Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quilts, Missing Weeks and Pig Pictures

Yesterday I realized that I have lost a week. A whole week! How does one lose a whole week? I have been lazily thinking about the convention that we are going to in Miami, what to take to wear, shoes that need to be purchased etc and yesterday I looked at the calendar and we leave on MONDAY! I thought we left on the NEXT Monday! Yikes! How did that happen?!

So today I must go out and pick up a few things and start some serious planning. This trip has lots of classes and nightly functions and is being held at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel where they tell you to dress in 'resort casual' for daytime. I don't think they mean my overalls that I wear out to the barn in the morning to feed horses do you? Just kidding.

When we got back from Puerto Rico I washed and ironed everything and set it aside for this trip so that is a big help but there are more things on this trip to 'dress' for so I need to get out and see what's out there. Hopefully today.

Thank you for all of your kind comments on my new kitchen! I am really enjoying it and will for many years. Some have asked me why I didn't go with stainless steel appliances but I'm just not a stainless steel gal. I like the white, it's clean and bright looking and I don't have to deal with the hand prints all the time that so many tell me they deal with. I think the stainless looks very nice and contemporary but I wanted what I felt was more my own style. My kitchen was rather dark before and the white cabinets and appliances have just brightened it up so much. :o)

I'm sure you all probably have seen this sw*ine flu picture but I want to put it in just in case someone hasn't. It's just so darned cute! Probably the Mom of this little one didn't think it was so cute...........

Miss Pea over at Pea's Corner has passed this nice award on to all her regular readers. Thanks Miss Pea, you're the best!! xoxo I in turn would like to pass it on to all of my regular readers and share the love!

I have been published in a magazine! Woohoo! Can you believe it? Well in actuality it's a quilt square that has been published so let me tell you the story. About 10 years or so ago at family reunion my cousin BJ had everyone sign a square that was to go into a quilt for my Aunt Cathy's 75th birthday. We all wrote a little message to her and off the squares went to the west coast where BJ lives. Well, BJ finished this beautiful quilt and it was published in Quilter's World a quilt magazine edited by my Aunt San*dra H*atch here in Maine. It's a lovely quilt magazine with patterns for all levels, my favorite.

Here is my square and what I wrote to my Aunt. She has passed on now but we all have such wonderful memories of her and the times we spent in her home growing up. Thank you BJ for such a wonderful gift for her!!! Why they chose to showcase my square is unknown to me but what a nice surprise!

If anyone is interested in subscribing to Quilter's World you can go to or write to Quilter's World PO Box 9001 Big Sandy TX 75755

I have been to the stable since I started this post. All horses have been brushed and pampered. They are shedding profusely which is good. They will come home the weekend we get home from Miami. YIPPEE! I can't wait!


Linds said...

Good grief - I just commented on the kitchen post and here you are with another one! The quilt is absolutely beautiful - what fun they chose your message to print! And now you will be packing for your trip - don't forget the camera! And how great the horses are on their way home soon!

Susie said...

What a precious keepsake that quilt is! How fun to see your square featured in a magazine. I've seen that magazine at the library, so I'll take a peek!
I know you'll enjoy the trip to Miami. You'll just have to go on a super shopping spree to be ready in time!
love you,

Needled Mom said...

I saw that quilt in my magazine, but had no idea that it was yours. Now I feel as though I know someone FAMOUS!!!

Nothing like loosing a whole week! Yikes. We have our convention in Boca in another week as well. Too bad we aren't going to be there at the same time. Boo hoo.

I'm with you on the stainless. I had to do it for the fridge and stove, but refused to have it on the appliances that are not close to them. The prints are a nightmare, but I have found a good cleaner that is great at preventing the prints. Thank goodness as I do not need a full time job cleaning my appliances.

Have fun packing and enjoy the sunshine in FL. xoxox

hippo chick said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous. Is it as big as it looks? I would say it was worth the wait.

Love the pig and baby pic. How cute is that?

And congrats on being included inthe quilting magazine. My Aunt Bets was a quilter until her sight became so bad she had to quit. I have some beautiful things she made for us.

I have my grandma's quilt top that I had quilted several years ago. It is about 90 years old. It is dear to my heart.

Well, I think I've rambled on enough. I love your blog.

Hope you found some things for FLA today. Have fun.

~hippo hugs~

Broken Y said...

A group of us from church made a quilt for a dear friend and signed it as well. It was a fun project for all of us. I lose weeks on a weekly basis! Enjoy your trip!

Valerie said...

I am so impressed. The quilt block is gorgeous. The whole quilt is gorgeous. I am going to check out this magazine. Congrats! Hope you have a great trip.

kdwhorses said...

Congrats on being in the mag~! How great! Beautiful quilt and great idea!

Lost a week hey?!?!? I've done that before!

Hope you all have a great trip!

Dawn said...

I can't believe you're going on another wonderful trip - you are blessed with all of those meetings and conventions that you have to go to!!

I can't believe you lost a whole week - sounds like something I would definitely do these days!

Mary said...

I absolutely LOVE your renovated kitchen. It looks like something out of a magazine and I'm sure it will make life easier for you. It's beautiful!

Congratulations on having your quilt square chosen to be shown in the magazine. You must be excited about that. I love quilts and the one your aunt made is lovely.

Enjoyed my visit and just to let you know, 61* has no violence, is a true story and has very little bad language. You'd enjoy it...a heart touching story.

Take care, enjoy yourself in Miami and have a safe trip.


Alice Grace said...

I can see why they featured your square! Your words were so meaningful! Congratulations to all who participated in this lovely quilt!

Broken Y said...

Holy Smokes I just looked at that pig picture again. That is hilariously gross!!

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