Friday, June 6, 2008

Remember the movie The Funny Farm?

If you haven't seen the old movie with Chevy Chase called The Funny Farm rent it and have a good giggle. It's about this couple that move from the city to a little town called Redbud to their dream home. Of course it turns into a nightmare (a funny one) but with Chevy Chase we wouldn't expect anything different would we?

In our neighborhood we are The Funny Farm. We are the only ones with horses, a barn, horse poop, all the things that go with having a hobby farm. For the most part our neighbors love that we have horses and enjoy seeing the goings on around here. Tonight after dinner they had their first glimpse of Noodles riding on Buddy with me. To say that they got a huge kick out of it would be an understatement! I can hear them when they get back into their homes out of earshot can't you? "Now look at what those crazy people are doing now, they have their cat on the horse with them." "Now if that isn't the dumbest thing you have ever seen?" "What do you suppose they will do next????" I'd like to be a fly on the wall listening!

No those aren't rolls around my waist, Noodles likes to ride inside my sweatshirt. Horrible picture of Buddy. They always look so DUH when their ears aren't up for a picture. (There are probably a few rolls under there, now let's be real.) This foolish cat actually will go to sleep as we ride along. (Did I say probably?) Better picture of Buddy but blurry of me and Noodles. Hummmm....maybe that's the good news.

T came over after school and we got some flowers put in. She loves doing that and is a really good help. Notice that she has my crocs on. I'm teaching her to be the fashion diva that I am.....ahem...... Actually she had to change out of her school clothes & shoes so that she wouldn't get them dirty so this was the only outfit that we had.

I love Buttercups. I guess they are actually a weed but I still like them and think they are pretty up against the barn. I love yellow, it is so cheery.

Have a few more things in bloom. Got lots of Wave petunias put in this afternoon. They are just so easy and you don't have to deadhead them. They get really full and lush with minimum effort.

Bleeding heart. I bought a white one today and put it in my front garden.

Columbine. This also grows wild here in several different colors. Also Lily Of The Valley is blooming and it smells sooooooooo heavenly! Reminds me of the song 'He's the lily of the valley, the bright and morning star, he's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul.....' Dawn, are those the right words??????

This is the view of the back of the house from the hayloft. T and I went up there to see if the baby birds were still there but they have left the nest and gone on to bigger pastures. I didn't get any pictures of them so hopefully I will get some of the next clutch that Mrs. Sparrow has. T had to pat everyone when she went through the barn. This is Nick.

Had the television on while getting dinner tonight and they were advertising a retirement community on the coast that has some openings. 55 and older. I now qualify for assisted living. When did I get old?

One of our Mickey D's in town has a retro motif that's kind of cute. I was going through the drive thru for a nutritious lunch the other day (cheeseburger Happy Meal, hey, I like the toys!) and snapped a few shots.

If any of you were watching the CBS evening news with Katie Cou*ric tonight (Friday) there was a truly heartwarming story about Old Town, Maine which is a short distance from here. There is a 35 year old lady there with invasive bone cancer with a husband and four children. The husband lost his job when the paper mill shut down and their home was in terrible condition. They applied for that ultimate makeover show but didn't get chosen so the community pitched in and built them a new home in 22 days.

Now this isn't a huge fancy home but it's new, clean, everything works, just a dream come true for this family. I am so glad that this young mother lived long enough to be able to enjoy this home with her family. She has a wonderful attitude and plans on beating this cancer. The odds are very much against her. I applaud this small blue collar community for all they have done for her and her family. This is Maine at its best. Remember this lady in your prayers. I don't know her name but God will know who you are talking about! :o)

Someone asked me about black flies. We are the black fly capital of the world. They are a very tiny fly but pack a big punch when they bite. They swarm around you, get in your mouth, ears, eyes, you name it unless you have bug spray on. They especially like young children like my grand kids and bite them on the back of their necks and leave big welts that itch. They go away about the end of June and then we are pretty bug free and can enjoy being outside.

I'm too tired to proof read this so you're on your own. Good night!


Susie said...

Vincent is sitting right here beside me and he could hardly believe that was Noodles riding on the horse!
Loved seeing all your pretty spots of color in the garden.
T is my kind of fashion diva. Luv my crocs!!
Have a wonderful weekend and don't let the black flies get you down!
love you!

Nancy said...

You sure covered a lot of ground in this post. Loved the pics of Noodles riding with you! That is really something! He must be a special little guy!

Yes, I did see "Funny Farm" many years ago. Even Chevy Chase is getting old(er) now, too!

T looks adorable in her flower planting outfit. I especially loved her crocs! LOL What a joy it must be to have a little granddaughter to help you plant your flowers!

I really need to write a new post tonight, too.

Keep things booming on your "Funny Farm" as you called it. Looks like a relaxing, but fun, life! Your home looks so big from the back. Beautiful view!

Catch you next time! As always, I enjoyed your post!

Mary said...

I'm glad that your little one enjoys planting flowers with you. The grandsons love planting flowers. We don't have any in yet, but they did plant some sunflower seeds last week.

Love the horse photos and your flowers are beautiful. The story about Old Town, Maine is a great story. Communities should pull together to help each other.

Take care and enjoy your beautiful farm. Yes, black flies are notorious for biting tender necks and behind ears. We don't have as many as we used to.


Needled Mom said...

I read about your tumble. I do hope that it is not as serious as the last one or you may just pass that 55+ place for full on nursing care!!! :-(

Great picture of the cat taking a ride. I can't believe how content Noodles looks.

The flowers are beautiful. I'm glad that you finally got some heat as it will really make all of them pop with color. T looks like she is really into helping Grandma -- all the way down to the shoes.

We have four munchkins here who would love to see that Mickey D's. I'm sure that they would probably enjoy the goodies more than the decor. Grandpa has them out mowing the lawn right now.

That was a very touching story about the way the town helped that family. I wish I had seen it. Have you checked on Heather lately? She's had a tough week.

Hope the bumps and bruises heal nicely and that Buddy does okay after the stumble. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Momma / Cowgirl said...

Wow, what lovely color. You have green grass and lots of it. Here in AZ we don't have it enough.

T is such a sweetie. I am a softy when it comes to little girls. I had one out of 6 kids, and she was precious, but I miss that "little girl" stuff, they grow up so fast.

We live in a small town and there was a study about 4 years ago that said that 3/4 of residences here own horses. So, we are not an oddity. Sounds like your neighbors enjoy the pleasure of your animals. Good for you for giving them this!

take care and happy horsin' around!

crackerjacksMO said...

OMG OMG, I SO love your house! Such a beautiful place! I want one!

Thanks for the clarification on the black flies. They sound kinda scary. Have a good weekend!

BarnGoddess said...

haha Noodles cracks me up!

Buddy always looks handsome in photos :)

your home is beautiful! home is where the heart is right?

neighbors-eh, I can easily live w/out them......anti-social arent I?

Rising Rainbow said...

Funny that people who don't know horses don't understand that we horse people love our critters....all our critters....and our critters pretty much love each other. Wish I could get pics of my cats sitting on my horses but I never have a camera when I find them that way. I'm pretty sure going for a ride would be ok by either of my cats. But you are right, I can hear the silly neighbors whishpers too. lol

Dawn said...

Now that's a classy Mickey D's. I might even get a kickout of going there.

I didn't know there was such a thing as white bleeding heart. They are so cute. I LOVE lily of the valley - yes, that's the right words!

Great pic of the cat and the horse.

Callie said...

Love this post! Noodles looks all comfy tucked in your sweatshirt and love the bleeding hearts. I tried to grow those once and failed. Those are beautiful!

Kerri said...

I've seen Funny Farm and yes, it's a riot. I loved it :)
I think taking the cat for a ride on Buddy qualifies you for the Funny Farm....LOL. I'd do the same thing if I had a horse!
I'll bet your neighbors love the constant amusement :)
T in your clogs is adorable...but where are the sock? :) Lucky you to have such a dear little helper.
Isn't it wonderful to have flowers blooming again?
I can't believe you've had so much rain while we've been very dry here. Finally got some rain these past few days. With the 90Âș+ weather lately the garden is going crazy...and so are the weeds...and the lawn! Help!

palmtreefanatic said...

I hope you are doing well!
I like your Funny Farm, and noodles, cute!
love the flowers , those butter cups!
what a fun McD's!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

You have such beautiful flowers and your home is gorgeous (from the back side us pics from the front too)!

KC said...

Glad you and noddles had a nice ride. Your flowers look lovely and T is beautiful as ever. Your house is beautiful also. That mcdonalds is so cool.. and what a wonderful thing the commuity did for that family in building them a home.

PEA said...

Well I guess the next step would be for Noodles to learn how to ride Buddy himself??? hehe Don't you just love it when you can get the neighbours' tongues wagging? lol I love the movie Funny Farm, by the way:-)

T is such a good little helper...I should have borrowed her when I was doing all my planting:-) Aren't the wave petunias great, as you say, they fill out so easily. Gosh, I hadn't seen buttercups in ages...I remember as a little girl picking them and putting one under my chin to see if I liked butter! Remember doing that?

That McD's looks like so much fun and just love that vintage car! Why didn't you just hop into it and come pick me up?? We could have cruised the streets and looked between our hot flashes! LOL

Ugh, blackflies...we have them here too and I don't know which are worse, them or the mosquitoes! Pretty sad when you can't sit out in the evening because you get eaten alive by them!

I hope you're finally getting some sunshine after all that rain. It's been really humid over here the last few days with lots of rain on and off. We're not supposed to see the sunshine until at least Thursday! Love you! xoxo

Pattie said...

You know, I always dreamed of living the life shown in the movie Funny Farm. Well, after all the mishaps, anyway! Sounds like you're doing that. Good for you!

That is THE cutest photo of you and Noodles riding on Buddy! I had a Chihuahua for many years who liked being transported the same way. She even visited a museum or two that way (shh - don't tell!)

Thanks for the great post. You always make me smile!

Sarah said...

As always, lots of great stuff to read. You definitely have the eye when it comes to colorful photo shots!

Have a good evening.

Tammy said...

What an adorable little helper T is...those are sweet pictures and how fun for both of you to plant those flowers together!

55...yep, I know my day is fast approaching, too. I have no idea how I got to be 45 so soon, myself!
When I start to feel old, I begin to try to name all the people older than me that still look good...let's see, Donny and Marie come to mind! ;)

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

kdwhorses said...

Oh well, they have to talk about someone! I always say if they are talking about me they are giving someone else a break! LOL! I am sure our neighbors' say the same things about me! I have always had my dogs ride with me, from the time they are puppies! I have them trained to jump up on to the saddle and ride! Very handy at times! We had a cat that would ride on the back of our old horse! Just cracked me up!
Black flies-little pains in the butt!
Love it she wears your crocs! Savannah does the same thing! Must be a girl thing!
Have a great day!

Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets said...

I love that movie! You have a beautiful place! How lucky you are! Your home is gorgeous, I think we might be related... you need to have me over for the summer!!LOL!!
We have 7 1/2 acres in Arizona. I thought the area we lived in was green! Yours is horse heaven! Great Blog, I will add you to my favs! So I can check back often!

MoziEsmé said...

It looks like the rain has stopped - no ark necessary! Gorgeous flower pics - I love buttercups, too. And what a cute kitty . . .

Mrs Mom said...

Dont know how I missed this post.. Oh wait, yes I do.. the weekend here was bloody INSANE...!

Now don't you go telling Buddy he looks kinda "Duh" in the pic with his ears listening to you. He looks wonderful! ;) Love the kitty. Silly kitty, but love the kitty...

You have black flies- which I remember ALL too well- and here we have sand gnats. Wow are they horrible. They come out about April, and last all too long... They fade some when the really hot weather hits, but there are a few persistent little buggers that stick around to torment us and the horses... A few of the horses we know have some pretty severe allergies to their bites- not pretty at all...

Love the flowers and your little helper too!