Sunday, January 25, 2009

Playing in the North country!

Have you ever tried to type with a cats leg hanging over your keyboard? Noodles, my BFF is always wanting to be close by which is fine with me but this keyboard thing is taxing! The other thing he has a penchant for is chasing the cursor while I type which I'm sure isn't good for my screen........ I do shoo him away when he does that. (Dad, BFF means Best Friend Forever in teen lingo)

We have been back on the trails this weekend. With plenty of sunshine and snow it makes for a fabulous time in the outdoors. Each winter I check on the nest that is growing bigger each year on the power line. These birds sure know how to construct, nothing blows these things down!

The grand kids and Cousin K like doing the hand signals when we ride. The front sled person signals how many sleds are behind him and the last sled person holds up a fist meaning there are no more sleds in the party. These are safety measures for all concerned.

We stop on occasion to stretch our legs and the kids have a juice box. I always have my camera ready of course.

We were on top of a big hill and it was so pretty looking down in the valley.

We went through several huge corn fields. Don't know why they weren't cut down in the fall????? Maybe they are rotating the crop and this field will have a few years off.

There were lots of people out on the trails as it was such a nice day. We arrived at the little mom and pop store, put gas in the machines, had a soda and a snack, took advantage of the indoor plumbing and were on our way again headed home. D was riding with me and started falling asleep so I put him in front of me instead of the back so that he could put his head down and snooze and I could have my legs and arms around him. I am not comfortable with them asleep on the back, it makes me nervous even though I know they can't fall off as there are armrests and a back surrounding them. Just a grammie thing I guess.

Don't you just love this picture? I've got to try to find out where to order a print of it. Anyone know???
My brother and SIL like to ice fish so they went down to the cottage this weekend. The ice on the lake is about a foot thick due to all our frigid weather. They had pretty good luck and caught several salmon.

One really exciting thing happened that SIL caught on camera. A HUGE bald eagle was circling over looking for food so my brother threw him a fish which he promptly swooped down and took! These birds can have an eight foot wing span and are gorgeous. We don't often see them at the lake but do here at home as we live right on the river and it never ceases to amaze me as to how beautiful they are!

This was the sunset that evening that they watched as they baked the catch of the day for dinner. Now that is fresh fish! :o)

Next week we head for the sunny south for a few days to attend a convention. I will be hooking up with my dear friend and buddy
Needled Mom as she and her hubby are always at this convention. Incidentally this is where we met quite a number of years ago over breakfast one morning while the men were in their class. Someone said the word quilt and we immediately bonded! lol! I am about as far north as you can get and she is on the sunny coast of California but we always keep in touch and look forward to this time together each year. See you there NM, I will be the one with the mayonaise white legs!! :o)


Linds said...

Such beautiful photos! Sigh. I always say that, but I really do mean it! You and Needled Mom will have a great time down south, I am sure. So nice to keep meeting up.

The eagle photo is stunning. I have never seen an eagle. Ice fishing is also something I have only read about and we will not mention my dream of going on those snowmobile thingys either.It looks such fun! This is turning into a green comment. Green eyed monster type! And the salmon.... I am now off to write a new list of things to do....

Susie said...

Great photos!
Is that an eagle nest? We saw huge nest and eagles in Alaska and I think they are the most magnificent birds.
I know you'll have fun at the convention and enjoy seeing Needled Mom there too! That sunshine will be a welcome change.
love you,

Needled Mom said...

We may have a good competition for the whitest legs, my friend. I think I will win!!!! ;)

The snowmobile photos are just gorgeous. The weather has been cooperative for you this year, hasn't it?

My uncles do that ice fishing and I don't quite see it to my liking. How does your sister handle the line with those bare hands? BRRRRR.

That eagle shot is amazing! Is that also an eagle's nest? That is quite the building project.

Looking forward to seeing you Thursday. Have a safe flight down.

Donna said...

I'm sure that bread pudding will be just fine without the bourbon. LOL. Hubby likes a taste of whiskey on weekends, so I had bourbon handy. I hate the taste of whiskey, but it was pretty good in the sauce.

Rising Rainbow said...

I have a cat that does the exact same thing.....really makes it hard to type. She bites my hand if I try to put her down.....silly kitty.

I love your artwork at the top of this post. Somehow the art doesn't make me as cold as looking at the snow pics. LOL Looks like the grandkids are having a great time.

Quilting is something I would love to do. I have tons of old calicos from the 1980s that I've been hoarding hoping someday I'd get enough time. LOL

That nest is huge. I'm surprised that they let it stay on those powerlines. I've seen eagles build nests some odd places but that takes the cake. Those nest weight a ton.

hippo chick said...

The pictures were wonderful. I love the nest. What kind of bird lives there? The eagle was outstanding. How fortunate to be able to get a pic like that.

The cottage must be winterized. What fun to spend a weekend there in the winter.

I haven't posted in a week. My bad! I loved that you explained BFF to your dad.

Have a great week. Only 10 sleeps until we leave for Nevada and warm weather.

~hippo hugs~

Broken Y said...

That Eagle is incredible! The photos are great! Have fun with Needled Mom. It's such a blessing to have friends like that!

Fun Size said...

I love that eagle picture! I remember one time I was down there and got to witness the same exact thing.

Nancy said...

What an enjoyable post!!! Great photos, too! Loved the one of you with the kids! You all look so warm in your snowmobile suits, so I guess the cold doesn't bother you. The kids look like they are having the time of their lives! You are such a young and fun-loving grandma!!!

That pic of the bald eagle is really something! He was hungry, too! LOL Was that an eagle's nest in that one pic? It sure looked big enough to be one! Nature is amazing, isn't it?

About that print you we can take pics in to our local CVS pahrmacy, and they print them from the disk. They are so professional, too, and done on Kodak paper. Can you get that done there? I don't know how big they print, though. Maybe Kinko's or some place like that could enlarge a print for you.

Poor Barnie...still so frightened. I've had them like that....jumping the walls! You will just have to work with him to win his confidence over. Poor little guy. Wish I had him here...I think it helped mine tame as I would put the carrier in the laundry room with the others and then transfer the cat to a big ferret pen and left the door to it open. They feel safe in that pen in a little box, turned backwards so they felt hidden, and could go and come as they please, and then finally, they didn't care about going in the pen any longer. So I have removed it permanently now. I think it helped that my ferals had other ferals around, too. But I'm sure you will tame him. He is one lucky little guy!!!

Enjoy your time in FL. What a great mid-winter break for you!!! And to meet up with a blogger friend is the icing on the cake! Enjoy your visit! It is 73 and sunny there right now.

((( HUGS )))

Dawn said...

I would love to have a lunch date with you and Needled Mom. What fun! I am glad I "know" you both.

The eagle catching the fish - amazing!! Ice fishing - I don't get the thrill! But there are some who are so obsessed that there have been people out on our lake - and believe me, I would NOT trust the ice to be safe.

I have only been on a snow machine once and I wasn't expecting to go, so didn't have proper gear. I literally was an icicle. It left such a bad memory that I haven't had a desire to go again. It looks like you have such fun - but stopping for the facilities looks like it might be a time consuming ordeal!

What a beautiful sunset. That is an amazing bird's next - what kind of bird?

Dawn said...

Me again - I would love for you to see some of the art in the shop in Estes Park that we love to visit when we're up there - it's where I got my watch. They have such wonderful photography and oils. We could have such fun running around Estes together!

PEA said...

Mayonnaise white legs, now there's a sight to behold! lol How wonderful that you and Needled Mom will be meeting up again at the convention, please give her a hug from me...and have her give you a hug from me:-)

Your pictures are always so gorgeous and seeing you on the snowmachines makes me think back of when I use to go snowmobiling with my cousins. What fun we used to have! You're so blessed to be able to have all that fun with your grandchildren:-)

Wow, what a perfect shot of the eagle your SIL got! You can even see the fish in its claws. We don't get eagles this far north but my two older brothers who are in British Columbia have seen quite a few. They certainly are very regal birds. Beautiful sunset picture as well!

I had to run out to the grocery store a few minutes ago...I was making my spaghetti sauce in the slow cooker to cook all night and didn't have any oregano left. Omigosh, I just about froze, it's stupid cold out there!!! lol Fed the kitties earlier and the grey fluffy one had fun playing with the toy mouse I bought for him, wish I could have captured him on video but every time I turned the camera towards him he'd go hide behind the couch! lol His first toy to play with and at first he was scared of it but once he got a hold of it that thing was flying all over the place!! hehe

Take care of you! xoxoxox

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! This looks like a cold post, yet lots of adventure here;)

Ice fishing? I could never sit out in the cold directly for this hobby!

You look adorable with the grand kids!

Does the cat hair clog up your key board too? cats are funny!

come on over and see my pink and purple hair!

Andrea said...

Oh what fun!! Snowmobiling!! And then ice fishing!! Ahh that looks so fun!! And I am a quilting dummy, I would love to learn!!

Juli Thorson said...

I do know where you can inquire about that rider-in-snow picture.

The rider is Cherry Hill, a well known equine author.
The photo was taken by her husband, Richard Klimesh.

Here is how to contact them:

I like that photo, too!

--Juli Thorson, Horse & Rider magazine

Sherry said...

What fun...and great pictures.

Valerie said...

I love the photos. It has been a while since I visited you. I was reminded to come by when I saw your name on needled moms blog. I love the story of how you met and how you got her to start blogging. I will add you to my bloglist so it will not be so long between visits. I love your blog.

Nancy said...

I forgot to tell you this before, but I have 3 awards waiting for you on my blog! I am giving them to everyone, so please drop by and grab them! I enjoy your friendship and your blog so much, so I wanted to make sure you get them!!

I know you are in FL tonight...enjoy the warm weather!!! Lucky you!!! LOL

((( HUGS )))

Nancy said...

What a fun day out in the snow. The snow mobile had to be loads of fun and the nest is quiet a wonder.

Stay warm!

Callie said...

My hubs wants a snowmobile so bad, but I say NO! Too many people go through the ice on the rivers here and manage to decapitate themselves on fences, however there thousands of marked trails, but IMO, Stephen would take too many risks, LOL. What a hell of a pic of that Eagle! Awesome! We rarely see them here. They are here, but not within sight. We do have an abundance of redtails here though. Great photos!

Margaret Cloud said...

This is a nice cozy post, full of family fun and being in the great out of doors, enjoying the snow and the grand kids ad a cheery touch, just love grandkids.

Tammy said...

Wow, what a wonderful time you all had! I love the nest photo and the eagle in flight...beautiful.

Have a wonderful trip south and meeting up with your bloggy friend! Can't wait to hear all about it!


Dawn said...

Welcome back! I know you had a wonderful time and that re-entry to "real life" is always a challenge!

sarah said...

You find the most awesome things to get pictures of! Great job!

Anonymous said...


Kerri said...

Your day in the snow looked like so much fun. I'm sure the kids just love spending time with you and their parents on a fun outing like that.
Your photos are beautiful, and the shot of the eagle is wonderful. What a bit of excitement! I'd loved to have seen it.
And eaten some of that fresh cooked fish..yum!