Sunday, May 24, 2009

Flowers, flowers and more flowers

It is Memorial Weekend here in the states. The weather has been glorious and I love seeing everyone out working in their yards, setting out their annuals and swimming in their pools. Son and DIL opened their pool and the kids have been having a blast swimming by the hour. We went over yesterday to watch them swim for a while, oh to have all of that energy! Hubby went in with them but I was gabbing with DIL's Mom so didn't get in. It turned really cold late in the afternoon so we headed home through the woods so that Hubby could change out of his wet swim suit. The pool is heated so the water was warmer then the air at that point.

I finally got out to take some pictures of my spring flowers that are in bloom. This has been an exceptional year for the lilacs, they are just spectacular, these pictures don't really do them justice.

These aren't quite open but oh they smell soooooo good!

Mom and I have been bringing bouquets of these into the house.

We have numerous different crab apple trees that are in full bloom.

I have some other spring perennials open. I just love bleeding heart!

I do love my double buttercups too.

Lily of the Valley, they smell so good.

Miss Munchie was following me around as I took these pictures.

Anybody know what these are? Someone gave me a slip several years ago and I can't remember the name.

Mom and Dad's house hooks onto the end of our house.

White violets that just came up on their own.

Bachelor buttons.

Lupine. The yellow ones haven't opened yet.

Flowers are such a blessing to have. They bring joy to our lives and put a smile on our faces as we look at them and smell their lovely fragrances. I get excited as each new thing opens and hopefully it will stay warm enough next week so that I can put in my annuals.

My niece Jo-Lynne over at Musings Of A Housewife is in a big competition for the Best Philly Blogger. If you have a minute please click on this link and vote for her as the competition is really tight between her and another blogger, they are running neck to neck! You can vote every day till July and it takes less then 30 seconds, really, I timed it! :o) Thanks!!


Nancy said...

I've read all your posts that I have missed but going to comment just once. First of all, your kitchen is gorgeous! I know how relieved you are to have it finished! You can cook up a storm now with 3 ovens plus the new micro!!! What time did you say your holiday dinner was? LOL It is beautiful!!! I love all the drawers, which is what I miss the most from my kitchen in the home I sold.

Your flowers are sooooo beautiful! Spring is my favorite time of year..when everything is coming back to life. Here we wait for the grass to turn green! Bermuda sod turns yellow after the first frost. (Ugly with a capital U) They've been tearing out the shrubbery here and replacing it and adding new mulch. Looks so pretty and spring-like now!

Enjoyed your Miami pics! I have been to the Fountainbleu! A gorgeous place!!! That Lucy impersonator looked so much like the real Lucy!!! Wow!

Now I can't remember everything I read! Isn't that always the way? Guess I'll have to make notes next time! LOL

I am going to do a new post, hopefully this evening, on Sweet Pea. Her cancer returned after 13 months of being cancer-free, post radiation. And I have a sweet little feral with a serious heart condition that the internist holds little hope for....2-4 months...but she has seen some live as long as 5 years with it. But the look on the doctor's face told me the true story.... Little Miss Cookie isn't doing do well. Fluid builds up in her chest cavity every 7-10 days. 9.5 ounces first time, then 3 ounces, and 2 days ago they took off 6 ounces. She's on heart medication (Medvetin) and 2 fluid meds...lasix ands spiralactone, all every 12 hours. I am also cat-sitting with Sweet Pea (since her amputation last Monday) every day til my daughter gets in from work around 7 or 8 at night. I have been out of Blogland for almost a month! Just not enough time in a day for me, it seems. Hope you can get into my blog to read later about Sweet Pea and Miss Cookie. Maybe I will email you the that may make it possible. I have received that aborted message before, too, but then I tried another day and got into them. I think it has to do with a Blogger issue.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! We are all going to be at my daughter's for a steak cookout on Monday! And my son will be home for the first time since Christmastime! So we are also celebrating his birthday, which was May 16th. A happy day in store for me, to be with my children and my ex!

((( HUGS )))

Needled Mom said...

Wow! The flowers are all gorgeous. I wish that I had a big bouquet of those lilacs to enjoy.

I'll bet the kids will enjoy their pool this summer. It hasn't been much of pool weather here lately as it is our typical "June Gloom" weather with cool and foggy weather. You must be getting our sunshine and heat. Please send it back.

We have nine of J's children for the weekend and are hoping to go see the shuttle come down. Hopefully they will announce a CA landing in enough time for us to do the hour drive to the desert.

Have a wonderful weekend.

ms martyr said...

I believe the flowers needing identification are Lily of the Valley. At least that's what I've been calling mine.

Here in Anchorage, AK it has been warm enough for annuals for a little over a week. My lilacs, however, look awful. They have been snow burned or something. I hope they come back.

Linds said...

Your flowers are absolutely stunning! I also have those unidentified ones in my garden, adn they are lovely. My lily of the valley and lilac is on the way out at the moment, but the roses are budding everywhere, so the next round of colour is soon going to be here!
It is a Bank Holiday weekend here, so tomorrow is a holiday too. Perfect. And our weather is wonderful! Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Renie Burghardt said...

Ah, your flowers are gorgeous! Send me a bouqet of those lilacs, won't you? Just looking at the pictures makes me long for their fragrance.

I have loved lily of the valley since I was a child, as my grandma had a large patch of them, but I have none here. Will have to see if I can find some. I do have their fragrance in a bottle of my favorite perfume. The crab apples are so pretty, too. My peach and pear trees bloomed in March and were beautiful. And now the trees are loaded with fruit. Can't wait for the peaches to ripen. The pears as well, but am not in a hurry to get them to ripen, because I'm not in a hurry to get to October! As it is, time is flying by much too quickly, and in a few days it will be June! Can you believe it.

Loved all the pictures, and Munchie looks comfy stretched out, probably enjoying some sunshine.

Our Memorial Day weekend started out great yesterday. Lots of sunshine and 82 degrees. But today it's been rainy, and forecast says the same for tomorrow, with some thundshowers, for sound effects. I think all my friends coming for a cook out at the cabin tomorrow will have to bring their umbrellas!!! Hope the umbrella tops don't attract lightening! Yikes!

Have a great Memorial Day, Louise!



PS. I will jump over and vote now.

Alice Grace said...

Oh what gorgeous flowers! Hopefully I will have some great ones next year, since we are redoing our yard. I love your parents house connected onto yours! How neat, and how great that your family all live so close! And of course, Munchie enjoying herself in the beauty of your yard.

palmtreefanatic said...

what perty flowers! wow! nice variety of em!

love your cat!;)

Andrea said...

Those flowers are beautiful! You sure do have some pretty ones around you. Those crab apple trees are fantastic. We need some flowering trees around here. Great flower shots!

Dawn said...

It's great that you're having nice weather and enjoying the flowers. They are lovely, and you are so right that they just soothe our souls.

We've had an incredibly cloudy and rainy holiday week-end. I've enjoying doing nothing but go to the gym today.

hippo chick said...

I love your flowers. They are all so beautiful. I think we might be about a week or more ahead of you. Our lilacs are open and wonderfully fragrant. Jim and I plan to spend part of tomorrow (between doctor appointments in the city) at Highland Park enjoying the lilacs.

We are so enjoying this lovely spring weather. It was really chilly here today, but bright and sunny and very enjoyable for our picnic lunch on our screen porch.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Sounds like you did.

~hippo hugs~

Hootin' Anni said...

So many, MANY beautiful flowers...I so enjoyed the visit here and you sharing such a wonderful array of nature's perfection.

Love your kitty too!! Cats rule.

Thanks for popping by yesterday. Today I posted photos of the little yard project we did.

Have a terrific Tuesday.

PEA said...

Hellllooooooo...remember me??? lol I'm finally taking the time to do some visiting and although I have to give the deck a second coat of stain, it can wait until after lunch:-) I just needed to get my "friends" fix! lol

Your flowers are all sooo gorgeous and I can just imagine how wonderful they all smell. My lilac tree is still getting its leaves, no flower buds yet. I can't plant any annuals for another 2 weeks yet...would you believe we had frost this morning? Ugh!

Nobody will be opening their pools around here for another few weeks yet...darn it! lol I love being in a heated pool and we always make sure when we go to Niagara Falls that we get a hotel with one:-)

I just loved seeing all the pictures in your previous post from your trip to Miami. Look at those! Must be nice to have millions of dollars!! lol The lottery last week was over $49 million but alas, I didn't win it, so I stay poor for another week, until the next draw! hehe

I know what you mean about being a busy time of year. As you know, I haven't had much time for blogging at all and although I'm missing it, I just need to get things done and stay off the computer. I'm having a bit of a break from driving mom to see Ross at the hospital this week, his son Dana is down and staying at his apartment so he's bringing mom when he goes to visit his dad.

We've been having beautiful sunny weather this week but tomorrow it's supposed to rain and continue to rain until Sunday! I'm going out of town for a family wedding this weekend so hopefully they're wrong about the rain.

Take good care of yourself and remember...I love you lots:-) xoxoxoxo

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Awesome flowers! I just love of my favorites!

Susie said...

Sorry I haven't been by in a while. It's just been one thing after another!
Loved seeing your lilacs. Mine finished long ago, but they remain one of my very favorites.
I love their fragrance.
You are so fortunate to have your Mom so nearby in such a cute house! How I wish I could have those days again with my own Mom. Cherish the time you're given together...
Hope your weather is remaining nice. We've had overcast and chilly weather. No rain :(
Love your flower graphic-too cute!
Take care my friend,
love you!

Callie said...

Beautiful flowers, Our lilacs are now done blooming and starting to turn brown, frankly I'm grateful as they were really getting to my sinuses!

kdwhorses said...

Love the flowers! Just beautiful!! Munchie is adorable as always, such personality that cat!

BTW~I posted a video of Savannah loping. She has gained so much confidence and doing so great!!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Now can you come plant flowers for me? :-)

Margaret Cloud said...

It is not quit warm enough here to swim, but it is getting there. I agree with Nancy your flowers are soooo beautiful. I enjoyed all your pictures, lilacs are my favorite flower of them all. Crab apple trees in bloom are very pretty.

Kerri said...

Isn't it wonderful to have things blooming in the garden again, and weren't the lilacs wonderful this year? What a beautiful collection of crabapples you have!
Those double buttercups are gorgeous!
Your mystery plant is Solomon's Seal.
My lupines have just begun blooming.
I don't have my annuals planted yet either..just a few pansies, but I'm going out now to try to accomplish something this afternoon.
Happy planting!