Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barn kitty captured!

I don't know how far I will get with this as I am on Hubby's computer and his keyboard is much smaller then mine so I keep making mistakes. I'll go until I get fed up with myself for not being able to adapt. Funny how we get stuck in our own ways and don't like changes. Am I the only one who drags their heels at change? Of course I am not only speaking of computers but of things in life in general. I know there are people out there that are always looking ahead to the next adventure but I am not one of them. I am so happy in my present circumstances and would really hate for anything to change. I do like to see new things though and anytime we travel to some place new I always like to soak in every little thing to be seen. We would like to go to England in the not too distant future and that sounds very exciting to me.

Anywho, back here on the farm we have had some changes in the last couple of days. We acquired about a foot and a half of new fluffy snow! If it's going to be winter and cold let's have some snow to play so I always look forward to the storms that heap a nice big helping of the white stuff on us, especially if it is light and fluffy which makes for great snowmobiling.

Church was canceled Sunday due to the poor road conditions so we bundled up and went out for a nice snowmobile ride. Son had been over the trails with the groomer that his grandfather made for him this past summer and it did a great job. The snow was still coming down but not in a biting way so it was beautiful to be out in the woods and along the carriage trails.

After snowmobiling we went sledding over behind FIL's house and had a great time. He has the best hill in the neighborhood so all the kids make good use of it. I took lots of pictures but am not on my own computer so those will have to wait till next time.

I captured little barn kitty this morning! Yea! I was a bit concerned that she might have some kittens in the hay loft so I told the vet to call me if there was an indication that that might be the case and I would come back and get her and we would do the spaying another time. I got a phone call and they said, "guess what, she's a HE"! Guess I didn't have to worry about kittens. He had his operation, shots, check up and was treated for ear mites and will come home tomorrow. I will keep him inside for a couple of days, even though they said it's not necessary, just to keep an eye on things. My vet said that he is perfectly happy living in the barn and would probably warm up to us after a while. He had a barn cat for 19 years and she got along fine. I keep dry food down there all the time and take canned food down each day plus some warm water to drink.

I am relieved to have caught him as it has been so cold here. I had him checked for frostbite but he was perfectly fine and has a beautiful coat of hair. I knew it would be nice and cozy in the hay but I feel better knowing that he has been checked and all. They named him Thomas after one of the vets there. I don't know if I will keep that or not, may toss the idea of picking a name out to the grand kids and see what they come up with.

I got lots of comments on my Turkey Whisperer post. Aren't they a hoot?! Some days they will talk to me a lot and some days won't say a word. The older mature ones are the most likely to talk to me, the immatures are still quite skittish. Did you know turkeys can fly really well? They fly way up in the high branches of the pine trees at night to roost or if they sense danger around. Anyway I find them amusing, guess it doesn't take much eh? lol!

I am going through withdrawal not having my own computer and being able to access my graphics and pictures but guess I should be thankful for this computer to get me by till mine comes home. I can't tell you the number of times I have gone to my desk to do something and think oh yeah my computers not here. Oh well this too shall pass. :o)


Margaret Cloud said...

I sounds like you had a fun day, sledding is so much fun. It is a shock when you think your cat is one sex and turns out different, glad you were able to have him checked for the winter.

Donna said...

God bless you for your loving care for animals.

hippo chick said...

I guess if it's going to be winter and cold, we should have snow. I like it when we get an inch or snow every day. That keeps things looking bright and fresh.

I struggle with change also. I find I am better as I get older, but still don't love it.

~hippo hugs~

Dawn said...

Oh, rats, I forgot to acknowledge the lovely award again! I must remember next time - thanks again!

I don't like change - one of the reasons I retired, because things were changing every day and I was tired of it. And the change that happened today to our country - not making me happy!! I can only hope and pray that he doesn't keep some of his promises! And that history will be kinder to President Bush than the media has been - shameful!

Broken Y said...

Brrrrr! We should hit 60 today and then drop below freezing! Somedays I wish I had the snow with the cold, then I go to clean my mudroom and am thankful for not having it!

Stay Warm!

Fun Size said...

Yay, barn kitty is all fixed! I think it'll be kind of nice having him around the barn - hopefully he'll get used to seeing me once the boys come home this spring!

kdwhorses said...

Glad you got him all taken care of!

Turkeys are really loud when they take off to fly! Sounds like a jet plane I tell ya!

Snow~man I'm so over winter, I'm freezing!

Linds said...

England! Yes!! I am in England and it is quite small! Sigh. That would be so exciting, I have to say.
I love the sound of your day. Such fun and very energetic too!

Mrs Mom said...

I never did get into snowmobiling. Seemed like everytime I touched one, it broke! LOL

But sure did have a blast sledding!!! hehehe

Glad you have such a great time up there in Tundra Country MM!!

I gotta say, I about busted a gut watching your turkeys...LOLOLOL

Stay warm, and have a fantastic day there!!

Callie said...

Glad you cought MR.barn kitty, LOL, and he is being well taken care of! Tired of the snow yet? I am!

PEA said...

I need to go sledding to enjoy our snow but I'd probably break my neck! lol It's been quite a few years since I've been. We still have tons of snow here and I'm trying not to let it depress me that Spring is still a couple of months away!!

Good for you for catching the kitty and having him taken care of. I still don't know if the two kittens I'm feeding are male or female...dear God, I hope they don't show up pregnant! lol I keep saying I'm going to trap them but I keep procrastinating. The fluffy grey one will now come and lie down next to me after eating and loves to play. If it wasn't for E wanting nothing to do with cats, I'd adopt them all! lol

Hopefully you'll get your computer back real soon. I tried out Corey's laptop when he was here for Christmas and I couldn't get use to the keyboard, I was making all kinds of mistakes so I know what you mean.

Take care of YOU and know that I love ya:-) xoxoxox

PEA said...

Oops! Me again...forgot to mention that I received the autographed photo today so thank you SO MUCH for it:-) It's a great addition to my collection!! xoxoxo

Pony Girl said...

I always get a little weirded out having to use someone else's computer too...the keys always feel different when I type and I make lots of mistakes!
I'm glad you've had a good dose of the white stuff and are having fun in it!
I really like the little Smilebox slideshow of Buddy. He was such a handsome guy, loved his color. What color was he when he was younger? I always wonder if my Appy boy will white out when he's older.

Needled Mom said...

I am so glad that you caught Thomas and had him all checked out. I wonder how he will do in the house for a few days. What will your other cats think of him? Would he like a trip to OR????

I saw where you were getting tons of snow and figured you would be outside and enjoying it. We are hoping for some snow in the Sierras before our annual weekend trip. It is not looking good. We are having rain today, but it is a more tropical storm so the snow levels are really high still.

My mom is still doing well in rehab and is thrilled with the care. No word yet as to when she will get discharged. Since she is in a private room with windows that look out over the ocean and the Channel Islands she is a happy camper. Each day I hear about the beautiful sunsets.

Enjoy your snow and have a great weekend. I hope you get your computer back soon. It is so frustrating. xoxox

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Change....I hate it! I love my old familiar ways!

Suzy said...

I'm glad that you and yours are making the best of this cold,snowy weather!
Turkeys roost in the trees near my sister's house.It's really strange to see a huge turkey up in the branches!

Nancy said...

You had me going there for a minute! Barnie a girl??? Then you said he was a HE! LOL Males do better than females, I think, after that type of surgery. He'll be back to his old self in no time. Poor little guy! He sure hit the jackpot when he decided to stop at your place and take up residency! If I had your barn, I would have hundreds of cats, and I would move in the barn with them! ha-ha Getting crazy in my older years, aren't I? LOL

((( HUGS )))