Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Talk and Rants

I just looked at the outside thermometer and it is a bit chilly! They are predicting snow for some parts of Maine but it doesn't look like we are going to get any here in our county. A few years ago we got a HUGE snow storm on Thanksgiving Day and it took my sister and her family twice the time to get here as usual. I hope that doesn't happen this year but you never know!
Lots going on out in Bloggsville. My niece Jo-Lynne over at the Musings has put together a wonderful Christmas gift guide to help us all out this year. She has reviewed many different things and some of them are made in home businesses and are rather unique. Just click on the button on my sidebar and it will take you right to all the goodies to check out! She also is having some GREAT give aways that you can sign up for.

Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes is asking if we'd all like to help her out. Here is what she says:"If my photo wins this contest I plan on donating the $500 gift card to the local food bank in my town. I'm sure they have a need for something like this. I think of all the food they could buy and stock up their pantry with; all the families they could serve holiday meals to...and I know donating the card to them is the right thing for our family to do.The only reason I'm sharing this is because I'm going to ask you, my dear readers, to help me help my community.The winner of this contest is determined by voting. So that's where you guys come in! I need all the votes I can get :) You can vote only once per IP address, so if you if have a few minutes I'd sure appreciate if you could go here to vote - just scroll down to the voting buttons - we're #4. And if you feel like it you could post about it on your blog too - that's allowed for voting purposes! :) Voting ends Tues, Dec 2. Thanks to those of you who have already voted!"

Let's help Michelle win this money for her local food bank, it only takes a minute to hop over and vote!

I did some Christmas shopping today. I made a list and stuck right to it with just a few extra things thrown in. It helps to have a list rather then just wander around the mall hoping something will catch my eye.

I brought the bags in and sat them on the kitchen floor which was still a bit damp from being washed so much to my surprise when I moved them a little while ago I found that I have permanent writing on my floor....... Any idea how to get writing off your floor????? Sigh.....

When Mom was in the hospital for her surgery last month I took a few pictures from her room. Talk about a room with a view! If you look real close you will see a white house up on the hill on the right hand side of the river. We live in the woods behind that house, well actually not in the woods, we do have lawns, pastures and open spaces but from this angle it does look like we live right smack dab in the middle of a forest!

I haven't been on a rant for quite some time but I feel one coming on. Why is it that when we walk into the mall we have to be assaulted by ginormous pictures of Vic*toria's Se*cret boobage?!!!! It hits you right smack in the face! What do you say to your children or grandchildren who want to know why there are pictures of ladies in their underwear on the wall????!!!! Is this sleazy or what? Am I the only one offended by these larger then life, air brushed, enhanced bre*asts? Now if you want to shop there that is all fine and good, not that there is one thing in the place that I would put on this grandmotherly body without going into fits of laughter, but if you have the shape for it then go for it but PLEASE don't make me look at two story high bo*obs when I am trying to do my Christmas shopping!!! 'Nuff said. There, I feel better.

To think that Thanksgiving is just a week or so away. It is such a wonderful holiday when we all get together and enjoy each other's company along with wonderful food. I love Christmas but Thanksgiving is just a bit more low key. I'm having a smaller crowd this year as some of the family is going to be out of state, probably about 20 or so. I look forward to it each year as we have it here at my house. We have so much to be thankful for this year as always. When I think of the hardships that so many are going through I just count my blessings that we are warm, have plenty to eat, have good health, have family that we love around us and so much more. I know you all feel the same way too! :o)


kdwhorses said...

It has been cold here the last couple of nights, not too bad during the day.

One got little cowgirls present the other day.

I can't believe turkey day is next week either. Need to make menu and get things together

Patti said...

Its gotten a little cooler here the past couple of days. Im ready for some cooler weather, it feels more like Thanksgiving to me!

I wish I had my shopping done, but Ive only gotten a few things so far. Gotta get busy!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

kdwhorses said...

To answer your question about Pedro! He doesn't mind it at all, they are great to be used for tracking and roping. He was already trained when we got him. They are alot sturdier than cows and will help train a young horse better than cattle. I also have a lot here at the house that I use when I ride everyday here. We are defintely blessed to have him!

Mrs Mom said...

LOL Midlife Mom, you ALWAYS bring a smile to my face and make me laugh!! ALWAYS!!

Been cold here too in the Southland- tonight, it will be in the low 20's. At least the wind died off, other wise it would really be miserable.

I had to laugh at your rant. The way you phrased that was PERFECT!! No, you are not the only one offended by ads like that. I tend to get tired of them too. And considering everything that VS has in their store would take about 3 bras per side to even COVER one of mine... well... it is safe to say, "I Am Not A Customer!" ;)

Have a WONDERFUL and blessed week as you get ready for Thanksgiving!!!! Huge Southland hugs to you all up there, and I hope the snn...sssnnnzzzz... well, that frozen white sh*t misses you all for the feast day!

Dawn said...

I haven't seen such pictures, but I know I would feel the same way! Could be because I very rarely shop! But you're right, it's so disgusting to even think about it.

I would try those Mr. Clean spongy-like thingies on the floor for the first try. What does it say?? That's really an unpleasant surprise!

We had 75 degrees today - just bizarre. We've also had those Thanksgiving week blizzards, which makes for interesting holidays. We're downsized this year as well, since my folks are going to Idaho to my brother's and my sister is going to be with our niece and her husband. They all usually piggy back on my husband's side of the family, who are all here at my house. I think we'll only be about 10 this year - small crowd!

Linds said...

I am completely with you re your rant. And I have made a list, you will be pleased to know. Nearly had a heart attack when I looked at it though. Sigh. Am teaching a friend to quilt as I speak. Right. Off to do some more instructing!

Pattie said...

What a great post! Congrats to you for getting so much shopping out of the way. I've been chipping away at it, little by little, but I'm never as ready as I wish by December 1st.

I'm with you on the VS rant. Enough, already! Put some clothes on those beautiful gals, would ya please? :-)

Enjoyed reading your previous post about your tour of the Humane Society. There's an amazing amount of work that goes into animal rescue and care, isn’t there? Thank goodness there are caring people willing to take it on.

If I don’t get the chance to get back here before, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I'm very grateful to the friends I've made here in blogland - like you, Louise. Blessings to you and yours!

Needled Mom said...

I couldn't agree with you more on the VS issue. It seems as though ads are all getting so awful. You can't even watch the TV with children around anymore because of the commercials!

I'll bet the view from that room is spectacular when the colors are showing. I would have wanted to stay just for the view. ;)

Writing on the floor? Don't you hate it when that happens? I use the powdered cleanser and it comes off like a breeze. Is it tile? Am not sure that I would use it on a soft surface.

Be sure to get lots of help with Thanksgiving as I do not want to hear that you have gotten sick again. I am glad that it is smaller for you this year as you have been so busy lately.

We, too, have so much to be thankful for this year. We say that all of the time, but I don't think it can ever be spoken enough.

Have a great week. xox

Donna said...

A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser should get the writing off the floor.
The link to the Housewife's Holiday Guide is not working for me. Maybe I'm the only one.

hippo chick said...

I'm with you about Vicky Whispers. My girls say that Victoria's Secret is that she's a slut. I actually turn my head or close my eyes when those commercials come on the TV. Maybe that's a little insane, but it just freaks me out.

And don't even get me started about Viagra/Cialis, etc. commercials. Can you imagine having seen those commercials on TV when you were dating your hubby? Oh my!!! I guess I'm showing my age.

Anyway, now that MY rant is over, try a magic eraser on the floor, who knows? It might work.

We have snow here. We went into the city today for an eye appointment and they have about six inches. YUK.

Have a great rest of the week.

~hippo hugs~

Tammy said...

You go girl...rant away!
And I know it is the current style and all to have low cleavage but really, it's gone crazy. Hosts of HGTV are showing it, instead of looking more professional, and it's everywhere. I grew up believing girls and women were suppose to be modest, and could be fashionable without showing their private assets to the world! That's how I want to raise my daughters, too!

Hope the big snow stays far from you over Thanksgiving!
Have a great rest of the week~ :)

palmtreefanatic said...

Thanksgiving is coming so fast! wow shopping done already? and I was just thinking I am doing well getting my house all decorated! next will be the cards I presume!
That is quite a view beautiful!
Maybe you can get the ink off with ahhh have you tried goo gone? That MAY work! I am afraid magic eraser may take your finish off... I hope it comes off with something;)

As to answer you on my blog about corn hole! It is a very popular game here you have 2 wooden boards and bean bags or corn bags rather and you throw them back and forth basically kinda like horse shoes but much safer and good for all ages! we had 3 of these going in the hall we rented!
you play to I think 11...I am not good at this at all and I think me and my not so good youngster teamate played for 45 min and still lost;)
ah well! I need lots of practice I guess!;)
Have a great evening!

Susan said...

It is getting colder here in N.C.also.I love the view in your pictures.I agree with you on all the ads that are out.Seems like all moral values are gone.It is so good to hear about someone with good values.Have a great week. God Bless.

Train Wreck said...

Snow? Well I guess it is November... I don't like to be cold so snow, is not my favorite! My mother in law is fixing Thanksgiving, so I can get ready for Vegas. I will get to cook for Christmas. Stay warm my friend!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Glad yo see you are feeling better!

To get the ink up, try a Magic Eraser. Those things work on everything it seems. We love them here with the two little monsters. LOL!

Big boobs don't bother me as much as those tiny little bodies they have. LOL!

I love TG too. It's such a great holiday and most of the time we have family in. I hope yours is as special as ever.

Marcy said...

I am way behind on your blog...but I plan to catch up soon! I tagged you on my blog!

Marcy said...

I am with you on the Vic*toria's Se*cret ads up in the mall and with the other person who commented about Via*gra commercials. Those things make me feel embarrassed sitting in the room with my husband and I can't imagine what it would be like to sit with your kids of any age and have to watch them. Did you ever get those words off your floor? I love the Magic Eraser, but I would be afraid that if you have to scrub hard, it would make that spot on the floor always look a little dull.

Michelle said...

thank you so much for posting about the fun with food picture contest on your blog! I really appreciate it!

I can't believe the writing from the bags came off on your floor! yikes! I hope you're able to find a solution to get it out!

PEA said...

Hmmm, I knew I was behind with visiting but hadn't realized I had missed TWO of your posts! Shame on me! I've been so busy in the kitchen the last few days, I haven't had much time to visit. Yesterday I made 9 meatpies...I wasn't going to do them yesterday but then figured I might as well. I know, I'm a sucker for punishment. lol

When I see those large Victoria Secret posters, I always think "now why can't I have a body like that??" hehe I'm just joshing you...I know what you mean about those "in your face" boobs, not something you want staring down at you while you're shopping!! Ugh!

That was quite the view your mom had from her hospital window. Poor Ross, all he can see from his hospital window is the parking lot!!

Yikes, I can't get over how the writing on the bags got transferred onto your flooring...I'm really not sure how you would take that off. Have you tried an SOS pad or something like that??

I think we've really helped Michelle with the voting! lol Last I looked she had over 350 votes! Not only is Kayla the cutest face on there, it's also wonderful that Michelle wants to donate the cheque to her local food bank:-)

Love you my friend. xoxoxox

Nancy said...

First of all, I use a little Clorox Clean-up on a papre towel to remove ink letters like that. It works!

Secondly, you mom did have a great view, didn't she? She could almost see 'home.' I am glad she IS home now, though!

I haven't had time to even go to our mall yet so I have not seen the 2-story posters at VS. That's okay...I'm not interested, anyhow. I feel exactly like you do...LOL

I already voted for Michelle's picture the last time I was visiting your blog. Hope she wins! She was way ahead of everyone else when I was there to vote.

(((((( HUGS ))))))