Friday, June 27, 2008

Random Friday

It's Friday and the weather is muggy. Dad and I walked this morning about 7:15 and we were sweating by the time we got back. So much for the shower I had already taken. We walked the neighborhood again as it's still so buggy in the woods. I love seeing every one's beautiful flowers and manicured lawns. Most everyone takes great pride in their yards. There's always one though that doesn't. Always. It's sad as it is a lovely big house sitting on top of the rise and used to have beautiful landscaping. My friend N. lived there when her husband was running one of the big paper mills near here and they took such good care of their yard, it was immaculate. Now it's lucky if the lawn gets mowed and I don't think they have done any weeding in two years.

This is going to be a rather random post. First order of business it to say thank you to Pea at Pea's Corner and Nancy at Nancy's Nonsense for the nice award that they passed on to their regular readers. It's the Five Star Award I would like to pass it on to all of my regular readers too as I consider you all Five Star Bloggers!!! I enjoy reading each and every one of your posts!

I've also added quite a number of names to my blog roll, hope you all don't mind. I have met some new bloggers in the last few months and am really enjoying getting to know them. Isn't it amazing how this thing called blogging has opened up a whole new world of people to meet? :o)

Someone sent me this picture of the baby with the mini horse foal and I LOVE it! Isn't that just adorable!!!??

Now that's a relaxed cat! I've seen Noodles in just about the same position!

This is Buffy my Mom and Dad's cat. She is one big fluffy dust mop! She does NOT have any mats though as Mom brushes her every day. She has traveled back and forth to Florida with them about 10 times right under their seat on the plane! She's rather cross eyed!

Do you ever see things that just take you right back to your childhood? Pea and I were 'discussing' that the other day via comments and I must relate one that happened to me the other night. Hubby and I had gone over to see the progress being made on Son and DIL's new swimming pool and on the way back through the woods I spied not one but two lightening bugs! I guess some people call them fireflies. Now you used to see them everywhere when I was a kid. We spent many an evening catching them and putting them in an old peanut butter jar with nail holes in the top so that they could get air. How we LOVED doing that and there were so many of them then it was so pretty to just watch them flitting around at night. Now you don't see them much, I wonder why? But anywho, I felt like going into the house and getting a peanut butter jar!!! Did any of you ever do that when you were kids??

Some one asked me how old T is after they saw the pictures of her riding class in my last post. She is six and started her riding lessons when she was 3. She did a couple of years English and then decided to switch to Western for a while. Also someone asked me about Sissy the nice little mare that she was riding in that class, she is a quarter horse and is over 20 years old. The instructor has had her for 20 years. She's a lovely mare and if she were younger I would love to buy her for T but as I already have several aging horses I don't think I want to go there.

Another random thought. With spam invading our computers at an alarming rate we have to have to have blockers in place at my husbands office that are really strict as to what it will let come through. It seems like there are a lot of downright nasty jokes that people send around to offices and we don't want it in ours. A few days ago I wanted to let Hubby know what we were having for supper so I e-mailed to him that I had bought a cooked turkey CHEST as I didn't know if bre*ast would go through. Sad state of affairs isn't it that we have to protect ourselves from so much sleaze!

On a much brighter note I have found a lovely blog called Oliveleaf Ministries by Nancy Douglas. Nancy is a Christian writer, speaker, Mom to a dear daughter with autism and now has a weekly devotional that you can read on her blog. She is a delight and I highly recommend that you take a looksy, you won't be disappointed!

Guess that's it for randomness today. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and those of you near the wild fires I hope you stay safe!


Pony Girl said...

Hey there, I love your randomness! I feel very caught up now. Thanks for more info. on T and the bay mare, can't believe she is 20, she looks good.
I have never seen a firefly! I would love to, though. How far west do fireflies come? ;) I wonder why you don't see as many anymore??
LOVE the cat pictures. They are sure funny when they sleep all stretched out like that. And Buffy- love her coloring and fluffiness.
Well, it's sunny out so I'm off to finish my breakfast and go ride my horse! Have a great weekend!

Pattie said...

Those photos are too cute! Thanks for sharing.

I grew up in the West, where we don’t have fireflies (our loss!) But my ex and I moved to Ohio for a year, about 15 years ago. We were looking for a home to rent, and it was dusk as we were getting ready to leave a farm property. We rounded the corner of a shed, into a field, when all of a sudden, the whole area lit up with tiny little sparkling lights. The field was covered with fireflies! It was the first time either of us had seen one. It was an incredibly magical moment, one I will never forget!

PS – There’s still time to enter my Par-Tay with Attitude contest. Deadline is Monday. Take a look at what you might win!

Sharon said...

I remember the Lightning bugs as a child in IL we used to catch them in Jar also. We see them hear in NE at dusk all the time they are so fun to watch.
Enjoyed reading all of your randomness.
Great photos of T and the mare.
Have a great weekend.

Linda said...

I've always wanted to see fireflies. I love the cartoon, I think I know that guy.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi there,

I enjoyed your randomness. The cat pictures are so cute, and as a cat lover, I must say I have never seen a not cute cat. LOL. And the baby and the mini horse are just adorable!

We have lots of lightening bugs around here, and when my grandchildren are here, they love to capture them in a jar, just as their parents did, when they were kids. Of course, they let them go after a while.

As for all the horrible spam anymore, well I won't even go there. Suffice to say, they have caused me headaches, because in deleteting them, I have accidentally deleted important emails!

I enjoyed your post and cute pictures. Have a lovely weekend.


Donna said...

I have noticed the same thing about lightning bugs: They're rare these days!

Needled Mom said...

Just trying to catch up on a few posts since I finally have an internet connection tonight. Boy....these are few and far between while traveling.

I must tell you that I WAS out catching lightening bugs on this trip. We used to do the same as you....put them in a jar and take them in our room at night to see them light up. They were the best night lights! We also would tear off the lighting part to stick on our ears for earrings. Isn't that gross????

Wish we lived closer as I have been trying to pawn off the air hockey table to one of my kids for several years now. I know that they would enjoy it more than we do. I'd gladly give it to you.

We get home tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing all the kids again. Seems like we've been gone a long time.

Loved the pictures of the cats. That is one relaxed animal. Too cute.

Tammy said...

You always do randomness well! :) So much fun packed into one post...I always enjoy that!

I had heard about lightening bugs or fireflies since I was a kid (and partly by my parents) but never saw one here in the NW until I married and we moved out for awhile in Virginia. I was SO excited when I saw one for the first time! :)

Have a great weekend!

Linds said...

I have never seen fireflies, or lightning education has gaps, clearly!

I love the randomness too, and that cat certainly looks as though it has a blissful life. The cartoon had me in stitches too!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nonna said...

I sure do remember catching fireflys when I was a little girl. Your right, you dont see them much anymore, but there are still a few out there.

Thanks for all your randomness, I enjoyed reading!!

Jo-Lynne (Musings of a Housewife) said...

My kids LOVE catching fireflies. So funny how some things never change, isn't it?

Carroll Farm said...

my hubby & i were just discussing fireflies. i have never seen one. he lived in OK for a while and saw them there.
i love the cross-eyed cat!

The W.O.W. factor said...

I love 'remembering' moments from childhood! (think it helps keep me focused...& not feeling like I'm getting older, which I am.. :( ), I'd heard about them from my hubby...never had seen one until 2 wks ago in Minnesota! They are sooo cool! Wish we had them out here!
Enjoy your weekend!

Mike S said...

We noticed that after being fixed(?) our cats all started laying feet up. Not sure why, but theories aplenty.

Got loadsa fireflies here. Kids visiting are always going back by the woods to catch them.

Thanks for the link, gotta get busy adding some myself soon, maybe, in a bit, later, maybe....

Joan said...

OMG...lightening bugs. I can still remember catching them when I was a kid in NYC and placing them in a glass jar. These kids here in SoCal sure do miss out on a lot of "East Coast" memories.

And I just love your cute!

Nancy said...

I am behind in my blog reading due to sick kitties and running back and forth with them. I am so behind in my job, too!

Loved the photo of the baby with the little foal!!! Can't get any cuter than that, can it?

And I do remember catching those lightning bugs, as we called them. Those were the fun days!

Noodles is sure relaxed! Maybe he was out drinking all night! LOL So cute!!! And your mom's cat is soooo beautiful!!! My son's cats have a lot of miles on them, too, but by car, as he's back and forth to FL all the time, at elast twice a month! They love to ride, though.

Glad to see that you put the 5 Star Blooger award on your blog. No one else has. I find that strange.

I, too, keep adding to my blogroll! I just need to catch up on them all this weekend now! LOL

It's been hot here....93, 96, 98, etc. And so humid!!! And all I've been doing is running with the cats all week. I am tired out. LOL Visited Oliver at the emergency clinic last night and going again today, too! He was so happy to see his mama!!! And vice versa!!!

Oh, I posted Lyle's for him, so give him a visit! He's got some great pictures on there this time.

Catch you next time!


kdwhorses said...

When I was a kids we would catch the fireflies and put them in glass jars and poke air holes in the top and put in our rooms overnight!
Great pics! T looks like she is really enjoying her horsey time!
I hear ya on the humidity!
The cats are beautiful!!

Callie said...

LOL, On the cartoon at the bottom of your post! I've got a hilarious story concerning fireflies, cannot put it up on own blog as might upset children, but can share here. My British husband has British children and those children have British significant others, anyway, England does not have fireflies and one these British children(I'm talking young adult children here)was visiting us in July. We told a story about fireflies to this young man. Said they were an American nuclear experiment that had gone wrong decades ago and eventually people discovered that the infrared of a channel changer for the TV would turn the bugs on. Well he believed it for years and every summer he came to visit, he would take the TV changer outside and turn on the bugs! Oh we're cruel, but it was funny!

Rising Rainbow said...

We've been the dead beats in the neighborhood a time or two. When Lindsay was battling cancer, yard work was the last thing on my mind. I'm pretty sure I didn't weed my flower beds that whole time. It was horrible to clean up that mess but I don't even remembering noticing those flower beds at the time they were growing over, had too many other things on my mind.

Dawn said...

We don't have fireflies in Colorado, unfortunately. Back in the day in Arkansas, we used to catch them and put their lights on our foreheads and pretend we were flashlights. Was that cruelty? We didn't think so at the time. Probably!!

Such a cute picture of the baby and the little horse. Adorable!!

Fun catch-up post. Sorry it's so muggy - that's one thing I can hardly deal with - I am thankfl for dry air out here.

Susie said...

I've never even seen a firefly! (other than pictures of course)
I always enjoy your random posts. It's like sitting down for a good chat with a friend. Your kitty pictures are such fun. Vincent is snoring up a storm here beside me as I type. He's lacking ambition I suppose.
Sorry to hear you have a cold. Summer colds are the worst. Take good care of yourself.
Love and ((hugs))

Sarah said...

That is a hilarious cartoon. Your posts are always so clever and entertaining!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

We used to collect lightning bugs as kids too and put them in brought back a memory for me! I only did that a few times with my kids as there are not near as many around now as there were when I was younger.

Mary said...

I certainly enjoyed reading your random thoughts.

Yes, my brother and I used to run in the field beside Grandma's house and catch fireflies in a jar. Dad would let us watch them for a while and then we had to set them free. We don't have many here anymore either. I'm not sure why but it would be interesting to find out.

The photo of the baby with the foal is precious.

Take care and have a wonderful week. I'm glad you enjoyed Griffyn's first birthday party.


Nancy said...

I was no sooner done giggling from your blog, the cat on his back and the chicken CHEST, when I was so humbled to see your kind endorsement of Olive Leaf Ministries. Thank you dear blogger.

And...yes...last night I was sitting on my swing in the dark of night praising God for his beautiful sky, stars, and lightening bugs. The work of His hand is amazing.


hippochick said...

Oh yes, we did catch lightening bugs in jars. Grasshoppers too. Jim and I saw a few on the edge of our property the other night.

I'll be so happy to get this cast/splint off so I can start walking again.

Have a great week.

~hippo hugs~

Kerri said...

Your flowers are looking beautiful! We had that same cool spell as you, and have had rain every day for at least a week. Not constant rain, but thunderstorms and showers. It's nice to not have to water, but I'd like to see more sunshine!
It's been fun catching up with your last few posts. Your dad and FIL sure are spry for their ages. I enjoyed seeing the family pics. Your little grandchildren are adorable, and what a cute playhouse!
On a warm summer night we have fireflies everywhere. I love to look out into the dark and see them darting around. We don't have them in Australia, so I didn't see them until I came to live over here. We put other insects in locusts (cicadas).
Not nearly as much fun though because they don't light up :)

Dawn said...

My normal getting-up time has been 5:00. Today I slept clear until 5:39! Wow. DC still has to get up at 6:00, so until he retires, I imagine I will be getting up as well. I am really a morning person. I love the morning summer air especially.

I made it to the gym by 8 and had a really good work-out. I have so many things to do around here that have been sadly neglected for years. But today I just sat under the trees in the back yard and read awhile. It was Hot! Well, it seemed hot to me - 90.