Monday, November 3, 2008

Multitasking Monday

It's been a busy Monday today. Yes, multitasking Monday. You know you all have some days when you go right from one thing to the other all day and hardly take a breath. We all have them don't we? Well today was my turn and it's not over yet.

Started out the morning going to my foot doctor. Now doesn't that sound exciting? Actually it is as he always says to me, "now you've lost weight haven't you"? And of course I smile and say "a little"...........which is the case only it's a VERY little! lol! I think he needs to get a new line, but then I guess I would miss it! The only people I ever see in there are at least 110 years old so not only do I feel thinner, I feel younger! :o)

Left there and went to vote early. That is so handy and there isn't a mad crowd to contend with, just walk in and walk out in five minutes flat. Tomorrow will be a horror show with everyone showing up and long lines to wait in. I'm glad more people are planning to vote though, it is one of our rights that we shouldn't take for granted!

Next the pharmacy to pick up a few things and of course they have their Christmas things out so had to look those over. Picked up a few stocking stuffers and a People magazine to read on the plane on Sunday.

Next to Lowe's where I was looking for those candles that look like they are really lit but they are battery operated. I want them for all of my front windows at Christmas time. They didn't have them so I will check Home Depot where we got some for our church decorating last year. They are really nice and look so real you want to go over and blow them out! Also returned calls while driving to the different places. Oh how I love my cell phone!

After that I headed over to the Rehab facility to see Mom. She is coming home on Thursday! Yeah!!! I met with her case manager and we are in the process of putting Mom's continued physical therapy into place plus anything else she may need here at home to be comfortable.

I had lunch with her and her roommate Madame Butterfly, Mom is Daisy Mae, and we had a nice time. Mom has been so fortunate to have such a lovely roommate all these weeks and we will miss her. This is Mom in the red.

This is Mom and her roomie having their lunch.

This is what happens when you run over an extension cord with the lawn mower that is going to the fir tree..........

Halloween was exciting around here as usual. My two little grand kids came over to show me their costumes, Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk!

We got about 20 - 25 little trick or treaters which was low, usually we get 35-40. I took some pictures of some of them before it got too dark.

This is my Halloween decor on the front porch which came down the next morning. I can't stand decorations up after the season is over. A little of my OCD coming out..... I never have anything spooky or scary like spooky music, just fun things.

There are so many leaves down now! This is in the parking lot at the podiatrists office.

Oh how I loved jumping in the leaves when I was a kid! We had big sugar maples along our lawn and in the fall there were tons of leaves to play in. Today I wanted to grab a rake and make a huge pile of leaves and jump in them right there! Do you think anyone would have called the men in the white jackets to come and pick me up??????

Funsize is coming at 5:30 and we are going up to the stable to visit the guys. They all get a good brushing and some apples and carrots cut up. After that we come home and Ana one of my other nieces is coming for dinner and after clean up there is Dancing With The Stars to watch. That Cloris Leachman made it up until last week and did some amazing moves. Her partner swung her around by one leg and one arm like the skaters do! Yikes! The lady is 82, if I tried that my arm and leg would fall off! Good for her!! :o)


Callie said...

The Grandkids look great! Wow, the bees crack me up! And a skunk? Goodness!

KC said...

busy day for you.. I'm glad your mom is doing well and gets to come home this week, I bet that is making her very happy.. The grandkids look wonderful all decked out in there costumes.. and your pourch looked wonderful..

Donna said...

Great costumes. I LOVE the Hulk.

Renie Burghardt said...

Your adorable grandkids look so cute in their costumes! Scary Hulk and beautiful Wonder Woman. And the little trick or treaters are too cute as well. I miss not getting trick or treaters around here.

Your mom has such a nice smile. Kind of like you. I'm glad she is finally coming home.

And your front porch looks nice with all the Halloween decorations.

Our leaves are still mostly on the trees, but we are in for some wind and rain on Thursday, and that will probably get most of them, unfortunately

My daughter and family (2 granddaughters) are coming for a week at the end of the month for Thanksgiving and my birthday and I will let them have some fun raking and jumping in the leaves, although the older granddaughter is 18 and in college. LOL.

I will vote tomorrow. We never have a crowd here, so I don't have to worry about that. And yes, everyone should go and exercise their right to vote!

Have a wonderful Tuesday,

Renie xox

Patti said...

Whew!! I got tired just reading about your busy day! LOL

Your grandkids look so cute! I like the way your front porch was decorated. Im like you I have to get the decorations down! I did the same thing!

Have a great week!!

CrackerJacks said...

Your mom is looking great! I am glad to see her doing so well.

The treaters looked so darling! I just love me some babies in costumes. And your decorations are just fabulous! Your home belongs in a magazine for it's beautiful decor.

Have fun at the stables!

Needled Mom said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your day.

T and D look so cute in their costumes. Those built in muscleas are awesome.

Glad to hear that your mom will be home on Thursday. I know that she will rejoice once she is sprung from the place.

Do you have a Michael's store by you? They should have your candles too.

I voted absentee already and will spend election day under the knife with my arm. YUK!

Enjoy the rest of the week and slow down!!! lol

Sharon said...

Wow what a day you had. I have had days like that too.
Your trick or treaters are so cute.
I miss not having them come to the door. We live to far out of town.
Most of the kids now go to the schools, churches or mall. It is safer for them.
Have a great day.
Your mom looks so good. Glad she is getting out on Thursday.

hippo chick said...

What a fun, fun post. I loved the little doggie in the purple sweater.

Glad your Mom is doing better. She looks wonderful. I'm glad she will be home soon.

It was a beautiful day here, high 60's. We spent the day shopping after we voted.

Have a great evening.

~hippo hugs~

Musings of a Housewife said...

What great costumes!!!! So cute. Your mom looks like she's doing great.

Dawn said...

Cute costumes on all those kiddoes - we never give out any candy because we have a big doin's at church - we get such a huge turnout every year and the kids are so cute.

YOu had a very busy day indeed!

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

I think that you have what it takes to be a Pony Cousin!

Join the fun and find out if you would "fit in" by checking out this page: Highlight the address; copy it; paste onto your browser.

PEA said...

So, you had a quiet day that day, eh?? lol Isn't it amazing how much we can do all in one day, though!

I had to smile when you mentioned going to look for some of those candles to put in your windows at Christmas time...believe it or now, that's what I was looking for the other day when I went shopping!! I want to do the exact same thing:-) No wonder we get along so well, we're so much alike! hehe

Such WONDERFUL news to hear that your mom will be home tomorrow!! She looks terrific and how awesome that she had such a lovely roommate. That can make a big difference when you have a roomie that you get along with!!

Your grandkids are just darling in their Halloween costumes:-) Love all the other kids' costumes as well...that little skunk cracked me up! hehe Loved your Halloween display, you're like me, everything comes down right away once the holiday is done. I actually had mine all brought in that same night after there were no more trick or treaters and the next morning everything was put away in plastic totes.

Hope your week is going well! Love you my sister at heart:-) xoxoxo

kdwhorses said...

Great pics! Love them!

The cord aint' looking too good though! LOL! I have run over the water hose, don't feel like the lone ranger!!!

Alice Grace said...

How wonderful to see your Mom and that she is going to get to come home! I know that makes you happy (and her as well).
Cute little halloween guys!

palmtreefanatic said...

your mom looks great!
The costumes are so cute! so fun!
I think it would be fun to play in your leaves;) we dont have any like that in our yard or street, the trees are too small for all that! bummer!
lots of business! Take a deep breath;)

Dawn said...

It's now Friday, so that busy Monday must have lasted all week! Hope it was a good one.

BTW, your mom looks so good in those pix!

Mississippi Songbird said...

What fun! and the photos are great... Glad you had a wonderful time. Bunches of hugs....

Nancy said...

Oh, my, how cute your little Wonder Woman and hulk were in their costumes!!! You had some cute little tricksters visit you! Your porch decorations looked so Halloweeny!!! You go way out!!! I probably would do that, too, if I had grandchildren, but here, we don't even get any Trick-or-Treaters.

I've seen those window candles you described. I would love to get some for my front wondows, but the cats would probably bite into the bulbs! They are little rascals! I am waiting for them to get through this crazy stage yet! LOL

(((((( HUGS ))))))