Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Friday

It's 1:45 AM. Why is it sometimes when you need sleep the most it isn't there? Of course sleeping in the chair in front of the fireplace for four hours should count for something.......I missed the programs I wanted to watch tonight but can always pick them up on the computer. Funsize told me how to do that yesterday. I did get caught up on quite a few posts so that was time well spent. A few more to go but I think that will have to wait till morning. Oh, it is morning. Well later in the morning.

Barn kitty has a new name. Nancy over at Nancy's Nonsense who BTW is a cat lover, gave me the best suggestion today. Barnie. Barnie the barn cat. I love it! He's doing well and happy to be home in his hayloft away from needles and people and noise at the vets office! Munchie and Noodles go down to visit with him and keep him company. Lots of times when I take his canned food and his water down to the barn they are in there with him.

Today I spent the afternoon at the humane society. I needed to take the Have A Heart trap back so went over. We have 14 dogs and probably the same amount of cats and kittens. I have to go see each and every one of them every time I go over. Also have beautiful doves that look like mourning doves with the rings around their necks. One of them has two babies that hardly have any feathers yet. So cute!

One of the dogs got adopted while I was there and quite a few of the cats have been also and are waiting to be picked up. They have little red collars on if they have been adopted. Also have bunnies, rats, mice and hamsters. What a great job the staff does there, they put their heart and soul right into making a better life for these pets that don't have a home yet.

Got the pictures downloaded from last weeks excursion on the snowmobiles. This is my son and that is D walking ahead.

This is me and T. The kids switch off between their Dad and me. I think they are much safer with him! Don't ask me why I have my scarf hanging out, very dangerous! DUH!

This tree will have to be cut down before it falls down and blocks the trail. This is a new trail that the kids have been working on this fall. It's just beautiful through there!

I love the way the barn looks with the snow coming down.

Sledding over at FIL's house. D had gone in the house as he was cold from the ride.

It's a long way back up the hill!

I got this in an e-mail the other day. It pretty much sums it all up....... Does anyone else continually hunt for things or is it just me????

Well it's 2:30 AM so guess I will go back to bed. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and stay warm!


palmtreefanatic said...

your life in segments? too cute and funny!

How old do you have to be to volunteer at the Humane society?
jelena wants to badly and she is 11!

Look at all that snow! I love looking at those pics, though I hate to be in it! I liked sledding but climbing up the hill turned me off so i have yet to go this year, ugh!

Raymonty said...

You have a beautiful blog and I enjoy reading your article. I can not wait for spring to come,so that I can do some fishing. I enjoy fishing, so this 'real man' will be doing some fishing in a couple of months; for now this 'Old Dog' will just play games on the Internet.

Patti said...

I love all your snow pictures, especially the one of the barn! Just beautiful!! Have a good weekend!!

Train Wreck said...

I love your lifes "pie" Looks familar some how? hehe Brrrr look at all your snow! I love the barn photo! How beautiful!! Thanks for the great comment. I am a lucky girl. I have a wondeful life and great friends, like you and Nancy isn't she great? Love your kittys new name.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, your photos are beautiful! I will show them to Eileen, as she loved snowmobiling in the past. She is from New York, and they (with her now deaceased hubby) used to go to upstate NY all the time in the winter.

Barnie is a perfect name for the Barn kitty. Leave it to Nancy to come up with the perfect name. I'm glad he got neutered and all.

I have a ringnecked dove, and he is over 20 years olds. They make lovely pets.

Greg is due to arrive soon for the weekend, so I have to run. We'll be going shopping and lunching and to check on the cabin, etc. I'm in a blogging slump though. Have not felt like updating. Maybe soon.

Happy weekend!



Margaret Cloud said...

I sure like the winter heading, very cute. Thanks for sharing your winter photos, I love winter also, but am ready to see my grass. Thank you for coming by.

Needled Mom said...

E and I both enjoyed the snow pictures. We agee that the barn one is magical looking.

I DO like the name for the barn kitty. I am sure that he is happy to be safely home and being fed and left alone.

The segment cartoon is too cute. Are you sure that bottom piece of pie is only that big?????

Have a great weekend. xox

Fun Size said...

Barnie is such a cute and appropriate name!

Sharon said...

Enjoyed you life's pie. That is so true.
We are getting snow and wind here today after 60 on Thursday.
I think 16 now feels sooooo cold.
Loved the name for the new kitty.
Have a great weekend.
God bless.

hippo chick said...

What wonderful pictures! I love the name for the barn kitty. Leave it to Nancy.

I hope all the dogs and cats get adopted.

~hippo hugs~

Dawn said...

Sleeping in front of a fireplace - well, you know I love that!

Love the name of your new barn kitty.

LOVE the graph, though I think that based on our previous conversations today blogwise, that the eating section would have to be a bit bigger!

Well, you are indeed he.aving a lot of snow - the barn picture is my favorit

Tammy said...

Oh, that is my life in segments too!!!

And wow, loved the all are so hearty and adventurous out there in that snow...we had a week of snow in western Oregon and everything had to shut down! LOL

Susan said...

the snow pictures are beautiful.have a great weekend.god bless.

Donna said...

I sure wish we got more snow here! We are getting the cold, but very little snow.

bj said...

Your life sounds just heavenly...oh, I know there must be lots of work involved, but still....
Is sounds as if all is well in your world and for this I am thankful.
Your snow pictures are beautiful...
xo bj

Broken Y said...

I would love to have that barn picture hanging in my house! Your snow is beautiful!

I think I would enjoy snow-mobiling! AND your life segments are sooo similiar to mine! I once spent 3 months looking for the lost salt shaker - finally went and bought a new one and found the old one in the refrigerator!

Susie said...

It looks so cold there!! We're getting some much needed rain (drizzle really!) but every bit helps.
Just wanted to stop in and say hi.

Nancy said...

Oh, it looks cold there! But, oh, so beautiful!!! Your new trail looks absolutely magical!!! You're such a trooper to brave the cold like that!!!

Any chance of little Barnie getting to live indoors with you? Or is he still too wild? Glad you liked that name. I bet he is happy to know his surgery is over with!!! I always hate to take them in for that but know it has to be done.

Glad to hear that animals are getting adopted there. I wish I could take them all!!! Mine are spoiled absolutely rotten!!! LOL

((( HUGS )))

Nancy said...

P.S. Oh, and I am FOREVER hunting for things!!! You are not alone! LOL

((( HUGS )))

Callie said...

Wow, Those photos are beautiful, could use the barn one for next year's Christmas card! Just gorgeous!