Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back Online Again!

As some of you know I have been having computer problems the last week or so.  Couldn't even get onto my own blog and only two others, Pioneer Woman being one of them.  She has been in Florida having fun with her family at the theme parks that we enjoy going to with our family so it's been fun reading and seeing pictures of her trip.  I can see we have the same opinion of the horrible rollercoasters so I feel I am in good company!   :o)

Last week Son and DIL were in Bermuda, part business and part tenth year anniversary trip so I had kiddos off and on all week.  Their Mimi and I share grandmother duties when they are out of town so that neither one of us get too tired! ha!

We had a busy week and loved having them here with us, tucked into their beds in their own rooms here each night.  Miss T got to do a lot of horse stuff which was great for me too as I love watching her ride and Mr. D used my computer a lot which may have been the cause of it's demise! lol! He knows more about a computer then I do and he is only seven!

We went fishing one day which was fun but it was VERY windy and quite cold.  We finally got to a small cove where the waves weren't splashing up over us and that was much nicer.  D with a nice white perch which he released.

This is blurry but it is Miss T with a small yellow perch which went back in the water too.

Trying to stay dry as we were going across the lake in the high wind and waves!

Thanks goodness for chest waders when trying to get the boat back on the trailer!

Funsize and several of my other neices went to a Red Sox game a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately the Sox lost but they had a great time at the game.  They took the train down to Boston which saved a lot of driving in awful traffic.

Cleaning up the field after the rain storm.

Funsize LOVES the hotdogs at the games!

Mom and I went outside yesterday to take some pictures of the crabapple trees that are in bloom right now.  They are so gorgeous, I wish they would stay in bloom all summer!

Now I'm off to do some visiting with you all!  I sure have a lot to catch up on!!!!!


Mrs Mom said...

Welcome Back MM!! I missed you!! :)

Fishing must be the theme of the month :) Looks like the kids had a blast though.

The trees look amazing too. Most all of the flowering trees and shrubs down here have passed, as they get ready for the heat of summer.

Smooch those ponies from me!! And again, Sure am glad you are back online!!!
xoxo the other MM ;)

hippo chick said...

Well, I must say I've missed you. Glad to have you back.

My flowering crab has been done for about ten days. It bloomed sooo early this year, our lilacs too. My rhodedendron is just beginning to bloom and is beautiful.

How's the lake house coming?

have a good week.

~hippo hugs~

Sharon said...

Welcome back and I sure did miss you.
It looks like everyone was having fun fishing. I sure felt sorry for the lil one curled up in the bottom of the boat.
You trees are beautiful.
Have a great day.'

Dawn said...

I've been wanting to do the same - take pictures of each of the flowering trees - so gorgeous and each so different. But now it's too late.

I'm glad you're back in connection - it is strange how we worry about each other when we are on a break, whether intended or not.

The fishing trip looks brutal to me! You guys are tough!

Looking forward to your visit!

palmtreefanatic said...


Looks like LOTS of fun going on there!!!!
Great fishing photos!
Gorgeous trees!!!

Dawn said...

Me again -- I am so sorry that the deer find your tulips to be such a luscious treat! I would be sad to not have tulips in my yard, but it would also be fun to have wildlife around.

I sent the picture of the Yim family and a small article to our newspaper in a section called "News by You" - it won't be like an interview would have been, but I'm glad to get the word out a little bit. It was amazing.

I am thrilled that I have spurred you on to get on the weight loss band wagon - I think 14 miles is a wonderful start! This was Day 130. It has been an amazing journey and I am so thankful. Now I have to learn to maintain! I was wearing those jeans when we had breakfast with you in November.

Julie Harward said...

Glad you are back1 Looks like you have had a busy time and lots of fun! Love the pretty! Come say hi :D

Hollie said...

Welcome back indeed! Sounds like a lot of fun things going on in your neighborhood. I love seeing the photos!

Needled Mom said...

I really hate computer woes!!! It sounds like you managed to keep yourself busy without being online!

Bet you were tired after little ones all week. I know how much you enjoy them, but we are just not as young as we used to be. ;)

The trees are gorgeous!!! Wish they would stay like that all summer.

Take care and enjoy your weekend. xox

Claire said...

Having recently pulled my laptop off onto the floor and breaking the screen - I know what it is like to be without!!!! Loved the photos of the crabapples - I miss those - we don't have them here in Myrtle Beach - or lilacs.

BG said...

Hey! Ive missed you, glad your back online and doing well. Your photos are great. Thanks for cheering me up :) give your equines hugs and treats for me! You make the world a better place every day-bless you!

Claire said...

Thanks for stopping by "my place" - I'll be praying!

Alice Grace said...

I love your trees in bloom! And of course it is always great to see the grandkids! You always give them such a good time when they visit you!

Valerie said...

Welcome back! I am so happy you thought to visit me. I have also been so slow in visiting blogs since Granny left us. Love all of your pictures! Sounds like you all are having a blast. We are so busy too. I guess it is the time of year. Have fun and I look forward to your next post.

prashant said...

so gorgeous and each so different.
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