have it so good and can do what we want and say what we want.  Not to sound too rednecky but I agree with one bumper sticker I saw that said if you don't like it here go back home!  I think we have it pretty darned good!

We went to Miss T's program at school on Thursday night.  It was Nifty-Fifty, all about the states and the flag and what each thing stood for.  It was an amazing program with the little second graders just belting out the songs and reciting their pieces without a flaw speaking into the mic well so that you could hear every word!  Miss T looked so grown up to me in her cute little skirt and patriotic shirt!

I snapped a couple of pictures of Mom and Dad in the garage on my way out to the program.  They have been married 66 years!

We had our Humane Society Appreciation Night at the Muddy Ruddy Restaurant a couple weeks ago.  We have been working on it for some time and it was nice to have a packed room with animal lovers and supporters of Bangor Humane Society.   This is my son and the Executive Director.

Mr. Bill Irwin was our guest speaker.  He is the only blind person to hike the Appalachian Trail along with his guide dog Orient.  He captivated the audience with his stories about his adventures with his different dogs.  He has had five all together and now has Colby his faithful companion.  Colby is a black lab and Bill says he is the most dedicated and hard working of all his dogs.  Colby loves everyone and we were able to pat him and talk to him when he wasn't snoozing under the table by Bill's feet!  :o)    If you haven't read the book about Bill's experience hiking the trail you really would love it.  It is called Blind Courage and once you start reading you can't put it down!!  In this picture he is being interviewed by one of the local television stations.

Here I am with Renee who is also on the board.  We didn't sit down the whole evening as we were trying to get around to thank everyone who was there and let them know how much we appreciate their support.

                                                  Hi Colby!

People in line getting their books autographed and chatting with Bill.

Bill's lovely wife Debra taking pictures of all the goings on.

If you would like to read Bill's book let me know and I can put you in touch with them.  It's well worth the read and talks a whole lot more then just about the trail.  It is an amazing story of God's deliverance from a life style of addiction and a road to destruction. A call for help from a cocaine addicted son started Bill on the path of recovery. They can be reached at www.billirwin.com or info@billirwin.com

We head out to Tenn on Thursday!  Yea! Can't wait to get to Blackberry Farm in the mountains outside of Knoxville.  I have signed up for some horseback riding (of course) but am wondering if they have a western saddle available!!!!!  All the pictures in their website show people riding English and I haven't ridden hunt seat for 20 years!  Gulp!  I think I will sew some Velcro onto the seat of my pants!  We also have signed up for some carriage rides plus I would like to try fly fishing while the Hubs is in classes.  We have functions each night and they sound like they are going to be really nice and not all formal and stuffy like some we have to go to.  I'm just not a formal and stuffy person if I have a choice.  The last night we are supposed to wear our jeans and boots!  Yippee!  Now that's my kind of party, bar be cue and s'mores!!  Pictures to follow as you can well imagine!


Hollie said...

Your Mom & Dad look like sweet people! COngrats to them. I bet Bill's book would be very interesting. Have fun in Tenn.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like you have been keeping yourself pretty darn busy.

Did Bill come to speak last year too? It seems like I have heard you speak of him before. I will have to check out his story as it sounds like a great read.

Your folks look wonderful! 66 years....that is fabulous. Their marriage is such a blessing for all of you.

It is so nice that your dad and FIL still participate in the patriotic events. Yes, it is really too bad that people do not appreciate how good we DO have it here.

40*??? Oh my! I am complaining about our cool days (in the 70s) so guess I'd best zip it.

T IS so grown up. Isn't it a shame that those years go so quickly? Ours are all growing so fast too. It's a good thing that we still have little ones arriving. Our daughter is due in a couple of weeks.

Tennessee should be a wonderful time for you. I'm with you - give me my blue jeans and tennis shoes and I am a happy camper. I always love returning from a trip and crawling back into them.

I hope you have a great week and a fabulous trip. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures. xox

Dawn said...

Okay, I'm really confused - I've been checking you day after day for a new post and somehow I missed one last Thursday! Glad to see you back. I am having a hard time writing this summer, too, as you'll see in my next to the last post.

My folks will celebrate their 64th anniversary in August - aren't we blessed to still have them.

The book sounds good. Tennessee sounds fun, but HOT I'm sure. We have only 59 this morning and very cloudy. Kev's out on a two-week blitz trip (meaning they fund raise other than around their place) and is experiencing every imaginable kind of weather.

Glad to know all is well with you!

Dawn said...

PS - I LOVE the patriotic school program. Are they just now getting out? We're on our 3rd week already, with the second Bible school attendance going on!

Mrs Mom said...

Rub it in MM, Rub it in!!! ;) 40*... sheesh!!! hehehe

I'll swim for you today, hows that?

Mom and Dad are beautiful! I love the pix! Can see where you get that wonderful smile from!! And Miss T!!! Wow is she getting big. Got the same smile as her Grammie!!

Cant stay long- but loved getting your note the other day. Lance's website addy: www.mackenziesmissingmiles.com (I think. Might be .org...)

I'll email you later on w/ more info.

Love to you and the family!!!!!
The other MM-- short for MELTING Mom! LOL

Julie Harward said...

So much going on here, I don't know where to begin! Miss T is such a little doll, what a smile!
Good luck to FIL on that hip, thats a biggie! Have fun on the trip, riding pants and all! Come say hi :D

palmtreefanatic said...

Miss T is so darn cute!

weather is just as crazy here too!
good o'l OHIO! ha!

You have been quite busy I see! I think it is so funny that Noodles walks with you an wants to be carried, my cat and dog both hate that! they are too independant that way i guess!

I hope you have a wonderful trip to Tenn!

As to answer your question yes that was a video i made of the mongolian BBQ it really is an amazing place! FABULOUS FOOD!

Musings of a Housewife said...

You're so cute! Hope you have fun in Tenn. Your parents look great.

hippo chick said...

Thanks for catching us up. The Humane Soc. event looks like it was really well attended and successful. I will try to find the book in our local library. Sounds fascinating.

Your parents look terrific. What a handsome couple.

Have fun in Tennessee.

~hippo hugs~

Dawn said...

If you have a minute before you leave on your trip, come on over and see the amazing new blossoms that have come since the hail!

I love that saying of your mom's.

Have a wonderful trip.

Terri said...

How blessed you are to still have your parents!They look soooo sweet! Makes me miss mine all the more!
Do not be speaking to me about 40 degree temps! we have already seen triple digits!!!!
Tenn should be fun. We are going to Eureka Springs in a couple of weeks. Bet we both have some fun!
Take care and safe travels!

Callie said...

66yrs, That's amazing and they look so healthy and happy! Good genes! Sounds busy, though! What a great life!

PEA said...

Maine sounds like it has the same type of weather as Ontario, it can go from freezing to heatwave in a day! We also had that cold spell but now it's back to being nice and warm. I cooked breakfast outside on the bbq this morning and ate at my patio table, it was such a glorious morning. Watching all the birds while eating was so much better than sitting inside watching tv:-)

You have every right to be so proud of your dad and FIL, both men deserve to be thanked for everything they've done for your country and mine. It's a shame your FIL couldn't march in the parade with your dad this year. Did he find out when his hip surgery is scheduled for? Imagine being 93 and going for hip surgery...I hope I even still have a hip by that age! lol

Awwww, Miss T sure does look grownup in her skirt and top, she's just such a cutie patootie!! Good for her and her class on doing such a great job with their school program!

Those two pictures of your mom and dad are absolutely precious!! You can still see the love they have for one another. When someone is married that long I always ask...so who deserves the medal, him or her?? lol Bless their hearts for still going strong:-)

It must have been amazing listening to Bill Irwin tell his stories. Imagine being blind and yet hiking along the Appalachian Trail with only his guide dog. I have good sight and yet trip over my own two feet. lol Glad it was such a good turn out:-)

I hope you're having a wonderful time in Tennessee!! I'm behind with my visits as usual so you're already there as I type this! lol Love you to bits. xoxoxoxo

Dawn said...

I hope it has warmed up - we'e had a cold week-end and not so nice today either. We are so excited to get out there again - Kev graduates on the 30th in Brocton, but there is a golf tourney on the 23rd, which happens to be Dwight's birthday - so hopefully we'll be around for a few days!