Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's raining cats and dogs here today and I guess for the foreseeable future. I so enjoyed the lovely summery days over the weekend but I guess we need the rain so I shouldn't complain. I haven't been able to put my annuals in yet as we have had record cold the last couple of days. It was in the 20's here yesterday with a frost. My annuals are still in my sun room out of harms way.

Yesterday I got to go to Miss T's riding lesson. I missed her first one of the season last week as we were away so was very anxious to see this one. She has been practicing on Kipper giving him some much needed exercise and doing really well. Usually she rides Divit a nice little pony that is small and old. Good combination for this overly protective grandmother to watch. She has very occasionally ridden Sissy a nice little quarter horse mare that's about 14 hands high and she loved that but normally it's Divit.

DIL and I were waiting for her to come out of the barn with the other students and when we saw her we gasped as she was leading this close to 16 hand appy named Duffy! Gulp! DIL almost fell over and I must admit I was a little shaky. I mentioned it to her instruction (who probably wished I would mind my own business) that Duffy was rather big. She explained that Duffy is 31 years old, as gentle as a lamb and the worst thing he would do is fall asleep in the class. I guessed we could go with that.
He's not the prettiest boy on the block and looks pretty much his age but he is a good ole boy and did well by Miss T in the class. When it came to cantering though I saw her shake her head no when it was her turn to go. (sigh of relief from both Grammie and Mama) Here are a few shots of her class.

Her new helmet that she got for Christmas.

Mr. D brought things along to keep him busy. I was asking him to smile and he was telling me the sun was in his eyes.

This is Kippy the barn kitty at the riding stable. She always keeps us company while we are there.

One day on the long weekend we went to the coast for lunch with FIL and SIL. Of course we went to the Lobster Pound our favorite seafood restaurant. Hubby and SIL had lobster and clam chowder, I had the seafood newberg and lobster stew. FIL isn't a seafood lover so he had a nice turkey sandwich. I know you are drooling right now Jo-Lynne!

We have an abundance of rhubarb this year so I have been making pies. My family loves rhubarb pie so I try to make it quite often during rhubarb season and also cut up some for the freezer.

Hey! Who took a piece out of this pie?!!!! I love my fluted pie plate that Nancy of Nancy's Nonsense sent me. It cooks so evenly and the crust doesn't stick to it like some of my pie plates.

Guess that's it for tonight. After looking at all this food I am hungry. I think we will head for the Lobster Pound again this weekend................. :o)


Margaret Cloud said...

We are a bit rainy also, tonight it is chilling down. I like the helmet, it is very pretty. I like strawberry/rhubarb pie, it is my favorite. I am not a big fan of lobster, although it looks delicious. Thank you for coming by and I liked your little quote you left.

Alice Grace said...

Oh isn't Miss T the cutest thing! She has the look of a show rider! Bet someday she will be doing that! Well, there is that rhubarb pie again, that I wanted to make, I will have to look back on your old posts and find the recipe again....(I printed it out once, but who knows where that is!) and now I have promised myself I will go find some rhubarb and make one this weekend for sure! I love lobster too! Yum!

Mikey said...

oh good heavens that made me hungry! That looks SO good!
Love that helmet on Miss T, she looks too cool! And the old appy, bless his heart, he looks like a keeper. What an angel :)

Renie Burghardt said...

We've had rain, rain and more rain for over a month now.

Miss T looks adorable in her spiffy helmet. She looks so small next to the big old Duffy, I can see why a Gramy would worry a bit.

I'n not a big fan of rhubarb pie, but yours sure looks delish. However, that lobster....oh, my, you got me licking my chomps for that! And drooling, too! Haha.

Have a great rest of the week. We're warming up to almost 90 this weekend. Good river weather.


Renie xoxo

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I haven't had any rhubarb yet this year. We love rhubarb but do not have any growing here so I have to get it from whomever I can...this year no offers to receive any yet...bummer.

kdwhorses said...

Her horse looks like such a sweet spirit! Nice helmet!

The pie looks yummy!
And the lobster~man you're tourching me here! I love lobster!

To answer your question Savannah is 7 year old. Her and my mare just mesh so well!

hippo chick said...

Like you, we need the rain and are getting it today. It started last evening. I am only doing container flowers this year and have been doing a couple a day. If I work in the garage today I should get them all finished.

Isn't that T the cutest? She looks so cute in her new helmet. I had to borrow a helmet when I rode a couple of weeks ago. If my body lets me keep up with the lessons, I'm going to buy a helmet of my own.

We had good rhubarb this year too. I made some pies for Jim, (I don't eat it) and gave some to friends. I cut the last of it yesterday.

I'm jealous about the lobster fest you all had. I love lobster and would have opted for a lobster roll, I believe. When we went to Acadia some years back, I ate lobster, lobster, lobster all week.

Okay, enough of me. I plan to make some cards today. Hope you have a wonderful day.

~hippo hugs~

KC said...

It has been raining here since tuesday also.. nice weekend but then rain rain rain..
miss T looks so so cute in her riding stuff.. the pie looks so yummy also.

Callie said...

Yikes! that's cold, don't want to see that until next year! Aaaw Bless T & the old man! And the pie has now made me hungry for something sweet!

Dawn said...

I have been watching Maine's forecasts and see how much rain you've been having. Makes me wonder what Kev and the guys are doing when it's like this.

Miss T looks so cute!

sue said...

I love that helmet!!! it's about time I had a new one, and I may "go fancy" myself!!!! hopefully this rain will break for the weekend, as I am off to a riding seminar with Tonka.....but the gardens are happy for sure

Tammy said...

Hi...I'm back! :) I have been completely away these past two months from blogging so trying to catch fun to read this update and see the adorable pictures of T in her new riding helmet!