Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pony Cart Rides and a Birthday Party

I got my ark half built and then the sun came out this afternoon. Go figure. I think I will hold onto it for a while though as the rain is supposed to come back with a vengeance tomorrow. We made the most of the few hours of delightful sunshine. We decided Kipper needed some exercise and Miss T was attending numerous birthday parties so we hooked him up to his cart. BTW what is it with all these birthday parties that the kids go to nowadays? I'd have to get a part time job just to have the money to buy the presents for all of these parties! I'm not talking about family parties but friends from school parties but I digress.....

We brushed little Kip trying to get more of his winter coat off which seems to want to stay forever but with the frosts we've been having I guess it's not all bad. Hubby and Dad harnessed him up while I played photographer and off we went.

Come here little Kipper, I have a surprise for you. I don't think he is buying it do you?

Oh I see you are looking for an apple. Oops, I forgot it, will get one after.

I used to have to ride in the neighborhood before we made the carriage trails so had to put the reflector on the back of the cart.

Doesn't he look cute in his harness? This isn't even his fancy one, it's his everyday attire.

Off we go down the road through the woods.

We had to have a lot of these big pines cut to make our trails. They were put to good use.

Smile for the camera Kipper!

Look at the beautiful sky. It was that way for about four hours. :o)

This is my view.......ahem......isn't that a cute little fat rump?!

Kip was a good boy and did really well for his first time out this summer. We only went two or three miles as I didn't want to overdo it. He's such a good pony and loves the kids. They can climb all over him and he doesn't care, very laid back.

Last night we went to Mr. D's 6th birthday party. He has been so excited about it for weeks. Cousin K's is first, then Miss T's and then his is last. He met us at the door all grins and giggles. We had pizza first and then it was time to open his gifts. Cousin K helped him read his cards.

Yea! A water gun so that he can pester his sister! I'll probably hear the screeching over here! But, I got two of them so all will be equal! :o)

This cake was surrounded with cupcakes all decorated nicely. They were removed before he blew out the candles. Germs you know...

He got them all!

Happy Birthday D you are our precious boy, we love you! Grammie and Grampie xoxox


Mikey said...

That is the cutest pony! And the cutest setup! I love that you go out driving, doesn't it put a smile on your face? I miss driving a pony. Your trails are gorgeous too. You're so lucky!

Renie Burghardt said...

Kipper is adorable. Looks like he cooperated nicely on your ride through the woods. Lovely pathway, too. And then, the nice suprise! Happy birthday to your handsome and precious D! I hope all his birthday wishes come true!

Happy Sunday, too!



palmtreefanatic said...

lol! Germs! Funny that thought bothers me more now as I age, lol!!! cool but you never showed the yummy cupcakes:)???

love the horse pics! so fun that looks!!!

small farm girl said...

I believe that's one of the cutest ponies I have ever seen. It makes me want to get rid of my big horse and down size. lol

Susie said...

Kipper is so handsome and that cart looks like such fun :)
Glad D had such a great birthday. i see more and more cupcakes for kids birthdays these days Have you seen the Wilton cupcake stand? So cute.
I'm so behind on visiting but I did post today.
I think of you often (wish you'd reconsider facebook) It's good for just a quick "hi and note on what's happening) but I understand if it's just "one more thing!"
love you dearly,

sue said...

that looks like GREAT fun... we will be driving this week too, and our driving clinic is in just two weeks!!! looks like it's been a good horse weekend for a number of us!!! ya, good weather!!!!

Brigid said...

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Best to you!

Brigid at "Home on the Range" (the one without the cute grandkids)

Callie said...

What a cute pony! Love the cart action! And Happy Birthday to D!

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to D:-) Looks like he had a fun time at his party! Love the look on his face after he's blown out his candles....wait until he's reached our age, he won't look so happy after blowing out tons of candles! LOL

Awwww Kipper is so handsome and I just loved seeing all the pictures of him. I can imagine all the work that went into making the trails. My brother Guy, the one who has is own Maple Sugar bush, has 15 acres of woods that he needed to make trails in so he also had to cut down a lot of the trees.

Would you believe we had snow yesterday? I was completely disgusted when I looked out the window and saw the snow. Today it's still very cold and raining...not a very good start to June! Ugh!

Hope you can come over to my blog today to wish Steve a Happy Birthday and to see his "baby album"! hehe Love you lots! xoxoxox

Dawn said...

Love your little buggy - what a beautiful spot you live in.

Happy Birthday, dear D!

I totally agree about the birthday party thing - I have ended up taking Care Bear shopping for so many parties this year - hers is in August, so she'll hopefully get some payback at the end of the summer, right after school starts.

hippo chick said...

I'm with you about today's birthday parties. They are so extravagant.

I love your Kipper. What a sweet little pony. The cart is cool too.

Happy birthday to D.

~hippo hugs~

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Kipper looks great and I love that he carts! The flowers are great and blooming like crazy. I bet your yard is just filled!

And T sure looks cute riding! And what a fabulous looking horse too!

Hope you are well and the rain has stopped! *hugs*

Sharon said...

Oh that looks like so much fun.
Wish we lived closer so I could come and have you give me a ride.
Looks everyone had a great time at the birthday party.
God bless.

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