Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Friday

It's Friday again already. Where do the weeks go? Why don't I get everything done that I want? I start out on Monday with big plans for all the things that I want to tackle for the week and usually I only get about half done. Things come up, life happens, but I guess it's that way for all of us.

Just a few shots of Miss T on Little Bud. She loves having her lessons here and hopefully this week she and her instructor Lisa will get to go on a little trail ride as she is coming on Saturday instead of Thursday evening. It's getting dark so early now, I guess we've lost over three hours of daylight so far.

Here is D, my little character, with my computer glasses on! I don't know how he can even see anything as they are so strong!

Here is a shot of the new Thomas Kinkade that we bought in Dallas. This one went back as it had some damage but the new one is supposed to be here on Monday. This picture doesn't even begin to do it justice, it is really just beautiful!

I love to decorate for the different seasons and holidays. L.O.V.E. to decorate! Again this picture doesn't do it justice but I put the little string lights along the tops of my cupboards in with the fall garlands and it is so pretty. At night without the other lights on it is so soft and festive looking. Can't wait to do Christmas!

This is the pillow that I won in Needled Mom's Give Away last year. I love it!!!

This is in the powder room. I have the little hangers for each holiday that goes on this little night light.

Placemats on the kitchen table.

Also on the kitchen table.

DIL's Mom made this basket and the fall scrunchie that is around it.

Don't forget
Pea's Halloween Give Away! There are a lot of goodies! Of course I plan to win this one!

There is another fun Give Away over at Valerie's place
Life's Little Garden

These quilts are made by her 96 year old granny and she is giving one to the lucky winner. You really need to meet Granny, she is one of the sweetest ladies around and a real inspiration. She sews constantly making these quilts and they are beautiful. Go on over and toss your hat in the ring and you might be the new owner of one of Granny's quilts! To help celebrate Granny's birthday Valerie wants lots of cards to make the day special. To get a card to Granny send it to:

Valerie Shoates

Att: Granny

PO Box 35

Dalton, GA 30722

Let's help make this day really special for such a nice lady!

We leave for vacation a week from today so I have a huge list of things that I want to get done before I go. Yesterday I got lots of yard work done, so many things were ready to be cut back, sure sign of what's to come. They are predicting some snow further north! The boys need to be moved back up to the stable. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! I hate it more every year when they have to go back. I miss them terribly even though they are only 5 or 6 minutes away but it is different not having them right here where I can walk out with some carrots or apples or to just scratch their heads. I love watching them cavorting in the pasture, especially now with the cool temps they really get frisky. Oh well, it's all part of town ordinances so I am fortunate to have them here all spring, summer and fall.

Time to start working on that list. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs Mom said...

Oh goody!! Decorating pix! I get my fix this way ;)

Look at Lil Bud go. He sure is a handsome man! And T looks tickled up there. She is really getting to be quite the rider! WHOOHOO!!

MM, your grands are beautiful!!

Oh- thinking of you lots today. It's fricken 90* and humid as all get out. Wishing I was North for a while for it to cool off some!

Enjoy the cool for me please!
Mucho Hugs to you guys!

PEA said...

Yup, I agree with you, the weeks just seem to fly by. I swear they've taken away a couple of hours each day!! lol I just can't seem to do everything I used to do in a day...of course it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm getting older! Pppfftttt!

T looks great riding Lil Bud and I think it's just wonderful how she is following in the family tradition of loving horses:-) Omigosh, D looks too cute wearing your glasses, he seems to be quite the little character! hehe

The Thomas Kinkade painting is just gorgeous. I've always loved his art, the colours are so soft. Have you decided where you're going to hang it yet?

Love, love, love your harvest/Halloween decorations. I put lights and greenery up on my cupboards like that for Christmas and as you said, it looks so beautiful at night when they're the only lights on.

Seems like I'm like you, don't like wearing gloves to do work like pickling beets! lol I can't stand having gloves on, period. When I washed the dishes that night I put a bit of javex in my water and that took away the stains on my hands:-)

It's rained every day this week but we're actually supposed to have a sunny albeit cold weekend! I don't mind the cold at all but I need some sunshine with it.

Have a great weekend, my friend. Making my Thanksgiving dinner on Monday so will be busy with the turkey! hehe Love you dearly! xoxox

Dawn said...

Your house looks gorgeous, as usual. I remember you winning that adorable pillow last year. How could it be a year already??

I have my tickets already - can't wait! I'll write you the itinerary before you leave on vacation.

It snowed Thursday and again last night - it was only 16 this morning! I could not believe it.

hippo chick said...

I love all the decorating you have done. I'm not that good. I have good intentions, but haven't done much yet. I guess whatever I do, though, can stay up through Thanksgiving so it's really not too late.

You sure do have a lot on your plate right now. I think we are still a little behind you, fall wise. I still have geraniums blooming and my vinca vine is out of control. We're still mowing weekly (UGH!) and have lots of yard work to do.

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day. We walked on the high school track after church and though the sunshine is beautiful, it was only about 55 degrees. Of course, by the time we walked a couple of miles, we were warm and sweaty.

Just wanted to share with you that we had the most wonderful sermon on grace and mercy today. I was totally mesmerized by it, and feel so uplifted. Makes you want to shout and sing.

Have a great week.

~hippo hugs~

KC said...

T and D are looking as cute as ever.
you have inspired me.. Today I was cleaning the house and thought, nah I won't bother getting the fall decoration box out this year, I was feeling lazy.. but then after seeing your house all done up.. I'm going to have to dig out that box now :-)

Valerie said...

Oh you are so sweet to do this. Thank you so much. Val