Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Happenings

It's Friday evening and we just got back from our walk. Well, Dad, Hubby and Kipper walked and I rode Buddy. It's much easier that way you know..... Didn't see any deer tonight but we didn't go off the carriage road as it was raining so I figured I would go back and work in the ring for a while and then if we got a deluge I would be right near the barn and not way off in the woods somewhere.

The hydroseed people came this morning and got everything seeded. It was interesting to watch as they blew the seed out, then blew out mulched hay and then watered everything down. We need to keep the horses off it for about three weeks. Sigh....that means either keeping them in the two smaller pastures where I have to lug water or fence off the areas that are newly seeded. I may opt for the later as big pails of water are so heavy and cause problems with my elbow joints. If I take it in the Gator it splashes all over the place so I have to make several trips or use lots of pails and only fill them half full. Oh, the trials of the hobby farmer!

Kip and Buddy were in the little corral watching and then Kipper decided to take a snooze in the sun. As you can see we have scraped almost all of the grass out of this corral so that Buddy doesn't get too much and get laminitis again. I think Buddy is asleep too. Someone is snoring.

The sky was gorgeous today and the lilacs are almost ready to blossom. I still haven't bought any bedding plants as it's so cold at night I would have to bring them inside every night and I'm not that ambitious.

Good news on the woodpecker saga. He seems to have at least made contact with a lady friend. When he pecks on something I am now hearing a much daintier reply in the distance. WooHoo! We also have a very interesting bird nesting in the barn again this year. She has moved her nest so I don't have a good angle to get a good picture but I will try to get one of the babies all peeking out when they hatch. One year there were six of them plus mom all in that little nest!

On a sad note I'm sure many of you have heard of Steven Curtis Chapman the wonderful gospel singer. Yesterday his young 5 year old daughter was hit by a car in their drive way where she was playing and was killed. This family needs to be held up in prayer to get through this horrendous tragedy. The older brother that accidentally hit her especially needs the strength that can only be given by our Heavenly Father to get through this. Please put this family on your prayer list. I truly believe that God is in control and has a purpose for everything that happens and in this I find comfort and may they find comfort too.

Have a wonderful weekend and give your kids and grand kids an extra hug! :o)


Susie said...

So good to catch up on your news. Buddy looks like he's enjoying his time in the sun! Love the shade of that lilac. It's so much deeper than mine. Bet it smells heavenly.
My heart breaks for the Chapman family. To lose a child has to be one of life's most terrible tragedies.
My heart also breaks for their son. They're in my prayers.
Enjoy the holiday weekend.
love and ((hugs))

Momma / Cowgirl said...

We pray for the Chapman family, what a tragedy!

You have beautiful horses, and WOW on that lilac!

happy horsin' around!

Mrs Mom said...

My Mom in law and I just had an interesting conversation along these lines, and she as always, had pearls of wisdom. Mom said that while it hurts us more than we could ever express to loose a child, we need to keep in mind that there will be babies and children in Heaven for us to play with when we get there too.

They will all be in our prayers here...

On another note, Buddy and Kipper are adorable! Love Buddy's markings- he is quite a handsome gent! (Theres that soft spot for Appys showing again...hehehe) Thanks for sharing pics of them!

Linds said...

My lilacs are over now...I can't believe how quickly the blossom all turned brown!
Have a great weekend!

kdwhorses said...

Great pics of the boys! Ours love to sun too, but I always get a knot in my stomach the first time I see one laying down! Yeah for the woodpecker, all the pecking has paided off!
I just heard about The Chapman family, what a tragedy, will be praying for them.

palmtreefanatic said...

Glad to catch up now!

I really miss our lilac tree we had at our old house! I always say I wanna get another and the bad thing is they don't last long enough!

Love the horse pics!

My prayers go out to the chapman family! so trajic!