Saturday, November 29, 2008

Get some caffine to keep you awake.......

It's the day after Black Friday, did any of you get out in the crowds and find all kinds of bargains? My sister planned to be at Wally World at 5 a.m. but I planned to still be in bed sleeping off the turkey and pumpkin pie that I consumed!

We had a wonderful day! I love Thanksgiving! To have all the family here milling around, the wonderful aroma from the kitchen, the grand kids playing contentedly, what more could I ask for? lose 20 pounds but that's another whole story.......sigh.......

I cooked a 26 pound turkey and it took seven hours! I don't think I have ever cooked one that big, usually when I have a big crowd I cook two turkeys so this was interesting. I put it in the oven at 5:45 a.m. and we planned to eat at noon which didn't happen as it wasn't ready but that was okay. I always stuff my turkeys and that makes it take longer.

How do you like my new Thanksgiving apron?

We had 19 which is a small group for us but at least we didn't have to set up an extra table out in the sun room.

The kitchen help!

I always like to get a picture of my kids on the stairs.

Of course Grammie and the grands had to have some fun on the stairs too.


Mom and Dad's apartment.


Cousin K with Noodles and Bampie, DIL's Dad.


Decorating the Christmas tree that I put in the sun room. Notice that our snow is all gone, it has rained for days!

D. likes to put his ornaments all in a row.

If you have gotten this far with me you are a trooper! As this is my online journal I had to put lots of pictures in. It was a great day, I am truly blessed!


Mrs Mom said...

Looks like everyone had such a great time!! Can I come be one of your Grandkids too? ;)

Mom and Dads apartment is lovely too. And your kitchen.... *sigh*... I LOVE your kitchen!! Great view of the barn there hehe ;)

Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us!!

Donna said...

I loved every word and every picture. It's a great entry.

Tonya said...

You always look like you're having such fun with the Grands. I love it! It's great that all the families blend together for the feast! I wish mine could do that and then we wouldn't be going to three homes on Thanksgiving day. Sigh!!!
Have a great weekend!

PEA said...

Awwww mannnnn, I so wish I could have been there to celebrate Thanksgiving with you...I mean, look at all those pies!!!! hehe Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I loved seeing the pictures. You can never put too many pictures! The ones of you with the grands are adorable:-) You have such a nice big kitchen, mine is more on the small size and I don't have a dining room so when I have a crowd over, it can be a bit of a challenge!! LOVE your apron!!

Your Mom & Dad's apartment looks so cozy and bright. Glad to see your mom is doing better and was able to be home for Thanksgiving:-)I brought my mom out yesterday to buy her groceries, do some shopping and go for lunch.

I had to giggle when I saw the way D decorates! hehe Typical male! lol I can't wait until Lily is old enough to come help me decorate my tree:-) I have so much to look forward to, don't I!!

No, you hadn't commented first on the last post I did on were first to comment on my Meatpie post and first to comment on my Chocolate Giveaway but you hadn't commented yet on my last post from Thursday. There, I hope that's all cleared up!! LOL Doesn't take much to confuse us, does it! hehe Love you my friend. xoxoxoxo

Nancy said...

What a large group you had! Love your apron, too! There was just the 4 of us at my daughter's home. That's all the family we have here in SC, but we always have a great time!

Your parents' apartment looks beautiful! We did that for my folks, too, but they only stayed 3 months! My dad wanted to move down here from PA permanently, but my mom didn't want to!

Loved all the pics of the kids having fun on the stairs with you! I know they are your life....they are such cute kids, too! That little girl always has the biggest smile!!!

Nice of you to share your holiday with all of us! Naturally, I forgot to take any pics at all! LOL

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, loved all the pictures of your family Thanksgiving. Everything was beautiful, and it looks like you all had a great time. And your turkey was a biggie! We decided on 2 7 pound turkey breasts this year, as everyone likes the white meat the best. But we had lots of trimmings, too, and pies and cheesecake, and pumpkin bread. And since my company was here all week, we also went out to eat a couple of times.

Love your apron, and the pictures of you and those little cuties on the stairs. Well, I enjoyed all the pictures.

My family flew home last night, and I miss them! I also seem to have caught a bug now, and am hoping it won't turn into anything too nasty.

Have a great weekend!


Renie xox

Needled Mom said...

Awww....I wanted more at the end. The pictures were all so great. I love the ones with the tickles.

Glad that you passed on the shopping adventure. I ran to Costco early and hightailed it back home before the crowds.

Thanksgiving looked fabulous. Ours is today and I am really looking forward to the smell of cooking turkey.

Have a good weekend.

Kerri said...

Loved all your photos, especially the ones of you with the kids :)
It looks like such a fun day. Glad you had such a wonderful time.
Your mom and dad's apartment looks so bright and pretty, as does your house. Love your kitchen!
Happy Thanksgiving..a little late!

Alice Grace said...

Reading about your Thanksgiving dinner was amazing, as I did the exact same thing! I got a 25 lb. turkey, which was the biggest I ever bought, but it was calling my name! LOL....then, I also put mine on at 5:30 AM and got worried about it and went out and bought a meat thermometer to be sure it got done! Love the pics of the grandchildren and the Christmas decorations. What a lovely home you have!

Dawn said...

WE had a great day as well- only 15 this year, counting the twins. It was relaxing and fun (well, I worked hard, but it was all good). The big girls kept their aunts busy playing hide and seek, etc.

Today I put up one of my trees, with the help of the girls. One down, one to go. It really cooled off today, but no moisture yet. They're getting it in the mountains, though..

palmtreefanatic said...

I thoroughly enjoyed all the pics!
what a fun time!
my kids put the ornaments all in a row too I wonder why they do that!
Great post!

KC said...

Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving..
I got the tree up and the lights on it, but the kids haven't stayed home long enough this weekend so that we could get it all decorated so hopefully tomorrow or at least by tuesday we will have the tree all done and I can get working at decorating the rest of the place.
I loved all the Thanksgiving pics.. Thanks for sharing them.

kdwhorses said...

Sounds like a great day! We had a great time as well and ate too much too!

I too love your kitchen, mine is small!

Great pics~a beautiful family you got there!

We got our tree up today, little cowgirl is so excited!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I'm new here! What a great blog :) ♥ Hugs!

Susan said...

Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.I enjoyed your pictures.You have a beautiful family.Have a great week.God Bless.

Callie said...

Wow, 19, We had our litlle threesome. But I remember big Thanksgivings as a kid. Sounds like a great time. I had all my shopping done befoe black friday! Thankfully! Nice family photos!

hippo chick said...

I love all the pictures. Do your mom and dad have an apartment at your home?

Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Us too.

~hippo hugs~

Mary said...

Thanksgiving looks like it was a lot of fun with lots of food and the love and laughter of family and friends.

I loved all of your photos, especially the ones with the kids decorating the tree. Next weekend we will take the boys out to cut a tree and then they will come and decorate it closer to Christmas. I can't believe the big day is only a little over three weeks away. I am behind like never before, as we watched vigil over Aunt May for two weeks. However, I don't regret it and will get done what I can. What doesn't get done can wait.

Thanks so much for your loving comments on my tribute to Aunt May. I appreciate your friendship and support.