Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandson!!

We celebrated Grandson D's 5th birthday tonight! It doesn't seem possible that that little guy has been here for five whole years, that sure has gone by fast! He is the best little boy and smart as a whip if I do say so myself, I'm his grandmother I can say those things, it's in the contract. Really. It is.
I grilled steaks for dinner but T and D wanted hot dogs instead so I threw a few on. D was getting so impatient to open his gifts he decided he didn't want to eat, he just wanted to get into the gift opening part of the party. His Mom said he had to eat his hot dog and he said he couldn't because he was allergic to it! How do kids come up with this stuff? He's not allergic to anything.....

I had picked up balloons (have you ever tried to get 20 balloons in your car on a windy day?) and some other decorations at the I*par*ty store. Didn't get any pink as D does NOT like pink which we found out on T's birthday when there happened to be a pink balloon in D's bunch and he took it outside on the deck and let it go up in the sky. When asked why he just said he didn't like pink. Oooookayyyyy!

Of course there has to be gifts.

He has been asking for a Wii but we saved that for last for him to open. This shirt says My Mom Rocks! Sister was helping with the opening of the gifts.

Finally he got to the last package which was the Wii. I didn't even know what that was until a couple weeks before his birthday and then had a hard time finding one. Son had to go to Wally World at 6 am one morning to get one for me!
This game is totally interactive. You actually play along and get lots of exercise to boot. First he tried the boxing and it was a hoot and his little face got red with the exercising. I like seeing them playing games that they have to move around and work those little muscles.

After everyone went home and Hubby went to a meeting I went out and saddled up Buddy for a nice evening ride. It was about dusk and we flushed out two does and a huge buck that ran right in front of us! Our land is loaded with deer and it's so much fun seeing them when I ride. Also a turkey flew up into a big tree for the night. It was about dark when we got back but we worked the gate for awhile and he does it pretty well. I don't want to have to get off and then haul myself back up on there so we are going to get that gate down pat!!!! :o)

I'm trying to stay up long enough to see who wins Dancing With The Stars but I don't think I am going to make it. It was a busy day and I think I am ready to hit the hay!

Happy Birthday D, we love you!!! xoxoxox


Dawn said...

Hey, somehow you snuck in two new posts on me! I am so far behind.

Looks like a great party - we just have a 4 year old one last week. I guess I still don't get the Wii thing!

Gorgeous birds - how blessed you are that they were still there when you got back with your camera.

smileymamaT said...

wow what a fun looking party. Nope never tried to get 20 balloons into my car on a windy day, and don't think I'll try it.. lol..
What a smile on his face - the wii is a good way to get them moving I agree if they are going to play video games anyway...
you are officially the Best Grandma Ever now, you realize that, right??

Callie said...

A nice day, indeed, Happy Birthday to your Grandson! A wii, oh how fun! And a nice evening ride.

Mrs Mom said...

Looks like the party was a Big Hit there, Gramma! ;) You have a beautiful grandson, and its great that you are able to spend so much time with him. (My Dad lives a two day drive away... I miss him horribly...)

Your evening ride had to be the ultimate way to end what was a great day. Thanks for sharing it with us! Glad your horses are home with you too.

Have a wonderful day there!

Mississippi Songbird said...

WOw! What a cool birthday!
Beautiful pictures..

Mary said...

Your little guy is wonderful and I enjoyed seeing the photos of his birthday party. Kids are so cute! I'm glad you were able to find the Wii. My grandsons got one for Christmas last year and they sure were hard to find. Santa brought it. LOL It is better than other games because of the exercise and interactive play. I love playing the sports games with the boys.

Take care and enjoy your time outdoors. Sounds like a lot of fun seeing the deer and other wildlife.


Tonya said...

Happy B'day big guy! Hope y'all enjoy the Wii. We got one for Christmas and hubby enjoys it more than the kids do.

Warning on the boxing game: We have a similar tv and I came in the living room to find Lib getting closer and closer to the tv with each punch she threw. I had to holler at her to get her away from the tv. I think she would have hit the tv if I had not hollered!

I totally missed the end of DWS...but I have always loved Kristy Yamaguchi so I am glad she won? Do you watch Idol? We watch every year since we have had so many Alabamians on there!

Susie said...

I'm getting behind again. Can't seem to find enough time in the day to blog and live life LOL!
Happy Birthday to your sweet D! Looks like a fabulous party. That sounds just like kids to prefer hot dogs to steak, doesn't it! (They outgrow it by the teen years and can eat LOTS of steak!!)
So glad you had a fun time and he rec'd so many fun gifts.
love you!

KC said...

Happy 5th birthday to D.
Looks like such a great party.

Pony Girl said...

Looks like your grandson had a great party! He had a happy grin about the Wii, for sure! Your evening ride sounded so relaxing, too! And it's always fun to see wildlife, too! (We have lots of deer here, but no turkeys! Well, unless you count the neighbor kids that drive by us too fast! ;)

Nancy said...

What a great party! One lucky little guy with so many presents!!! What fun it would be to be a child again!

You had it decorated so cute with the balloons and all. You're one special Grandma!!!

Happy Birthday to him!!!

crackerjacksMO said...

The Wii is such a big thing! The party looks like it was a huge success!

You've got some amazing bird photos!

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to D...a couple of days late!!! Look at his little face, you can see how excited and happy he is:-) Everything looked great for his party...I had to laugh about his being "allergic" to hot dogs and not liking pink balloons at all! hehe

My oldest son Shawn (who's 30 but still loves all the video games out there lol) has the Wii and like you, I had never heard of it before but when I was there visiting him back in late March, he was showing me how it works. I even tried bowling and I sucked at it as much as I do in real life bowling! lol As you say, it's great for them to have games that they can be active with!!

How relaxing it must have been to end your day by riding Buddy...perfect:-)

Thank you again dear friend for your support you showed me yesterday, it meant a lot!! Love you! xoxoxox

hippochick said...

What a cutie he is. I also didn't know about wii's until a little 8 year old friend introduced me to it.

I enjoyed sharing this birthday celebration with you.

kdwhorses said...

Happy Birthday little guy! Looks like the party was a hit! And a WII too boot! How great someone invented a game to get them moving!
Awesome! A evening ride to round out a great day!

Needled Mom said...

It looks as though T had a wonderful birthday. I know he must be getting a good workout with that Wii. I have heard all about it. It's great that someone came up with the idea of exercise while playing video games. It's too bad that someone hasn't invented something to encourage a love of books too.

I wonder if the woodpecker has made any headway in his quest for the wooden eagle. That is way too funny.

We had a great trip to Phoenix although it was pretty dang hot. The temps were around 110* the entire time. Meetings went well and it's always fun to visit with "old" friends. Today, however, is cleaning house and making headway with all of the laundry. :(

Nancy said...

I have been reading alot of your older posts this afternoon and have thoroughly enjoyed each one of them!!! In time, I intend to read them ALL!

I am a country girl from PA so I am familiar with deer and turkeys and wildlife, so I have enjoyed all your photos!!!

I'll be back!!!