Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Talk

It's a lovely day here in Maine. The sun is shining, the humidity is dropping and it's not too hot! I am one of those people that prefers cold weather over hot. Most think I am nuts but it is how I am most comfortable. Dad and I went for our walk through the neighborhood today instead of the carriage trails as it's a bit buggy out there first thing in the morning. I spray the horses every morning now as they hate the flies. Black fly season should be over pretty soon which is always cause for celebration. :o)

D spent the day with me yesterday as DIL was on her way home from Boston. T was still at school, it was their last day! Yippee! I remember how those summer vacations seemed so long when I was a kid. The lazy days of summer. How we enjoyed them! Growing up even further out in the country then where we live now was just a delight. Having horses and ponies to ride every day with friends was glorious! The summer seemed to stretch on forever and now it seems to go by in such a flash it's unbelievable. They say time goes faster the older you get......sigh......

Anywho, I digress...... D and I had such a good time. We hung around here until late morning and then headed over to Play Place at Micky D's. I forgot my camera which didn't make me very happy......grrrrrrr...... D's favorite thing to do there is to play air hockey. He's actually very good at it and soundly beat me two games in a row in which he found endless delight!! He couldn't wait to tell his Mom when she got home. I think I am going to have to go searching online for an air hockey table for the playroom. Think I will check out Craigslist.

Well it's Wednesday already and I still haven't finished this. Summertime is much busier here on the hobby farm. Horses to tend to, lots of mowing to do, flower beds to weed and water, riding every day and all the other warm weather things that go on.

Yesterday I took T to her riding lesson. She was absolutely THRILLED when she arrived and was given one of the full size horses to ride instead of old faithful Divet, the pony. He was having some R & R out in the lush green pasture, much happier then in the ring working.
Is there something about having ones tongue out that helps with ones riding? This is a good question for all of my horsey type friends out there in Bloggityville! :o)

The flowers are starting to fill out and are soooooo pretty. I took a couple of shots of DIL's garden when I dropped T off after her lesson.

This morning I took some shots of the things that are in bloom here in my gardens.

Mock Orange

Shasta Daisys


Flowers planted in an old bean pot.

Red Yarrow

Just look at this gorgeous sky!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


KC said...

T looks like she is a natural at riding.. Glad you and D had a good time together..
The flowers are beautiful..

Nonna said...

Such beautiful pictures! Sounds like you and D had a great time together. Thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Donna said...

Indeed, it's LOVELY there! Here in Missouri, we're getting up in the 90's in the afternoon. Yuck.

palmtreefanatic said...

Tis so beautiful! looks like she is having the time of her life! Glad you all had fun!!! love the photos!!!

The flowers are gorgeous! you captured great pics once again!!!!

Mary said...

What a lovely post. I enjoyed all the photos. Don't you remember when you were a kid that sticking your tongue out the side of your mouth gave you much more control over everything. LOL All kids seem to do that. Brandon does it too - not so much Jordan.

Your DIL's garden and yours are lovely and yes, the sky is beautiful. It's been cooler here as well with no humidity. It was an absolutely wonderful day here. Wish I could have been outside instead of renovating.

I'm glad you enjoyed the photo of the raccoon kits. Last night the neighbor and I spotted a third one. They are so cute.

Take care and have a pleasant and relaxing evening. I'm tired tonight. Thanks for the prayers for my aunt.


Nancy said...

Looks like you had another fun day with D. She is darling! I think the tongue sticking out allows her to really concentrate on what she's doing. I dunno, but that's my guess, anyhow. LOL

Your photos are all so beautiful! Here it is just too hot to try and keep things watered...that's why I just have my 2 porch planters. It was 96 here today, according to our local TV station. More of the same tomorrow, too!

Have a good week!


Pony Girl said...

How old is T? The tongue thing is a developmental behavior. I learned that at a workshop in California, (the Gesell Institute of Human Development.) It is fascinating to watch children around 4-6 years of age, as they cut with scissors, write, or arrange blocks- their tongue thrust is just workin'! I bet for T it just shows concentration.
Thanks for all the lovely pictures of the flowers. And yes, time does fly the older you get. I dispise it!
Have a good week, too!

Pony Girl said...

One more thing....I meant to ask, what kind of horse is the little bay T is riding in her lesson? It's such a lovely horse!

Mike S said...

Pony Girl is right on the money. Until reaching a certain age the tongue deal accompanies most intense, difficult, or new activities. If you have a whole room of little kids and give them all a buncha stuff & tell them to make something you'll get a room fulla tongues. I've seen it when retrieving my own kids from schools in many countries when they were at that age. ALL kids do it, all over the world!!:)

MoziEsmé said...

Gorgeous photos as always! So let us know what you find out on the tongue thing . . .

Renie Burghardt said...

What gorgeous pictures. Your granddaughter is adorable. My granddaughters love to ride as well. I used to until I broke my hip, (not horse related) and now I shy away from it.

Your flowers are beautiful! I have never seen red yarrow. I have the white here, and it's a wildflower.

Like you, I love living in the country. And yep, the older you get, the faster time flies by.

I really enjoyed my visit here. Have a wonderful week!


crackerjacksMO said...

The flowers are beautiful and it seems you have so many blooming. Nature is one amazing photo opportunity.

Have a great week!

kdwhorses said...

Great pics! Looks like she is really enjoying riding!
Beautiful pics!!

MoziEsmé said...

In response to your question - we're not too close to Senegal, but there are definitely similarities throughout the African continent. Senegal has been peaceful for longer - their main European language is French vs. Portuguese here - and they have a much stronger Muslim presence than here. But I'm betting they have the same issues with poverty, health, and education.

Good for your friend! I'm sure she'll make a great difference there.

Jen said...

SHe looks like she is having a blast. Good for her. I love watching kids ride.
Your flower beds look awesome. I wish I coung get my flowers to grow so well.

Mississippi Songbird said...

Beautiful pictures!

Alice Grace said...

What beautiful flowers you have! I love every one of them! T is adorable as she has her riding lessons.

The W.O.W. factor said...

I'm with Renie Burghardt ...we only have the white "weed yarrow" also. Love the red! I sure enjoy reading about your days...and your pix!

Nonna said...

I hope you dont mind, Ive added you to my blogroll!

Have a great week!

Michelle said...

Gosh, your little ones are so cute! Don't you know anything? The tounge out helps with CONCENTRATION! lol

Your flowers are glorious (I am jealous!) but those horses.....You know I am open to being adopted, right?

I am so glad you replied to my "trust" post. You seem to be exactly like me. I want to help, and I always trust until I have a reason not to. I think I need to change that. I hate that we live in a world where we have to be wary of everyone.

Enjoy your lovely weather. It's hot here (and humid), but we spend so much time around, in and under the water we hardly notice.

Dawn said...

I think everything works better with your tongue sticking out - or talking toyourself!

The flowers are lovely - I love mock orange's scent!

I had to chuckle when you asked me if I wanted to kick that tree - I would have, but I was afraid to sprain my foot again. What an ordeal that has been for 4 years.

The little get-together tomorrow probably won't be very well attended, but I am glad SOMEBODY thought of doing something. I will happily walk out the door and spend a couple of minutes regretting it, maybe. My sweet hubby has planned a party for tomorrow night, and has ordered flowers for me to take to work with me tomorrow. I think I'll keep him!

Marcy said...

T looks so cute with her tongue out! Yours and your DIL's flowers are so pretty! My wave petunias have been doing pretty well in my baskets, but are just now starting to "catch the wave". I like those tall yellow and purple flowers...you say they are called mock orange? I wonder if they will grow in my zone....

Anyway...Have a great weekend!

Susie said...

Such a cheery post. Your flowers pictures are beautiful! Each one is prettier than the one before. Our two little "D's" have the tongue thing in common. I think it is most adorable.
Your blue sky is just magnificent. You should see the skies here. They are so dark and gray from the smoke. Eerie..
love you,

Carroll Farm said...

the tongue thing is a must - it helps you ride better.
beautiful flowers :)

Linds said...

We have coolish days here, but thankfully the rain is just falling in the evenings at the moment.
Your flowers are beautiful as are your DIL's too!
Have a great weekend!

Mrs Mom said...

Just LOOK at that Little Cowgirl, on that handsome Bay Steed!! She looks right at home, and so confident and comfortable! Way to GO!

The flowers look fantastic. I miss having Shasta Daisys around. Wonder if they would grow down here in the Southland. Will have to check that out, and plan a spot for them next year.... (Cause THIS year is shot! LOL)

Thanks as always for sharing your times with us!!

mikey said...

Gorgeous pics!!! Love the girl riding, she's so adorable, and the horse looks like a winner! Beautiful post :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh I can bet she was tickled to get to ride a big horse! As for the tongue thing, I noticed at the region 4 championships one of the big name trainers in the country rides with her mouth open and a big scowl on her faces. She looks like her ride is miserable. I'll take a tongue over than any day! lol