Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th

What a great weekend we had for the 4th of July holiday!  It was hot so the perfect place to be was at the lake which was a bit cooler then in town.  It was hotter then usual there but when you can jump into the cool lake you don't seem to mind it as much.

We had a crowd in for the 4th and there was so much food I could hardly fit it all in the refrigerator.  Everyone brought things plus I made stuff to serve too.  Everything tastes so much better at the lake,  I did try to be good but a few things called my name...........  My DIL's mother makes brownies with chocolate/peanut butter frosting that is to die for and my DIL makes a spicy chicken dip that has lots of good stuff in it, the main ingredient besides the chicken is cream cheese!  I have never met a food that I didn't like with cream cheese on it or in it! :o)

I broke a long tradition of mine this weekend.  Many years ago I went out on a tube and was thrashed all over the lake by the driver of the boat, that person would have been the Hubs, and swore I would never get on one again........  Well, never say never plus the tubes are much improved now and you can sit in them instead of laying on the top of them so with the Grands urging I hopped in.  Well 'hopped' isn't quite the right term, it wasn't graceful as we were out in the middle of the lake but I did manage to get in.  Getting out was another whole story in itself but  you will lose sleep over it if I go into detail so I will spare you!  :o)

Notice at this point I am smiling.  We haven't moved yet....

NOT SMILING!  Kids think it is hilarious!

Getting brave again.

How do you like the hair do?!!

The kids were much better at this then me and kept wanting to go faster but Grampy kept it at a safe speed. When they have their thumbs up they want to go faster,  you will not see my thumbs up in any pictures!

Now it wouldn't be the 4th without some ribs.

And ribs are meant to be eaten with your fingers.

Love this picture of Funsize!  Hi B!

Cousin K.

Miss T.

One place the kids like to go is the rock slide.  It is a place a couple miles up in the woods on an old dirt road mostly used now for snowmobiles and ATV's but you can get up there with 4 wheel drive.  The rocks are very smooth, probably from so many years of little be-hineys going down over them........  It is a beautiful spot and rather unique for our neck of the woods.

You land is this shallow pool of water.

We had a wonderful weekend to say the least but our thoughts and prayers were with a family close by that had just lost their son in the war a few days before.  We had the flag at half mast as the Governor instructed, it was the least we could do.   God bless those that give the ultimate sacrifice for their country!


Hollie said...

Wow what a great weekend! The food sounds wonderful! Glad everyone had such a blast....even you on the tube. SO sorry about the young man that lost his life!

Needled Mom said...

Yeah....my thumb would not be up either!!! It looks like you had a blast and that is some fabulous tube. I might even try that one.

Now that rock slide looks interesting. Does that hurt the hinney??? The kids look like they are enjoying the summer fun.

So sorry to hear about the loss of one of our brave soldiers. I will keep his family in my prayers.

hippo chick said...

I haven't been checking in on blogger lately. Life sometimes just gets in the way. First, let me say that I just love the pictures of the lake house. It is GORGEOUS. You have done a great job.

Also, I'm proud of you for tubing. I have a long list of things I want to do in my remaining years, and I think I'll add tubing to it. You are indeed a brave lady.

~hippo hugs~

Donna said...

That looks like a perfect 4th to me.

Julie Harward said...

Yes...God bless them...because of them we can have so much freedom and family fun. Your time looks so fun..I would love the rock slide and pool! No thumbs up for me either, I'd worry that it would tip over, you are a good sport! :D

Linds said...

Such fun! I am proud of you! And secretly, I am sure you had a wonderful time out on the water. My thumb would not be up. At any stage!
I am so sorry to hear about the young man. So sad.

Dawn said...

Looks perfect - I don't swim, and I wouldn't do the behind the boat thing, but I would definitely cool off in the water. My MIL did the old fashioned kind of tube one summer at the lake in Wisconsin when she was in her early 70s. I couldn't believe it.

We've decided we won't be coming after all - maybe in October - the golf tournament has been postponed until then, and I think I'd enjoy the weather much more then!

Dawn said...

Our 4th was rained out all afternoon and evening, but Monday was wonderful and we had really good fireworks that night.

Susan said...

All looks like so much fun. Good for you for getting into the tube. A few years ago my daughter & I were getting into a little boat and it started moving and it was a scream we laughed so hard at ourselves. A fun memory :o) Enjoyed all your pictures!!!

PEA said...

Your hubby was brave, eating ribs while wearing a white shirt! lol I'd have it all over me for sure but as you say, the best way to enjoy ribs is using your hands:-) Sounds like you all had a funtastic time over the 4th of July weekend!

No way I'd even attempt to ride in that tube so I give you points for going back on it! lol My thumbs would be down the whole time!!! Your grandkids must think you're such a cool grandma though:-)

Look at that, a natural rock slide...too cool! With my luck, though, I'd find the one bumpy rock for my hiney to get caught on! lol

How very sad about the loss of your friends' son. The last Canadian soldier to be killed a couple of weeks ago was from Sudbury here and they brought him home last week. We were in Niagara Falls but if I'd been here I would have loved to have attended the funeral. The sacrifices these soldiers and their families make are beyond my understanding.

Love you dear friend. xoxox

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I loved seeing your pictures it looks like you had a wonderful holiday!

Sharon said...

It sure does look like a lot of fun.
I would not give thumbs up either, but I know my grandsons sure would.
So sorry to hear about the loss. I will pray for his family.

I agree ribs are to be eaten with fingers, that is why napkins were invented.