Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Disney World Part One

We got home Monday about noon time. Got in about a half hour early which is always nice. We LOVE flying Allegiant as we get on at the Sanford/Orlando airport and get off in Bangor, Maine. No stops, no changes, no lost luggage. We had a fabulous time with the kids, grand kids and DIL's family who we vacation with quite often. Here is the motley crew at the Hoop De Doo dinner show. We hadn't been to that show for a few years so thought we would enjoy seeing it again and it didn't disappoint us. There are more pictures of it further down. Blogger still is being a pill but I don't even want to go there............sigh.......

Son and Goofy, I thought they were a good pair.

The grandchildren and cousins. The five of them had the best time seeing all the fun things together.

This is the stage at Hoop De Doo.

We went to the American Idol Show and it was terrific with some really good talent. The gal we voted for won and she was only 15 years old.

Again at the Hoop De Doo playing the washboards. D got right into it.

Son and DIL.

Waving the dinner napkins is always part of the show.

One of the many parades.

D and Cousin K always like to get their face painted.

This is Miss T's favorite form of transportation.

Aladdin's ride.

It was quite cold the first couple of days we were there as you can see by all of the jackets and sweatshirts.

Isn't this a beautiful carriage?!!!!!

Three generations of my men!

With the Power Rangers.

One of the meercats, my favorite little animal in the whole zoo.

More face painting.

The Grandmothers!

How do you like this huge guitar?! It was the Areosmith ride which I don't go on anymore as you go upside down a couple of times.

The grand kids were all dressed alike on several of the days. They loved it and it was easier to keep track of them.

Will continue this next post.


Mrs Mom said...

WELCOME HOME!!!!!! Man alive it looks like you guys had a BLAST!!! Love the face painting..hehehe...

Coming home to colder weather and extra fuzzy ponies had to be something. Glad the barn didnt freeze up!!! I thought about you guys down there, and wondered what you'd come home to weather wise. (*ahem* Yay- NO SNOW! LOL)

Cant wait to hear the rest of the trip and see more pix!!

Susie said...

Had to stop in to see pics of your trip! I know how much fun it is to see the ones we love enjoying themselves so much. We always wear matching shirts each day too. I see there are some different rides there than we have here at Disneyl. I don't do upside down, or much spinning anymore either LOL.
Thanks for sharing your fun time :)
love you, xoxox

Needled Mom said...

Welcome back! It looks like you all had a grand time again. The upside down rides don't excite me much anymore either. It must be something in our bodies that tells us that enough is enough.

Cold weather? I'm sure you didn't mind too much. At least you didn't get the heat wave with record temps that we got just a few weeks ago. It was 93* here yesterday and I am loving it. I think I am still warming up from Scotland.

We still aren't quite right on the times as we are both up at 3-4 each morning. I know that we will eventually catch up and I don't feel tired during the day.

Off to take my mom to the dentist so welcome home for a spell. Hugs.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a great vacation! How fun to experience it with the family!

KC said...

Sounds like a good trip there and back. Looks like you all had a fun time.

Alice Grace said...

What fun! The kids really are having a great time! Great post!

Patti said...

What a fun trip! It brought back memories of our trip to Disney World years ago when the kids were small. Glad you had a great trip. I enjoyed all the pictures!

PEA said...

Now don't you look cool in those shades! hehe Oh boy, by looking at the pictures I can see you all had such a wonderful and fun time on your trip. I would so love to go to Disney and do everything there is to do...well except for the rides that put you upside down or spin you! lol I would definitely have my face painted like T's:-)

Like you, I love Meerkats and not too long ago I was watching the series about a family of Meerkats on the Discovery channel...it was a hoot!

Did you get to see Tinkerbell while there???? Speaking of which, THANK YOU so much for the Tinkerbell mug you sent me for my birthday, I so love it!!!! I received it yesterday and had my coffee in it this morning...tasted so much better! hehe You are such a dear friend and I love you to bits. xoxoxo

Callie said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Awesome pics!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

haha, love that they are all dressed the same! Your group shot turned out wonderful. So many fun memories for your week. *hugs*

Ross said...

Great trip. Great photos. Thank for sharing. That big space could be filled up with more photos.

Ross said...
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Ross said...

Great photos. Great trip. Thanks for sharing. You could fill up that white space with more photos.