Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tuesday Talk

I have been watching mother woodpecker and her baby, who btw is as big as she is, eating out of our feeders this week. I have wanted to get a few pictures and yesterday morning an opportunity presented itself even though I had to shoot through the glass doors. Mom is the one on the left with the red on her head. These are hairy woodpeckers. Notice baby is a bit fuzzier.

She takes a sunflower heart in her mouth and then puts it in his mouth. Wish these were better quality but there was no way of getting them other then through the glass. They have been coming every morning.

Son and DIL have had a new swimming pool put in out back of their house. Things aren't finished yet but they were able to get into the water the other night and wanted us to come over and take a looksy. It's going to be really nice when it's all finished. The fence is going up this week and they should have the Tiki shack done also. The cover that goes over the pool is amazing. You have to unlock it with a key and it slides open and out of the way. It's a safety cover and 14 people can actually stand on it and it will hold them up. They are going to great lengths to make sure this is safe with little ones around. I'll show you the 'before' and when it's done I'll post the 'after'. The Tiki shack holds the pump, a changing room and a mini kitchen. There will be a bar across the front so the kids can sit there and have their lunch.

The heater isn't hooked up yet so the water is still rather cold! Poor D's lips were purple!

Since these were taken the cement has been stained and pressed and now looks like granite. The slide will go in as soon as the cement cures. They will have many years of fun with this. We had one at our previous house when Son was growing up and it was wonderful. I always knew where he and his friends were and they had such a good time swimming.

We have been having lots of rain but today there is some sun and it's 85*. I need to go out and put some plant food on my petunias, they just aren't filling out like they should be so maybe that will give them a boost.

I just put the boys in as it was getting buggy out there. They will go back out again after supper when it's cooler and less buggy. T rode Nick yesterday with me leading them. He is much bigger then Kipper and much younger so has lots of get up and go. I just don't want him to get up and go with her on his back! Ever since she rode the big horse, Sissy, at her lesson last week she wants to ride a horse not a pony!

Nancy over at Olive Leaf Ministries is having a give away! Now she won't divulge any of the details just yet but assures us that this is going to be a good one with numerous prizes! Go on over and sign up! :o)


If you want something to watch that will melt your heart watch this YouTube. Have tissues ready!



CrackerJacks said...

Such a great video! Heartwarming!

That pool is FANTASTIC! The Tiki Hut is also very neat!

Have a wonderful week!

Tammy said...

I will have to come back for the video since I have to run...but I just loved the pictures of the woodpecker mom and sweet!

And wow, what a great pool that is! My girls and I would sure love to come visit there! :)

Today's my nine yr old's birthday...come help me wish her a happy birthday if you have time!

Mary said...

The photos of the woodpeckers are fabulous.

The pool looks great and there are going to be many memories made there. It looks like a lot of fun. Isn't it great how kids don't mind if the water if freezing. My grandsons are the same.

Oh, that video is marvelous and you're right, tissues are needed.

Animals do remember us. We had a wolf/german shepherd that was a marvelous pet. We had to move and couldn't take her with us so we found her a good home on a farm. After 10 years, she acted much the same way as the lion when she saw us. They never forget the ones they love.

Take care and thanks so much for sharing this heart-warming post.


Susie said...

I want a computer stand like that! ;)
Your son's pool and surrounding area will be wonderful for family fun..What a great idea for a little tiki hut nearby..
Those woodpecker pictures are great. Ours finally left the area with no sign of babies at all.
Hope your cold is better.
Off to check out your video.
love you!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

LOVE the swimming fun! They are really going to enjoy it.

I loved the pics of the woodpeckers cute.

Pattie said...

Can I come for swim this summer? It looks like big-time fun!

Thanks for posting the photos of the woodpeckers. They're great! And I love the cartoon of the cat selling the dog on Ebay! If it were possible, my two cats would do that to our dog, I'm absolutely certain!

Take care. :-)

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, my, look at all the neat pictures. I am so jeaolous! LOL. My pictures are stuck in my camera! Love the horses, and the little hairy mom feeding the baby is just the cutest. And what a nice pool. Your son and family will get tons of enjoyment from it. And the cat selling the dog on ebay is too funny.

My 11 year old granddaughter Hannah, loves to ride as well, and has been doing it for several years now.

The video is so touching! Now I'll go visit Nancy at Olive Leaf Ministries. Thank you for telling us about her. Have a wonderful week.



Needled Mom said...

That pool will provide endless hours of fun for the whole family. I can't wait to see the "after" photos.

Ahhhh....the fussy little woodpecker is so cute. Is this the offspring of the gutter pecker? If so, I guess he found a mate after all. We have had the baby orioles at our feeders and they are so darn cute. This a.m. I had five all at one feeder. Wish I had had my camera.

Gotta go check out that video.

Nancy said...

What a big pool! Know the kids will enjoy it, as will Mom and Dad, I'm sure. We had one when our kids were younger back in PA, and we were in it all the time! The Tiki hut is a great idea!!!

The mama woodpecker and son are so cute! Do you think the gutter woodpecker could be the daddy? Us moms are all alike...gotta keep those babes fed!

Oh, and that video!!! Really touches the ole heart, doesn't it? I couldn't even imagine having to part with that cat! He is just gorgeous! That's the best U-Tube video I have seen! Needed the kleenex box, that's for sure!
Thanks for sharing it!

Oh, Lyle's blog is on my blog list if you want to click on it from there.


Callie said...

Love the woodpeckers. We have lots of Mamas and babies doing the same thing at our feeders. Oh an inground pool, how fun! I went to the video and realized I had seen the story before, so didn't take the time to watch and cry again, but it is cool that he recognizes them after having been released.

The W.O.W. factor said...

How lucky to get pix of the woodpeckers...and they aren't even eating away at your trees or house like the red-headed ones do on my premises!! Pool....sure could use one these past 5 days! Been 100+ !
Sure miss ours now, that we had in AZ for 5 years! Will watch the video tomorrow...I only have s-l-o-w dial up & takes forever and a yr to get to see them!
By the your post on Tues or Sun 29th....the top says 29th, title says Tues ??

Nonna said...

Great video!! I love the pictures of the woodpecker and her baby! Too cute!!The pool looks very refreshing!
Have a great day!

palmtreefanatic said...

the pool looks great! I could do some serious sunbathing by it;)kids look cold;)

the woodpeckers are so pretty you always get great shots! You are an awesome photographer!!!

Great post!

Dawn said...

Wonder woodpecker pictures!

A pool sounds lovely - but lots of work, I know. The cover is essential! Glad it's so handy.

I'm loving every minute of being at home - haven't figured out a thing to miss yet!

Off to story time at the library with the 4 girls - and maybe lunch after that.

kdwhorses said...

The woodpeckers are too cute!
Great looking pool-lots of fun for the summer!
Well have to check out the video later!

Anonymous said...

just another day the L-rd has made

gp in montana

PEA said...

Well now I'm crying from watching that video!!! Isn't is amazing that the lion would still remember them after all those years. Proves that animal experts aren't always right:-)

Love the pictures you got of mama and baby woodpecker! We have baby grackles in our front tree just outside my computer window and I'm ready to take the slingshot! lol Awww, you know I wouldn't do that but they're driving me crazy with their crying to get fed!!

Oh wow, your son and his family will certainly enjoy that pool...can't wait to see the finished results, it already looks like it will be fabulous! Steve & I went swimming in the motel pool this past weekend...good thing it was heated! lol

I so enjoyed catching up on all of your posts that I missed while I was away...your flowers are looking gorgeous!!! Love you! xoxox

Rising Rainbow said...

I knew once she got to ride a big horse that those pony days were over. lol

Nancy said...

Love the woodpeckers. They are beautiful even through glass. I never see ours up close. Only "hear" them peck on trees near by.

The pool looks fabulous too. It'll be a great retreat in August especially!


Tonya said...

I am trying to go back and read all the posts I have been missing and I just watched the video. That is amazing!!!