Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday Talk

It's been a few days since I posted anything so guess I need to snap to it and get something written! You know how some days you just are brimming with things to write about and other days you're dry as a bone. Let's just say I'm in the bone category today.

It's been VERY hot here and we just aren't used to it so the ole' air conditioning has been humming away all through the house. I've been trying to get all my plants put in and have been doing some each day until I can't stand the heat any more. Now you long time readers know that you NEVER hear me crab about the cold, I am a cold loving person, just give me a day on my snowmobile and I am a happy camper. But the heat, now that's a different story unless I am at the lake and then the hotter the better.

Took T to her first riding lesson of the summer yesterday. She was so excited to see Divit, her lesson pony! Looks like Div is smiling. This is the first year T has ridden in a group lesson so she was pretty excited about that. She has always been in a private lesson as she was so little but her instructor had a class of two other young gals that just do walk/trot so thought this would be a good fit. She loved being in with the other girls and did fine.

This was an exercise they had to do. Get off their horse and run around them three times!

T always has this big smile when she rides!

Afterwards we stopped and picked up pizza for dinner. Grampy walked over through the woods and met us there at Son and DIL's house.

I tried to get some good pictures of all the flags that the fire department put up. These don't do it justice but at least you'll get the idea. I love seeing the flags every time I go down this road which is every day.

Well I wasn't going to put this in as I figure you'll all be thinking "why doesn't that old woman stay off horses if she can't stay on!" but I try to keep it real around here so here's the story. Last Saturday I hauled Buddy up to the stable where I board everyone in the winter so that I could ride with Funsize and Ann. We did some ring work and then went on a trail ride. We always go to the river on the way back so we were headed there when Buddy stumbled and went right down in a heap with me on him....... We have no idea what he stumbled on as we were right on a smooth lawn and it was his back foot that stumbled. He got right up and I hopped up too no worse the wear and we started checking him over. He seemed fine so I took him in the river so that the cold water would help any swelling that he might get in his legs.

That evening he was very stiff on his right front leg so I called the vet and he said to put him on two grams of bute for a couple of days which I did. He still has a bit of swelling in his right front tendon, but no heat or anything and isn't lame or stiff in the least. I have some Absorpine to put on him and could use a little myself as I am kind of stiff and sore from ungracefully plopping on the ground again. Again. You might remember the falling debacle of last September. For you new readers, I fell off Lil' Bud at a canter when I dropped a rein and leaned down to get it throwing him off balance. That's what you get when you weigh more then the horse....ahem... Concussion and other bumps and bruises.

Anywho I am fine and Buddy is fine and I think I will start riding him tomorrow when it is cooler. Just walking for now to make sure he's going to be okay. Noodles is getting impatient for a ride so got to get going again!

That's the news from the Funny Farm! Hope you all are having a good week and I will try to get around to visit everyone tonight!


Susie said...

T looks so cute, happy & proud in these pictures. Here little helmet looks like it has a big pink bow on the front!
I'm still trying to decide from what you've written who got the worst of that fall, you or Buddy! Sending you big squishy (((hugs))) to feel better and maybe nice crunchy carrot for dear Buddy!
Please take good care of yourself!!
We're sweltering out here too and no a/c. N has football in this heat and I just worry about that.
I'm sure he'll be fine, but you know how Grammys are!!
love you!!

Dawn said...

I read about your tumble over at Pea's place and wondered if you were gonna fess up. I might not have! So glad you didn't have another concussion, and hope you're both going to be just fine. Take it easy!!!

T looks adorable in her girlie helmet. She sure looks like she's having fun.

I could not take that heat either. We've had one hot day - yesterday it was 90. I spent the afternoon in my lawn chair under my big trees under the most amazing blue sky, reading and dozing, and waking up to answer the phone every time my daughter called (often!). Today it's barely 65 and the wind is whipping all sorts of things onto the ground. Not nice! Just about blew DC off the road when he rode his cycle home - to save gas! Kinda dangerous.

bj said...

If T were any more precious, I couldn't stand it. soooo cute!
I hope you are ok after the fall..and, that Buddy is ok...
I have never been around horses so they just scare the water right out of me! Pls. be careful.

I know about the is so hot and dry out here in West Texas and the high winds are about to drive us all crazy. You can't do a cotton-pickin' thing outside because of it. Maybe it will blow itself out soon!
Take care! and hugs,

kdwhorses said...

T is just a cutie! Her face says it all!
Glad you and Buddy are alright!

Pony Girl said...

Lil T just looks adorable and happy on that pony (cute name, Divet! ;)
Sorry to hear about Buddy's stumble and your fall! With all the good care he's getting I'm sure his leg will be on the mend soon.
I've heard about all the heat you guys are gettin' over there. Crazy! Send some of it this way, pretty please?

Suzy said...

Yes,Divet does look like he's smiling!
We're gonna have to get you a seat belt for when you're riding...or maybe velcro!

MoziEsmé said...

Love that first smiley photo!

Nancy said...

What a great post! T is adorable and looks like a very happy little rider! Her little pink boots and fancy helmet are just too cute for words!

Glad you and Buddy are both doing okay! I need to send you an email about a horse with a prosthetic leg...what a wonderful story, too! It even has pictures with it. Something to see, believe me. My email in on my profile page, so if you want to, you can send me yours, and I'll send you the story and pics of this dear horse named Molly. I thought about you when I read it.

The flags along the highway look so beautiful! Looks like a great place to live!

It's still hot here. We were 100 on Sunday and 99 Monday and Tuesday. I didn't see what it was today. We have that high humidity here all summer long! I, being from northern PA, also LOVE the cold weather!

Have a great week! I hope to post again later on tonight, so check back tomorrow.

tonya said...

I love T's big smile and that helmet cover. Lib had a helmet cover that she picked out but when it came in she didn't like it. I've tried to pass it on to Lu but since big sis doesn't like it then neither does she - LOL! Oh well.... I should send it to you for T.

Oh no on the fall! Glad your ok and that Buddy is on the mend. I've been itching to ride Hannah since I've been released but she got kicked a few weeks ago and we're trying to let her heal completely before putting my big, post-partum body on her - LOL. We may see if Hannah can learn the barrels so I will have a horse to play around on and I trust Hannah so much!

Lib had some riding time last night on her new horse and they are doing great. Her instructor thinks we got a lot more than we were looking for and thinks the horse is definitely equal to his horse in running times and probably equal to some of the "big dogs"! (whenever she is ready for that speed!)

Have a great day....we are sweltering here...90's every day!

Momma / Cowgirl said...

T is a smiley girl, what a cutie! Looks like she had a ton of fun!
It only takes about 5 minutes for each side of our highway to get the flags up around in my little town,,,LOL, but I sure like it when it is done.
The heat has not been unbearable here, but I love it when it is warm. (maybe because I do not have to be out in it all day like the hubby does).
Glad to hear you and Buddy are on the mends and did not get too hurt. I was bucked off once and that wasn’t fun!
Take care and happy horsin’ around!

Callie said...

The dueling smiles are hilarious! Love that darling child's helmet! It suits her.

Donna said...

Wow, I'm not sure if my horse would stand still while I ran around him three times! Wait, I can't run anyhow.

Pattie said...

Oh my goodness - I'm glad you and Buddy are doing ok! I can only imagine how sore you've been these last few days.

Those photos of T are just darling. What a great smile!

Stay cool, however possible. :-)

BarnGoddess said...

ouch! glad u and Buddy are OK. My Old Guy stumbles A LOT more then he ever did these days...

that 1st photo is absolutely darling!

Needled Mom said...

Oh dear. Another fall? Have you even healed from the last one? I am so glad to hear that all came out okay for you.

T looks just like a natural in her riding gear. I'll bet that she grows up to be just like her Grams.

The flags do look so pretty. I'll bet they are even better in real life.

Will try to check in while we are on the road. If not, I'll catch up when I return.

Mike S said...

What a little cutie. You're VERY CORRECT!!! This heat can go back to whence it came anytime. I love winter:)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

T looks so cute with her riding pony!

Nap Warden said...

Love the picture of T and Divot smiling. What fun!

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