Sunday, November 16, 2008

Humane Society Training Day

It's been raining cats and dogs here the last couple of days. Our water table must be over the brim by now! I'm not complaining though, if it had been snow we would be under a foot of the white stuff!

Saturday was a busy but fun day. We had our training sessions at the Humane Society all morning. They felt it would be good for the board members to know what goes on over there and I agree. We all learned so much and have an even greater respect for those that work there.

We started out in the O.R. where they do up to as many as 25 procedures per day. This includes spaying, neutering, blockages, amputations etc... Each animal that is brought in is thoroughly evaluated and has whatever needs attended to. Fleas, worms, ear mites and injuries are a few of the most common issues. Our OR is very up to date with all the implements needed to do proper surgery. We do not allow a dog to be adopted until they are 'fixed' and cats are given a voucher to come back when old enough for their spay or neuter operation.

The evaluation system is quite involved for the dogs to insure the proper fit when adopted. We don't like to see pets come back because they weren't what the people were expecting in some way or another so we try very hard for a thorough and correct evaluation.

Cleaning the facility properly is MAJOR to protect our pet population. Everything was described to us in detail. When we were in the cat section we had to wash our hands each time we touched one of them so as to not spread anything around. I just fell in love with a little gray tabby and he would be here in my lap today but he had already been spoken for!

The staff explained to us the process of taking in pets and the process of adopting them out. It is a high stress job seeing so many come in but the happy endings help a lot. We did have to go to the euthanasia room and that whole process was described to us. The pets that are put down are ones that have illnesses that can't be taken care of, ones that come in such bad shape that they can't survive or dogs that bite. It is against the law here in Maine to adopt out a dog that has bitten. Now we do try to place them with a rescue organization that takes them for life if at all possible.

I was very impressed with our staff, their caring and concern about the animals and how hard they work at making a better life for them. As with all nonprofit organizations we are feeling the pinch of the economic times and are trying to come up with innovative ways to raise money. We have a very dedicated board and I know we will come up with something!

Mom continues to improve each day. She is doing more for herself all of the time. I am still hacking and coughing but everyone says that hangs on for a long time. I did well in church this morning and didn't have any big coughing spells thankfully. I had to mouth the words to most of the singing as that can get me coughing.

I was sitting in our pew, box of crayons & coloring book ready for T who is old enough to come to big church. D was in the nursery. I looked and T was coming up from Sunday School with a big group of little girls and walked right past me with a wave and sat with them!!!!! My baby is growing up!!!! SIGH........why do they have to grow up so quickly? sniff sniff WAAAAAAAAA!!!


Patti said...

You always have the cutest graphics on your page!! I cant beleive your getting snow!! Its still fairly warm here in Texas. I've had a nagging cough too for 2 weeks now. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Needled Mom said...

I think it would be awfully nice if you shared some of your rain with us. You can keep the snow, but the rain would help us.

Your education yesterday at the humane society sounded very interesting. It does sound like a wonderful place to work.

I know, they do grow up waaaay to fast. Sigh. I guess we said that about our kids too.

Have a good (and healthy) week. xox

KC said...

awwwwwwwwww, sniff sniff... how bitter sweet about T and wavying as she walked past at church..

So Glad to here your mom is doing well

The humane society training day sounded interesting..

it rained here all day Friday and in the morning and afternoon on saturday and then late afternoon it turned to snow.

Glad you had a nice weekend.
Take Care

Tammy said...

Oh, that is bittersweet...I experience that kind of thing from time to time, too!

We had your rains for days last week, but then the sun finally came out- we had one extremely dark day followed by an extremely bright one!

Glad your mom is doing better...and hope you're just about all better now too!


Dawn said...

We could use some of your moisture!

But isn't it fun to watch them interact with their friends??

hippo chick said...

WE had much the same weather as you.

The visit to the humane society was fascinating. I don't know how well I would have done in the euthanasia room. I held my Frazier while they put him down. I may never get over that dog. I still miss him so much.

I'm glad your mom is doing better - and you too. Keep improving.

~hippo hugs~

PEA said...

It must have been so interesting to have that training day at the Humane Society...I'm sure you must want to bring home every animal they have there! lol I know I would! I'm waiting for Pet Save to get back to me about the mama kitty and the two kittens that are left for us to trap...I found out the place where we brought the 3 other kittens euthanize a lot of the strays and it made me sick to my stomach that we had brought the kittens there. Being wild, I don't know if they even gave them a chance to get used to people and be adoptable. I've got the mama kitty and 2 kittens coming into the house (I put the plate of food right inside the door) now to eat but I have to leave the door open as they're very skittish about being inside...I want them to get used to humans so that they won't be hard to adopt when we do trap them. I'd love to be able to keep them all, I know I'll cry buckets when they're gone.

So glad to hear that your mom is doing better every day and you, Miss Louise, you better keep taking care of yourself as well!!!

I'm finally going to have some quiet days again...Ross is coming out of the hospital tomorrow morning so I won't need to keep driving mom to see him and spending hours at the hospital. Today after spending time with him, I brought her out for lunch and then to do her groceries so she's all set for the week:-)

Awwwww grandma's feelings were hurt when T went to sit with her friends...I'd feel the same way! lol They do grow up fast. I was talking to Shawn last night on the phone and I said hard to believe that Lily is already 2 weeks old today...he said I knowwww she's growing up sooo fast! lol Cheeky bugger! lol

Love you my friend. xoxoxox

The W.O.W. factor said...

It is a wonderful experience you are a part of, and knowing everyone is so caring is awesome! They had a special last Thurs "Last Chance Auction"...about horses...extremely SAD!!!

(ps...I'll come to Maine and I wouldn't even mind some snow...if I didn't have to do anything but snuggle in front of a warm fire!)

Renie Burghardt said...

Your Humane Society Training Day sounds like a wonderful project, and what good work they do. I wish we had one around here, but we don't. There has been a kitten abandoned around here a couple of months ago. She's been living in the woods. I would see her sitting at the edges, and I would carry food up there and leave it for her, and she would gobble it down and dissapear. Slowly, she got used to me, and just this past Sunday, I managed to trap her! So she is now safe and warm, and I am so happy about that. She will be going to the vet soon, and she won't be spending winter in the cold woods!

I am happy to hear that your dear Mom is doing well, and aww grandma, your little granddaughter is growing up. :-)

I've had a cough and raspy voice for two weeks now, and do the very same thing in church. I so miss not joining in on the singing especially! But my voice is sounding better now. I hope your cough goes away soon.

Have a great rest of the week!



Margaret Cloud said...

We don't have rain but a couple inchs of snow and more on the way. I am glad mom is getting better and yes children do grow up fast, my baby is 45. It is nice to have the Humane Society looking after the animals, and doing a good job.

Nancy said...

What an interesting post!!! Our shelter is different than yours....they get so many animals in every day that they don't even try to save them all. Over 13,000 are put down each year. SO sad. If I could care for them all, I would take them ALL!!! I need a big farm out in the country all by myself and a vet to live with me! And lots of volunteers to help each day...I would dedicate my life to animals! I have already, now that I think of it! I can't go anywhere much as it's so hard to find someone reliable to come in and care for them, plus I hate to leave them alone. I am so glad I can work from home so I can be with them all day!

I am so far behind in reading blogs, but I guess by the time you read this comment that you are well once again. Glad your mom is doing well, too! She's so lucky to have you! I took care of my mom til the day she died.....and I miss her sooooo much yet! We didn't sleep much at night so we'd be up and down all night in the kitchen, snacking! LOL

Yep, looks like T is growing up....tell your son and DIL it's time for another one. LOL

(((((( HUGS ))))))