Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back again, finally

Oh my, how time flies around here.  I can't believe it's been a week since I have posted anything.  All of my good intentions went out the window for numerous reasons one being the flu hit this area big time!  My kids and grandkids all had it within a space of 4 days and my Mom has had it for three days but now is on the mend.  The Hubs and I have managed to escape so far but one never knows when this thing will hit.  I just start talking about it and my stomach gets sympathy queasiness!

Big news here in Maine.  I hope for all your sakes it didn't get picked up by the Associated Press but they usually have a nose for these things.  It seems a student at the college in Farmington wanted to protest something so she chose to protest that women can't walk around bare chested like the men can.  Evidently there is no law against public boobage showing so she along with about 20 other women and men paraded down through the sleepy little town causing more excitement then they have had in years.  The one picture that they put in the Bangor Daily News was discreet to a point but you could tell that one of the protesters who was probably in her 60's wore a 44 long!  Not really what  I wanted to see while eating my morning toast!!

Now I know young people want to make a difference and want a cause but good grief there are so many more worthwhile things to fight for then this mess.  My friend Renee Ordway writes a column for the BDN and she listed so many things that would be well worth this young womans time like domestic violence, child abuse, and hunger just to name a few.  Maybe she just wanted her 15 minutes of fame, I don't know, but I do know she is certainly misguided and things like this come back to bite you in the behiney.  You can well imagine how many digital cameras were clicking away and that lots of these gals will find their bare boobage on the Internet for all the world to see.  Sad. 

We also had big news when a transatlantic flight was diverted to our little airport last week when a passenger made comments that he had a bomb in his laptop and other threatening statements!  Thankfully it wasn't true but the young man is in deep trouble and at the moment is at the local hospital being evaluated.  We have a lot of overseas flights stop over at Bangor International Airport as it used to be an airforce base and the landing strips are extremely long to accommodate the huge aircraft that was used.  We quite often have unruly passengers dumped here that may have had a little to much to drink on their flights.  It must add a lot to the cost of their trip having to spend a night in jail here and then rebook another flight to get home.  Some people just never learn.

My big news is that the boys are home!!! Yay!  Funsize, Miss T and I made two trips to the stable to bring them home one day last week.  It seems so good to see them out grazing in the pasture or lounging in the barn under the fans when the blackflies start bothering them.  They have been enjoying all of the extra attention that they get here as I am in and out of the barn all day and evening, usually with a carrot or apple in my pocket for them.  The new pasture is finished and Dad and I got the gate put on yesterday afternoon.  They haven't been in it yet as I rotate my four pastures to keep them from getting overly grazed.  Look who comes running when I walk out into the pasture!  Poor Kipper still has so much winter hair!

Everyone needs a good scratch once in a while!

Who is that masked horse?!

Saturday night Funsize, my sister and I went to see one of my other sisters in the play Anne of Green Gables.  It was in an old grange hall type building and the set was done so well.  My sister played the part of Rachel Linde the nosy neighbor and we kidded her that it wasn't a stretch for her to play!  :o)  The young gal that play Anne was just amazing,  I can't imagine memorizing all of that dialogue!  My sister did a super job and brought the house down several times with her comical flair.  Anne of Green Gables is one of my all time favorite stories.

The three sisters, minus one.

Funsize with her aunts.


Needled Mom said...

That flu is a nasty bug this year. I got an e-mail from my son at 3:45 this a.m. that he and the baby now also have it. YUCK!!! Hope you manage to escape it.

The boys look so happy to be home. It is such a peaceful looking setting for them.

Yes, I was thinking about you when I heard the flight was diverted to Bangor. How does one say STUPID?????

Isn't it amazing what some folks will do for attention. I doubt that they will even care that their pics are on the internet.

Loved the pics of you guys! I, too, loved the Anne of Green Gables and would have loved to have seen the play.

Stay well!!!!! Hugs.

Linds said...

The boys are home! Wonderful! Now summer will feel as though it is almost here. And good heavens, you and your sisters are so alike! Great photos!
I have to say, claiming the right to go bare chested has never entered my head. Thank heavens. I can also think of so many other things to protest about - worthy things!

Mrs Mom said...

MM, you and your sisters and Funsize all have such BEAUTIFUL Smiles!!!!!! We'd have to guess y'all were related when you all smiled like that! ;)

Gosh, Sonny Bunz would love to move into Horse Heaven up there. Your pastures are so beautiful. Kipper is adorable! Glad they are all home for the season now. It'll bring so much happy to your day!

And man alive we sure hope you and Hubs miss the flu. Glad your folks are better though!!

Much love from our little (wet) corner of the world!

Oh- and public boobages? LOL.... Yeah, it'll haunt the young ladies in the long run... Besides, Dear Husband tells me that keeping various portions of our anatomy covered, is more enticing ;)

Terri said...

Sorry to hear so many of you have been ill. I had to take 19 year old son to ER one night with this stuff!! Doc said it was one bad bug and I was certain to get it but reckon I'm too mean.
Boobage? Is that even a word? What a world we live in!
Glad to hear the boys are back and the pasture looks great! As do your guys. I refuse to buy one more fly mask. Can't keep one on for nothing!! Maggie, not me.
Come see me. # 18 is up.

Dawn said...

So glad to see you back! I hope things are well with your mom and her friend who was injured so badly. So sorry about the flu bug. YUCK! Linds in England has had it this week, too - those germs are getting around!

Amazing stories about the airport and the stupid girls! Yikes. Would it be on line in the newspaper?

So glad the boys are back where they belong.

Anne is a "kindred spirit" and I absolutely love all of the books - there are many more than most people realize. I'm getting ready to order the whole series from Amazon when I can figure it into my budget! I read them all when I was a young mom and want to read them again.

Kev is still struggling with his sinuses - can't breathe. It seems that his lungs are better, though, praise the Lord.

Dawn said...

PS - is that the sis we had breakfast with? Hard to tell with the costuming!

hippo chick said...

Question: Is Funsize your brother's daughter? I guess I always thought she was from your husband's family.

I, also, love Anne of Green Gables. PEI is on by Bucket List. Hope I get there some time.

Glad the boys are home. They look happy.

Hope the flu bypasses you and the Hubs. Keep healthy and come back soon.

Oh yes, the foolishness some people choose to focus on...bare chested women. Just the thought makes me blush. Why would anyone want to do that. Think about how God views such idiocy.

Okay, off to week my flower garden.

~hippo hugs~

palmtreefanatic said...

yeah for the boys being home! They look happy :)
bare chested women eh? well all I can say is interesting! ha!
great pics of Funsize!

hippo chick said...

Here I am again. Wanted to tell you that I, too, have your name as my middle name and am named after my mom's oldest sister. I love it.

My friend, Sara, is such a wonderful Christian young single woman. It's hard to meet good, Christian guys these days.


Hollie said...

Oh I hope you both continue to avoid the flu. I hope the others are completely well. The pictures of the boys are gorgeous. I could sit & watch them for hours. Great pictures of you & your sisters.

KC said...

Oh no flu.. I hope that all get to feeling well.. Lots of exciting news in your parts over the last little bit.. Goodness what is wrong with some people.. I tell ya.. both the barechest ladies and the crazy from the plane... WOW..
Oh I bet you are having so much fun with the boys home.. those pictures were beautiful..
oh btw you have been tagged over at my blog for a photo tag.

Sharon said...

I truly hope that you and hubs miss the flu.
What beautiful photos of the boys. i am glad that they are back home. They sure do look happy.
I can not believe what some people do these days for 15 mins of fame.
It is truly sad.
Have a happy mother's day.

Anonymous said...

Hi...yes the flowers in my header are mine as are the pic in the body of the blog...I so enjoy them all...I must get out and take some more pictures tomorrow...and so happy the boys are home...I can tell you missed them...I have to make a taco salad for my daughter's boss's birthday...tomorrow...so best get to it...glad you all made it thru the flu...just pray it doesn't turn around and pass by for a second round!!!! sheesh...bite your tongue Ora LOLOLOL...hugs to ya...from Kentucky....Ora

Rising Rainbow said...

The flu does seem to be making the rounds. That's a bummer.

Unfortunately I can picture the boobies in the paper. Wish I couldn't........LOL

Glad to hear your ponies are home. I'm sure they'll soon be fat and sassy with all the personal attention you give them. Their turnout looks so lush I am envious!

prashant said...

Loved the pics of you guys!
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