Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot and humid Maine!

It is HOT here in the state of Maine and I mean HOT!  It's supposed to hit 92* this afternoon which is unusual for us especially in May.  Good grief we had a frost just a couple weeks ago!  I haven't put my annuals in the ground yet as I am waiting for the full moon to be gone as then we shouldn't have a frost.  I bought lots of pretty flowers plus my cucumber plants and the kiddos giant pumpkin plants.  They are ready to be in the ground, they are starting to flower.  Now these pumpkins are supposed to get between 400 and 500 will follow in the fall........what are the chances they get even a gazillionth of that size?  I'm a sucker for a pretty picture,  I must say the pumpkins on the package were amazing.  I didn't read the fine print though......time will tell.

Mom and I had a busy day yesterday.  She had to have a heart harness thingy put on at the Cardiac Center so we went over in the morning.  Only has to have it on for 24 hours which was a relief for her.  She has been having some dizzy spells so her PC wanted to check things out.  The people there were so nice, they explained everything and even gave us a box to mail the thing back to them so that we wouldn't have to make another trip over.

I have been having some problems with rosacea for the past year or so and it seemed to be getting worse so I decided to have some laser treatments to get it under control.  So Mom and I hopped in the car again and off we went to Ellsworth to the dermatologist's office.  There was a lot of road construction so we left early so we wouldn't be late for the appointment.  We got through relatively fast so was a bit early for my appointment but had brought some magazines and I had some paperwork to do so we were all set.

Have you ever had laser on your face?  It's a bit stingy when they do each vein individually but not bad.  When they use the thing that does a little section at a time it hurts!  Yikes!  It wasn't as bad as electrolosis but I did have to grit my teeth a couple of times.  The worst part for me was the tight little glasses that they put over your eyes to protect them.  It made me feel a bit claustrophobic at first but the stinging took that feeling away...

When we left I looked like a bright red tomato and we were thirsty so I stopped at a little roadside store to get us a bottle of soda and sure got the stares!  I think they must have thought I had gotten a horrible sunburn on my face or was a burn victem.  I just smiled and walked out like there was nothing amiss.  This morning I have a lot of swelling so look like a chipmunk with peanuts in his cheeks but it seems to be going down as the day goes on.  I have to stay out of the sun today and wear #50 sunscreen from now on but if it keeps the veins at bay I will gladly do it. 

Dad surprised me last week with a sign to put up on the road that goes to Buddy and Skip's graves.  He had it made by a local sign maker that we have known for many years.  I was touched by his thoughtfulness and had no idea he was having it done.  We are going to take it down in the winter as the wind and snow blows terribly hard up through there.  I want to keep it looking really nice for years to come.  Well Picassa won't let me copy and paste so I will have to figure out something else and put it in the next time.  Grrrrrrr..........  Well I got it in there but it's a bit blurry.

The boys are sure enjoying being home and pampered!  We opened up a new pasture and they were like kids in a candy store running down there and back eating the nice green grass.  I was worried that they might eat too much so I only left them in there a couple of hours and then shooed them out and took my mower and cut the grass.  As you horse people know too much lush grass can be deadly for horses and they don't have sense enough to stop eating it when they should.  Sounds like me and pizza.........


Julie Harward said...

Ya, sounds like me with cookies! Love the sign, how nice. Sorry about the face thing...hope it gets all well soon and maybe you'll be lucky enough to look 10 years younger too! Come say hi :D

Mrs Mom said...

Awww man, that sign made me get all teary eyed MM. Hug your Dad from me for that please ;)

50 SUnscreen? Wow-- I didn't know they made it that strong. Cool Beans though- glad you got that taken care of. Heal up quick now!!!

Man those punkins sound AWESOME!!! Fingers crossed they get MASSIVE for you!!!!

And let us know how your Mom is doing too please. Will say prayers for her!

Much love to you from the Southland... where it is NOT as hot as your house today. How screwy is THAT already??

Needled Mom said...

Wow....92*???? That is amazing. We just got back from a convention in Palm Springs and they were experiencing very cool temps. I think the high on Sunday was something like 61*. Last time we were there in May it was 116*. We even hit a little snow flurry when driving out there on Sunday. Perhaps the states got flipped upside down this past winter.

OUCH to your proceedure. That doesn't sound like any fun at all, but guess it is worth it if it takes care of the problem.

I love the sign that your dad had done for the boys. It will be so perfect for their special resting place. I'd bring it in as well for the winter.

Hope your mom's cardiac tracings turn out fine. Wasn't that nice of them to include a self return package?

Take care my friend and don't melt!!!!! xoxox

PEA said...

Hi honey, I'm hommmmeeeee! hehe It's been very hot here as well these last few days and all I can say is THANK GOD FOR AIR CONDITIONING!!!! Whenever I go outside it's like hitting a brick wall, it's so hot. Like you, we're not used to having temps in the 90's in May! We need rain badly because everything is so dry. Supposed to have a thunderstorm tonight so hopefully we'll get rain then but if it's like the thunderstorm we were supposed to have last night, it just went around us! lol

Oh dear, hope your mom's dizzy spells aren't caused by anything too serious. As for you getting the laser treatments, it sounds a lot like getting a tattoo! lol I remember cringing and gritting my teeth a few times while getting my rose tattoo on my ankle. Ouch! Hopefully it will help your rosacea. I had a friend who had that problem but I don't recall her ever having gone for laser treatment. She moved away years ago, don't even know where she ended up.

What a wonderful and heartwarming gesture for your dad to have that road sign made for you. Brings a lump to your throat, don't it!!

All of my perennials are coming up like crazy but I haven't bought my annuals yet. We usually have to wait until after June 1st to be on the safe side. As you said, hard to believe we had frost just a couple of weeks ago!!

Take care of YOU and know that I love ya to bits:-) xoxoxox

Terri said...

Hi MM~ been away a while but am back!
So lucky to still have your parents. Your dad sounds like a sweetie.
Girl, it was only 93 in Texas today!!! It's very humid down here too. Can't wait to see what August brings!
Enjoy your beautiful new skin. I had very light case and they gave me an ointment. Cleared through the winter months but sun brought inflamation right back.
I have brand new blog makeover! Come see!

Dawn said...

Wow, if it's that hot now, what will it be like in July when we come? I might turn into a puddle!

The face treatment doesn't sound like fun - sure hope it works!

The sign is so sweet of your dad. Glad the boys are enjoying being home!

Have a wonderful week-end. It's finally warmed up around here - but we're like you - frost one week and summer the next - nuts!!

Ms Martyr said...

Neutrogena makes a really good 55 sunblock. I got mine at Costco last year - don't know if they still carry it or not. It is sheer and doesn't make my face break out.

I had a friend who used to have the little veins on her nose lasered. She said there were tears streaming down her face the whole time, which is why I just cover mine up with Dermablend. I'm a big chicken.

Sharon said...

That sounds like me with M&Ms I love those things.You can't eat just one!!
I hope that you are feeling better today and your rediness is getting better.
Have a great memorial weekend.

hippo chick said...

Peanut M&M's is one of my "grasses". I do have others too. I guess I just don't have much "horse-sense" either.

What a great sign. How sweet of your dad to think of that. I know what you mean about protecting it from the harsh winters.

Our weather has been hot for May too. We've had high 80's for a few days. Today was better although I think it's going to be 90 tomorrow. I told Jim we need to get up at the crack of dawn and get our walk in before church or it'll be too hot for me.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and hope your face is healing up.

~hippo hugs~

Dawn said...

Has it cooled off any?? It was hot that one day here, last Saturday I think, but has been more like spring is supposed to be since. Hope tomorrow is good - we'll have our newly graduated West Point nephew with us - what an awesome day for him to be here!

Have a great Sunday and a wonderful holiday.

Dawn said...

Everything okay in your neck of the woods?