Friday, October 2, 2009

Random Friday

Someone told me recently that they didn't read my blog unless there were pictures. Well I don't have any good pictures today so I guess I will put in graphics instead as I wouldn't want to lose a reader! :o) You know who you are Backhoe Momma!

Leave it to Maine. It could only happen here, TWICE! Once again someone has been picked up for OUI for driving his lawn mower around town! This was in a small town near here and it was probably the most crime that town has seen in years as it made the local paper!

Also I read in the paper that Maine is the second highest state in the country for food stamp usage. It just goes to show you that our economy here is less then stellar. Thank goodness programs like this are available for those that need it, I emphasize NEED as there are many here that misuse it. Is there a Cheating The System For Dummies book out? Some people just seem to know how use the system which makes it harder for those who really do need the help. Just my gripe of the day. :o)

Do you keep track of your Live Feed on your sidebar? I don't always but sometimes I take a look and it amazes me how far away some people drop in from. My biggest draw is the Sewing Room Make Over post, that still gets hits after about 18 months. There is another Home On the Range blog too. She contacted me to let me know. She has a nice blog and is very interested in guns and hunting quite dissimilar to my interests but it was nice of her to stop by.
I have been busy this morning making large chocolate cookies for T's booth at the Paws On Parade fundraiser tomorrow. I made three double batches which came out to over a hundred not counting the pan that I burned...........sigh........ I make them really big and she charges 50 cents a piece for them. It would be easier to just give her the cash but that's not the point is it? I like doing it for her and I like the fact that she is learning to earn her own money, putting some in the bank, giving some to the humane society, putting some in the plate at church and some to spend. She is quite the little saver which I think is such a good trait to instill in young ones so that it carries through adulthood.
It is supposed to rain tomorrow which I hope is wrong! Last year our Paws On Parade had to be postponed for two weeks due to heavy rain on the day planned. Sort of a fall nor'easter type rain. This isn't supposed to be like that but just enough to make things challenging. We will be walking on the waterfront through downtown where businesses will have watering stations and doggie treats ready for our four legged friends. Wish us luck!!


hippo chick said...

I read your blog, pictures or no pictures. LOL.

~hippo hugs~

Needled Mom said...

Oh no....not rain agian this year!!! Let's hope they are wrong.

Yes, I love that live feed. My biggest hit is the postcard tutorial. Interesting.

Did you try the Pica*sa? It loads the photos to the blog soooo fast. Unreal! I need to learn more about it.

We have the nine little ones until Sunday night so my computer breaks are few and far between. I just had to hit yours. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. Good luck my friend. DRY hugs!

PEA said...

Hellllloooo my dear friend:-) It's past 10 pm and this is my first chance to come visit...been a busy day canning more tomatoes, laundry, packing, etc. Going to an out of town wedding, leaving tomorrow morning and coming back Sunday night.

It's pouring rain right now and supposed to continue all weekend so it sounds like we both have the same forecast. I do hope it holds off over there, though, so that you can have a successful fundraiser tomorrow!! Best of luck with that.

Oh yes, I agree with you 100% that some people misuse the system and ruin it for the others who really need it. That's always been one of my pet peeves!

I don't really pay attention to my live feed, just glance at it once in a while:-) I agree with you, though, it's amazing to see the places people come from! This blogging world of ours is quite something, isn't it:-)

Have a great weekend my friend. Love you! xoxoxo

Patti said...

I read your blog regularly whethere you have pics or not, I dont always comment,but Im here! LOL I think you have one of the cutest blogs around. I finally downloaded the graphics program but am trying to learn how it works! If you have any tips, I'd love to hear from you. Take care and have a blessed weekend!

Paula said...

Well . . . sometimes . . . all I have time for is the pictures. But I always come back and get caught up!

palmtreefanatic said...

You have a great blog pics or not as you always have something going on and good stuff to say;)

I hear what you are saying about the food stamps, I totally agree and think our state is not so far behind yours on that!

I hope it didn't rain on your parade so to speak;) it has been weird here the last few days we have had rain, sun and gray skies!
what a nice lesson learned to make these cookies for T! Only wish I was there to buy one! They sound delicious! My dad made large cookies for our garage sale we had they were SO delicious! he ended up selling 4 dozen! A added bonus to our sale, while I made peanut butter fudge which also did decently well!

hope your having a wonderful weekend my friend!

Callie said...

Ahhhhh, another season rolls by, we've been getting the cruddy rain too and I have a feeling this is going to be an unusually cold winter as it is colder than normal here this time of year.

Susan said...

Want to drop by and say hello.Hope all is well.Have a great week and God Bless.

Chrissah! said...

I visit almost daily although I don't usually leave a comment. I don't need pictures, I just like knowing what's going on!