Friday, May 16, 2008

Woodpecker, looking for nice lady, enjoys flying.

Is there anything like Mat* for woodpeckers? I have got to find this poor guy a lady friend or he isn't going to have any beak left from all the pecking he is doing on our gutters trying to attract one! He starts in about 5 a.m. each morning going through his repertoire of rat-a-tat-tats either on the gutter, the barn roof or FIL's metal thing on his roof over his chimney! The poor guy must be a geek or something as this has been going on for a couple of weeks now. Any suggestions?

Buddy and Kipper are home. The rest are still at the stable as we are having some work done on our pasture to fill in low spots, remove some old roots and sticks, and getting the ground prepped for hydro seeding in some sparse spots. Buddy has his own new small pasture with most all of the green grass scraped out so that he doesn't get too much and get laminitis again. Kipper spends some time in there with him as the vet has put him on a diet and he can't get too much grass either. They get plenty of hay and Buddy has his lowcarb grain (bleck!) and Kip gets his half cup twice a day of his low fat grain. Why is it ponies have a tendency to gain lots of weight on minimal feed? He's what you call a real easy keeper.

I have been riding Buddy every day and taking Kipper along for the exercise. At first he thought that sounded like fun to get to go with the big boy, grabbing mouthfuls of grass along the way but when he found out he couldn't graze on these trail rides it wasn't as much fun. I wonder if I should try that Spa*nx thing on him???? At least I didn't send him to fat camp this year to be used as a lesson pony. That year he came back really buffed and fit from all the little girls riding him every day. T is just going to have to ride more this year and keep him fit.

Speaking of. The kids were just here and we went riding again. I didn't have my camera so now am mad that I didn't take the time to come back in the house and get it. I rode Buddy again and T rode Kipper and we went for a good ride up through the woods on the carriage road. Grampie went along beside Kipper just in case he was frisky but he was calm as could be. T did a good job riding and then D wanted to ride so we went again.

We got back to the barn and the kids groomed Kip putting brightly colored fuzzy elastics in braids in his mane. He loves the attention and is very patient. I groomed Buddy, it is so easy having just two here. Things will change next week....

Now both kids have had a shower and Grampie has taken everyone to Dairy Queen for ice cream but I am covered with bug spray and smell rather horsey so decided not to go. The shower sounds a lot better at this point.


Funsize and I just got back from the stable. We did some grooming this morning but no riding as she has to go to work and I needed to get back home sooner today. Nick is still having a fit that he hasn't come home yet so I am thinking maybe I will go get him and Skipper on Monday. Will just have to fence off the new hydro seeding.

On our way to the stable there always is a lady out getting some exercise walking beside the road. She always has a long stick with her and a plastic trash bag that she fills with things that people have left littered beside the road. Some days she has a pretty full bag. Lots of people walk for exercise and how great it would be if they all did what she does and picked up litter. Our roads would be much cleaner looking and there would be a double purpose for the walk. I don't know her name but one of these days I am going to stop and just tell her what a good job she is doing and that I appreciate it!! :o)

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


kdwhorses said...

Sounds like you all have been busy! I know you are glad to have the horses home!

Needled Mom said...

So glad to hear that the guys are all back home for the summer. I know how much you enjoy that. The kids will soon be out of school and ready to ride all day

Sure wish I could help in the plea for a female woodpecker. That must be so frustrating for you AND him!

The DQ sounds pretty good about now. It was 103* yesterday, but it certainly didn't feel that hot. I really enjoy the heat, as you know. It was fun to sit out in the evening last night.

Have a great week, my friend. xoxox

Callie said...

LOL, on the woodpecker, I have that crazy cardinal. I think I would have forced my family to put up with the horsey smell for a Dairy Queen vist! Love a cherry dipped vanilla cone!

Susie said...

I'm thinking that Dairy Queen sounds pretty tempting to me. It's been in the triple digits for several days.
Glad your horses are back home, as I know how happy that makes you!
As for Mr. Lovesick woodpecker, I'm fresh out of woodpecker love potions. I wouldn't have a clue!
Hope he rest of your weekend is relaxing and fun!
love you

Mary said...

Wow! That woodpecker is still drumming on all the metal he can find. I'd think he would get real tired of that. LOL I hope he finds a girlfriend soon.

Enjoyed reading that all of your horses are back with you. I'm sure you're very happy about that.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my farm post. I always enjoy visiting with you.


Jen said...

Hello :0) Long time no talk!

Hope your woodpecker sitch gets worked out!!
Glad to hear the horses aka kids are home!

Take care,

Marcy said...

Your blog made me laugh. Scott suggests that you get a stuffed female woodpecker and put him far away from the tin stuff! I am sure it is annoying. I grew up in a brick house and we had this woodpecker that would peck on the brick in the morning every summer when I was out of school. I am sure you are glad that your horses are closer to you. Good luck with all the yard work you have to do!

Dawn said...

The woodpecker sounds incredibly annoying. Don't you wonder sometimes what God was thinking??!!

The lady walker/trash picker-upper is a good person!

Tammy said...

mmmm...Dairy Queen! After a very chilly spring, we're suddenly having a heat wave the past couple days up here in Oregon, so a trip to the DQ sounds wonderful!

So glad Buddy and Kipper are back home!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

crackerjacksMO said...

Glad you had such a wonderful couple of days! I received your letter today-Millions of thanks to you from me and Parker of course.

I have been so busy lately and I apologize for not commenting more. I stop by and read though.


palmtreefanatic said...

Busy Busy!!!
I Love DQ, we dont have one too close by!

Glad to hear the horses are home!

Sharon said...

We have the same sounds.I call him my alarm clock as he starts every morning about the same time.If he gets a mate I will be late for work.
Can you see my boss's face with that explanation????
I really enjoy reading your posts and the pictures you put on them. So neat.
Have a nice day.

Mrs Mom said...

Thank you, Midlife Mom, for stopping in at Oh HorseFeathers, and Daily Journal both!

Its a pleasure and a half to have your awards up there- they are beautiful, and an honor to have.

Your blog is terrific!

Got to be great to have your horses back at home with you, there for a visit with the family. There is something so soothing about being able to walk out the door in the evenings and see the horses before bedtime.

Looking forward to coming back here more often and seeing what you are up to!

Tonya said...

Awww - I'm so glad to hear your guys are home or at least some of them! I know I love to look at mine out the window...and for the past 9 months that is all I've been able to do but I am officially released from the dr and can't wait to get back on!!! Yippee!!!

Glad the grandkids got to go for a little ride - that must be so much fun and so sweet to have them trailing along!

Buddy could do just fine here on our wasteland. We have seeded twice and no luck thanks to the drought we had here. Now the price of seed and fertilizer has gone thru the roof so we'll just keep paying up for feed and hay - not to mention that we have to take them off the land when we seed and it's so hard to keep them put up, I'd much rather watch them roam!

Take care

Momma / Cowgirl said...

I wouldn't know how to deal with the woodpecker situation, good luck with that.
Too funny about using the span*dex thing. HAha
happy horsin' around